With the holiday break kicking in, everyone suddenly has more time to play and grind for their favorite video games this season. Whether it’s checking our Black Desert Mobile’s new Nova class, trying to rank up in League of Legends: Wild Rift, or just trying out a new game, playtime NEVER stops!

Since we have got more spare time in our hands, the struggle to level up heroes and Signature Items in AFK Arena continues. We sense that most of you AFK Arena players have already ascended your Legendary heroes to Mythic ascension by now. And with the arrival of Mythic heroes comes their Signature Items.

What are Signature Items in AFK Arena?

Upon ascending your heroes to Mythic, players will unlock Signature Items (SI). Each hero has a dedicated and unique SI which boosts their stats and even adds extra skills which can be very useful in PvE and PvP.

Each hero has one unique SI, and their accompanying skills can be unlocked to +10 Unlocks, +20 Unlocks, and +30 Unlocks.

When should I start caring about these Signature Item tier lists?

Once you’ve determined which heroes you want to pursue on your late game builds, you can start checking out AFK Arena Signature Items tier lists around the internet. There are tons of guides available, and it really depends on you overall which SIs you want to pursue.

We at BlueStacks came up with our own comprehensive Signature Item tier list and guide, from S to F.

Which are the S-tier heroes in AFK Arena when it comes to Signature items?

We’re listing down five S-tier Signature Items in AFK Arena, starting with the twins:

Elijah and Lailah’s Bonding Feathers

The twins have a decent SI in the game, one you must prioritize for late game. Their item is officially called Bonding Feathers, and it is a pair of winged headdresses that come in majestic colors of gold and white.

AFK Arena on PC - Signature Items Guide and Tier List

The Blessed Binding skill is the perfect addition to this pair, as it sustains Elijah and Lailah on both offense and defense positions. This SI is already very useful at +20 unlocks since it offers a huge damage reduction percentage for Lailah.

Talene’s Heart of the Phoenix

Arguably one of the most powerful Signature Items in the game comes from Talene and her Heart of the Phoenix.

This SI utilizes Talene’s Phoenix Rising ability where she gets reborn after dying, giving her a slight boost on attack and defense rating. Heart of the Phoenix can get pretty overpowered at +30 Unlocks since the item gives her an instant 400 energy points every time she is reborn. This just means she can fill her ultimate ability gauge faster than others! Now that’s something worth dying for.

Daimon’s Stitchy

This cute stuffed toy gives the Graveborn, Daimon, the ability to steal his target’s attack and defense rating. Without this SI, Daimon’s Blood Shield only lets him leech health temporarily from the enemy but with Stitchy at +20 Unlocks, he gets 40% of the opponent’s attack rating and 60% of their defense rating. With his amazing defense and a huge boost on attack stats, Daimon can deal more damage to everyone on the enemy team.

AFK Arena on PC - Signature Items Guide and Tier List

Additionally, you can participate in this year’s Midwinter Festivities if you want to earn a cute winter outfit for Daimon.

Lyca’s Starfall

The Keeper of the Glades hides her ultimate weapon only to those who pursue her to her Mythic level — the Starfall bow. This is a huge upgrade from her regular one since it increases all her allies’ accuracy by 100 at +30 Unlocks. Remember to keep Lyca up and running to utilize this SI effect!

Rowan’s Gold Chime

Rowan’s SI is the best ultimate-enabler in the game as it restores 400 energy points to allies with 600 energy points and above. Just imagine having Rowan on your team and his SI unlock at +30 — it’s going to rain ultimate abilities for the whole match!

Which are the A-tier heroes in AFK Arena when it comes to Signature items?

We would define A-tier as the ones with reliable SIs in AFK Arena. Here are the game’s A-tier heroes and their Signature Items.

AFK Arena on PC - Signature Items Guide and Tier List

Tasi’s Dream Halo

This super cute SI appeals to us not just visually, but strategically as well. Tasi is all about destroying the enemy team’s backline and damage-dealers, and her SI perfectly aligns with this goal. Tasi’s Dream Halo will reduce the attack rating of nearby enemies to up to 30% at +30 Unlocks.

Flora’s Serene Branch

This cheerful mage possesses a powerful broomstick that can reduce the target’s Haste if her Swoop ability deals Critical Damage. This means you’ll be buying more time for your teammates since the enemy will slow down in casting his/her ultimate, a very crucial task for Flora.

