Black Desert Mobile is getting a few huge content updates in the form of the Great Desert patch this December, which adds an expansive new zone with many unique challenges and mechanics for players to explore. Similarly, this patch also brings a brand new class to the fold, Nova. This warrior heroine is the last heir of the Calpheon royal bloodline, and uses an impressive Morning Star and Quoratum combo as she dives face first into the fray wielding the power of ice to complement her crushing blows.

Though she’s already available for pre-creation, the new Nova class is releasing on both Black Desert Mobile and Black Desert Online on December 23. In this sense, let’s take a brief look at what the Nova class has to offer.

Crush Your Foes With Sheer Might

As the last heir of her royal bloodline, Nova has inherited the Quoratum, a tower shield imbued with the spirits of her royal guards. With this artifact in hand, she can summon the souls of her fallen comrades in battle to do her bidding, allowing her to stay protected behind her iron wall while her spirits engage the enemy. However, while she can assume defensive stances quite easily, Nova is no pushover as her Morning Star can inflict great damage across great arcs. She can even extend the chain on her weapon to attack distant enemies.

Black Desert Mobile - An Overview of the New ‘Nova’ Class

Thanks to her versatile weapon and impregnable shield, Nova excels in fighting at medium distances. Her Morning Star naturally has good reach, and even more when she extends the chain with her skills. Meanwhile, her Quoratum shield can keep her safe at all times, and even passively keep the pressure on the enemy with the spirits that it summons.

Overwhelm the Enemy With Summoned Spirits

The way her summoning skills work is quite unique, as she can bring forth pawns and knights to do her bidding. However, after spawning 5 minions in combat, her “Promote” skill passively makes it so that the next summoning becomes a powerful queen.

The queen is a valuable minion as it can mimic Nova’s actions, but with 50% of their potency. In this sense, while she can hang back safely behind her shield, the queen can keep fighting in her stead, either giving Nova some breathing room, or allowing her to engage against other enemies nearby. If used properly, her minions can help her to maintain a defensive play style, while still keeping the pressure up.

Complement Every Attack With Freezing Blows

While the main bread and butter of Nova comes from summoning and managing her minions, this versatile fighter can also wield the power of frost to create different effects. Case in point, her “Command” skills can both enhance her weapon with ice and deal powerful blows, while also ordering her active minions to unleash special skills.

These special ice skills are the ones that give Nova much of her range, as her icy blows can reach far beyond the maximum range of her Morning Star, allowing her to attack from afar and quickly shield up to guard from the enemy’s counterattack. However, she also has several ice-charged rush skills that help Nova to quickly close the distance and get up close and personal against her enemies. In this sense, Nova will not only be a beast in PvE, but will also be a nightmare in PvP as she can overwhelm most of her enemies with unrelenting attacks and inflict many different conditions and debuffs.

Black Desert Mobile - An Overview of the New ‘Nova’ Class

By combining powerful attacks with tons of defensive maneuvers, and complimenting her kit with ice and minions, Nova is a fine addition to the roster and a class that we’re very excited to play in Black Desert Mobile.