Ah, the infamous pay-to-win aspect. This is always a sensitive topic when it comes to video games.

As an industry that was born around people facing off against each other in the original Pong, this medium has always been based around competition. In this sense, developers always try to foster the spirit of fair play in their games, so that anyone can stand a chance, as long as they’re willing to put in the hours. However, some games—particularly those in the mobile platform—tend to go overboard when it comes to microtransactions; in-game purchases using real money, which can sometimes give players an unfair advantage over others.

A Guide to Currencies in AFK Arena on PC

This problem with balancing has become so commonplace, that players often review the games based on their pay-to-win to free-to-play ratio. This means that games that feature unfair advantages to those who pay are shunned, while those that offer mostly cosmetics and shortcuts via in-game purchases get a pass. Fortunately, some developers are aware of the schism that microtransactions have caused and address this problem by implementing systems to close the gap between both types of players.

In AFK Arena, Lilith Games tries to close the schism by adding many currencies aside from diamonds, the game’s premium currency. While diamonds are used for purchasing all sorts of awesome goods, they don’t give an unfair advantage over other players since they just speed up the rate at which they can obtain good heroes. In this sense, it’s very possible to beat a premium player without spending a single cent on microtransactions. This fact is further compounded by the existence of many, many types of currencies, all of which can help to strengthen your team and unlock awesome characters.

A Guide to Currencies in AFK Arena on PC

In this guide, we’ll take a look at all of the currencies in this game, as well as how to obtain them.


As we mentioned above, diamonds are the game’s premium currency. You can use this resource for purchasing virtually anything: from gear and hero resets, to hero essences and other services. The thing about diamonds in this game is that, despite being a premium currency, even free players can easily obtain a good amount of them every single day. As such, they are of vital importance, especially when looking to unlock awesome heroes.

A Guide to Currencies in AFK Arena on PC

Diamonds can be obtained from many sources, in differing amounts. The most common method for gathering diamonds is by completing your daily and weekly quests. The dailies, in particular, are very important as they can be completed in only a few minutes, and grant hundreds of diamonds. These tasks consist of anything from fighting a boss in the campaign, clearing a stage in the King’s Tower, enhancing an item once, or participating in the Arena, among others. Weekly quests, however, are more specific and involve tasks that usually take more time to complete. Nevertheless, the rewards are definitely worth it as they offer thousands of diamonds, scrolls, and other rare goods.

A Guide to Currencies in AFK Arena on PC


The quintessential currency of any fantasy RPG. Gold is the main currency of Esperia, which doesn’t say much since it’s rarely used in your travels through the land. Nevertheless, gold is important since you use it for enhancing your gear and leveling up your characters. In this sense, while you won’t use for purchasing any rare items or expensive goods, you will use it for something even more important: getting stronger.

A Guide to Currencies in AFK Arena on PC

Luckily, virtually everything that you do in this game rewards you with gold. From completing levels and clearing stages in the Arcane Labyrinth to winning matches in the Arena, completing Bounty Board quests, and many other tasks; most of the things that you do in AFK Arena give gold. Because of this, it’s likely that you won’t even farm it before noticing that you have millions of this currency, which is great because you’ll burn through it when upgrading heroes to the highest levels.


Diamonds are not the only currency used in the summoning of heroes. While diamonds are used for many different transactions, scrolls are another type of currency, which is used exclusively in the tavern for summoning. However, while you require hundreds to thousands of gems for a summoning, you only need one scroll per hero. Regardless, it’s always better to wait until you gather 10 scrolls so you can perform a bulk summoning with higher chances of getting a good hero.

A Guide to Currencies in AFK Arena on PC

There are two types of scrolls: common, and faction scrolls, which are, essentially, the same. However, the former is used for normal summonings, while the latter is used in faction summonings, which has a higher chance of producing heroes of a specific faction. Take a look at our AFK Arena unit guide if you want to learn more about hero types in this game. You can obtain normal scrolls from dailies and weeklies, and faction scrolls from events.

Friendship Points

This is another type of special currency, used in a different type of summoning. While certainly not as common or useful as scrolls, you can slowly gather friendship points and then use them for bulk summonings. The reason as to why they’re not as useful as the other currencies is because it takes a while to gather enough friendship points for a bulk summoning.

A Guide to Currencies in AFK Arena on PC

You can obtain these points by receiving it from players in your friend list. You’re limited to 30 players in your friend list, and can only receive points from 20 of them. Furthermore, the players must be active and send out friendship points before you can receive them, so make sure to add only those who you know are actively playing the game.

Tavern Points

Every time you conduct a summoning in the Noble Tavern, you’ll receive points equal to the number of heroes that you summoned. Once you gather 100 points, you can use them to summon a hero of your choosing.

A Guide to Currencies in AFK Arena on PC

We’re not going to lie: this is probably the slowest summoning method since you need to summon 100 heroes to gather the necessary points. However, it’s also one of the best methods since you can actually choose the hero faction you want to summon from and somewhat bypass the element of RNG.

Guild Coins

As its name suggests, you can obtain guild coins by contributing to your guild. The main method through which you can contribute is by participating in the daily team hunts. These activities grant tons of experience, gear, and other drops, while also boosting your guild contribution. You will receive your guild coins in the mail the next day depending on how far you got in the team hunt.

A Guide to Currencies in AFK Arena on PC

Once you have gathered lots of guild coins, you can use them in the guild store for purchasing lots of goods including specific heroes, gear, and essences.

Hero Coins

There will come a moment when your hero roster is full, and you’ll have to make space should you want to continue summoning. Luckily, there’s a way to retire your common heroes, while also receiving rewards for your troubles. In the Rickety Cart, you can speak with the NPC there to retire your unwanted, common-quality heroes in exchange for essences and hero coins.

A Guide to Currencies in AFK Arena on PC

Just like with tavern coins, it takes a long time to gather these hero coins. However, once you save up enough, you can use them for buying specific heroes in the Barracks, which are accessed from the Guild Hall.

Labyrinth Tokens

Lastly, labyrinth tokens are the currency you receive by clearing levels in the Arcane Labyrinth. You can gather a fair amount from each run, more so if you actually clear the three floors of the labyrinth. Afterward, you can use your hard-earned tokens in the labyrinth store, where you can buy all sorts of goods: from gear and essences to full heroes and soul stones.

A Guide to Currencies in AFK Arena on PC

This is everything you need to know about the currencies in AFK Arena. Some of these are worth farming, while others gather up naturally over time. Feel free to share your best farming and gathering tips in the comments below!

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