Mehira’s Lash of Submission

While her Signature Item looks peculiar, Mehira’s Lash of Submission sustains her by converting health lost and adding it back to her own HP bar. At +30 Unlocks, Mehira’s Lash of Submission will convert health acquired into energy points if she still has full health.

This SI can be utilized in a team composition with lots of healers to charge her ultimate ability, Mesmerize, faster than the usual. Mesmerize charms enemies to inflict harm to themselves for a brief period of time.

Gwyneth’s Shooting Star

Like the hero Lyca, Gwyneth also possesses a bow for her Signature Item which grants her a slight increase in attack ratings. You’ll want to max out her SI at +30 Unlocks since Gwyneth gains a huge 30% attack rating whenever near her allies. Be sure to place this ranger on the backlines where she’ll be safe and sound!

Athalia’s Sin Purgers

Out of all the Signature Items in AFK Arena, Athalia’s Sin Purgers sounds the most wicked just by solely judging from its name. It’s a nightmare for any enemy that attacks Athalia since it diminishes their current health and decreases their healing rate at the same time.

With these effects, Athalia can do some serious damage with her other abilities Divine Fury and Judgement. 

Which are the B-tier heroes in AFK Arena when it comes to Signature items?

These are the heroes that still have decent SI, but you need to work on your positioning and team composition very carefully to make their SIs work.

AFK Arena on PC - Signature Items Guide and Tier List

Ezio’s Hidden Blade

The infamous assassin makes it to our list as one of the heroes with a B-tier Signature Item. At +20 Unlocks, Hidden Blade gives Ezio a 55% damage reduction for a good ten seconds. This way, Ezio can stay longer in the game and maybe even cast his ultimate one more time.

Ezizh’s Armor of Ruin

What we love about Ezizh’s SI is his additional CC which stuns enemies with less than 30% of their health remaining. At +30 Unlocks, this SI increases the duration of the burning effect from Ezizh’s Fissure ability, dealing more damage for a longer period of time

Nara’s Bloodshed

This is actually a pretty good SI for Nara because it enables her to deal with a high amount of damage without the need to meet the percentage requirement for her Butchery ability. The SI bypasses the restrictions on her ultimate, making her an even more powerful hero than she was before unlocking her SI.

Safiya’s Supremacy

Safiya’s magical scepter called Supremacy converts her total damage output to her attack rating. While there is not much difference between +10 Unlocks and +20 Unlocks, we highly suggest you aim for the latter for the maximum 3% conversion.

Lorsan’s Wind Keeper

Did you know? Wind Keeper is a staff gifted by another AFK Arena hero, the sage Arden, to Lorsan! While this hero may be decent and a good pickup for PvE battles, Lorsan’s Signature Item doesn’t really do much for him nor his teammates. He just gains a bit of Haste, helping him charge up his ultimate ability slightly faster.

Which are the C-tier heroes in AFK Arena when it comes to Signature items?

The SI of these heroes are average but are workable depending on how you play out your composition.

AFK Arena on PC - Signature Items Guide and Tier List

Nakoruru’s Heavy Slash

We are huge fans of crowd control abilities, which is why Nakoruru’s SI made it to this list. Ultimately you get a nice stun effect for three seconds at +30 Unlocks, but her SI’s +20 Unlocks is not that bad too since she gives out more attacks, dealing more damage to the enemy.

Solise’s Floral Cloak of Hope

Despite being an uncommon AFK Arena hero, Solise’s SI is pretty strong on the PvE. It lets her summon, the Floral Specter, attack three heroes at the same time. That’s what we call efficiency, darling!

Oden’s Void Gazer

This SI deals some serious damage against enemies at +20 Unlocks since Oden will cast his ability Void Lightning. This is one lightning that will never miss since Oden’s ability will still continue to cast even if he gets killed by the target’s ultimate.

Tidus’ Hatred’s Bite

Hatred’s Bite is the ideal companion to Tidus’ Savagery ability since it makes him tankier with the damage reduction, and at +30 Unlocks the Signature Item will make Tidus’ immune to all control abilities for six seconds after casting the same ability.  

Ukyo’s Nameless Self-Made Sword

Another Dimensional has made it to this list with his unnamed weapon. Ukyo’s SI significantly boosts his stats like attack rating and life leech. Like Solise, Ukyo is not really in the AFK Arena meta so it would be pretty difficult to utilize him as a hero along with his Signature Item.

Which are the D-tier heroes in AFK Arena when it comes to Signature items?

Our definition of D-tier would have to be below average heroes who own Signature Items that have little to no effect during a battle. Curious to find out who made it to our tier list? Check them out!

AFK Arena on PC - Signature Items Guide and Tier List

Brutus’ Rends the Weak

We love tank heroes especially when they have brief invulnerability effects like Brutus’ Last Gasp, where he becomes like League of Legends’ Tryndamere by retaining one health point and becoming immune for a maximum of 8 seconds. However, his SI at +20 Unlocks doesn’t really do much to make this ability more powerful since it only extends its effect by a second. Really, Lilith Games?

Oscar’s Exquisite Table Knife

With this SI, Oscar’s Uninvited Guest ability has a better chance of kicking unwanted backliners and dealing a good amount of damage to them at a 300% increase. However, we don’t think it’s worth all the fuss to acquire this SI just because of the damage increase and the brief, single target stun at +30 Unlocks.

Rigby’s Oak Barrel

While his SI adds damage and some crowd control abilities to his kit, Rigby isn’t really our go-to tank hero in AFK Arena because of his overall ability lineup. We just think there are other better tanks than this alcohol-binger.

Antandra’s Dances-In-Blood

It’s nice to see that Lilith Games has added some health regeneration to the tank Antandra. The problem with this is the regen rate is so slow that Antandra has more chances of dying first since her SI effect only activates when her health is below 30%.

Seirus’ Tidemaker

His SI at +30 Unlocks makes Seirus a really thick boy, but similar to Rigby most players have other better and viable tank choices with significantly better SIs too.

Which are the F-tier heroes in AFK Arena when it comes to Signature items?

When it comes to Signature Items in AFK Arena, these five heroes might just have the worst SIs.

Shemira’s Spirit Orb

Shemira is an eye-candy Graveborn in the game, but her SI at +30 Unlocks isn’t just worth pursuing since it only gives minimal damage boost at the start of the battle with a full enemy team composition.

AFK Arena on PC - Signature Items Guide and Tier List

Like Daimon, you can also score a new winter skin for Shemira at AFK Arena’s 2020 Midwinter Festivities.

Thane’s Lotus Blade

“Thane is fodder.” Yes, and we can’t agree more after looking up his SI which is just basically damage increase only if he successfully averts any attacks for a short period of time. There’s nothing else to work on with Thane in our opinion.

Raine’s Dueling Blasters

Raine isn’t really a reliable hero on PvE. She can be utilized for guild hunts, but that’s about it. There are other better support heroes than her, and we’re pretty sure her SI at +10 Unlocks can do some game-changing plays but not on the PvE.

Isabella’s Tome of the Dead

Arguably one of the best nukers in the game, Isabella’s SI helps unleash her inner beast at +20 Unlocks with additional casting speed. However, she isn’t really that widely used and you need to find a good comp for her to fully thrive and bring out her destructive promise. 

Drez’s Ivory Piercer

It’s great to see when jumper-type heroes are given extra defenses to sustain and keep them longer in the game, however, Drez’s SI is quite lacking on that part. While he may gain a pretty sturdy shield, he can only use this twice upon unlocking. It’s worth reaching +20 Unlocks to fully take advantage of the shield for a maximum of four times during the battle.

How can I unlock AFK Arena Signature Items faster?

Now that you know which are the best and worst heroes when it comes to Signature Items, it’s time to figure out a way to unlock them as soon as possible.

AFK Arena on PC - Signature Items Guide and Tier List

The key is to become as EFFICIENT as possible when grinding since you need to ascend your heroes first to the Mythic tier and then collect emblems to level up your SIs.

You’re not alone on your AFK Arena grinding journey because BlueStacks is here to make more things efficient! You can now play Lilith Games’ idle RPG title on PC with the help of BlueStacks. It has a Multi-Instance feature where you can play multiple games at the same time in windowed mode. You can also keep AFK Arena running on the side and play a different game of your choice once you’ve done all your mini-tasks and just collect rewards from time to time.

With our brief AFK Arena Signature Items tier list, you’re ready to start grinding for those experiences and levels! Which SI would you go for first?