Tips and Tricks for Progressing and Winning in AFK Arena on PC

Tips and Tricks for Progressing and Winning...

AFK Arena is deceptively simple: it lures you in with the pretense of casual, lighthearted fun, but ruthlessly yanks the rug from beneath your feet when you reach the most difficult stages. For a game that mostly plays itself, it’s quite tough to progress through its levels. However, we’ve come today to show you how, with a few small tweaks, you can turn your team into a veritable powerhouse.

Learn how to get the most out of your team in AFK Arena with these awesome tips and tricks!

Automate your Progression

What better way to speed up your victories than by having the game play itself?

AFK Arena is, for the most part, a game that revolves around auto-play. However, this feature is still limited by the fact that every time you clear a stage, you always have to do several clicks to advance to the next stage. However, there is a method to automate even this process, which is exclusive to BlueStacks users. By using the combo key, you can record yourself beating stages and clicking to proceed to the next level and then use this recording to automate your progress in this game.

This process is simple and only takes a few minutes to set up. Read our BlueStacks usage guide for AFK Arena if you want to learn about this trick and more.

Save Your Best Skills

Despite boasting a powerful auto-battle mode, the AI in AFK Arena is not very smart and doesn’t often use your hero’s spells in the best way. In this sense, you might see your units blow their healing spells when you have full HP, or fail to deploy shields in anticipation for a strong enemy attack. On these occasions, it’s better to simply disable auto-battle and take matters into your own hands. By personally controlling your skills, you can react to the situation accordingly and make the decisions that the AI would generally mess up.

To improve your results, make sure to use a proper control scheme that allows you to unleash the right abilities, at the right time.

Positioning is Everything

Stuck on a tough level? Think that your units are too weak? The solution to these problems might be easier than you think!

The first thing that comes to mind in regards to improving in these games is, undoubtedly, leveling up and upgrading your characters. However, this solution is not always feasible, especially in later levels where a single upgrade can cost hours of farming and grinding. If this is the case, this solution might end up costing you more than what the fight is worth. However, if you’re stuck on a level, a good alternative might be to simply move your units around to see which formation is the most suited for the challenge.

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Your formation in AFK Arena can greatly improve or decrease your performance in battle, regardless of your combat power. In this sense, by adopting an appropriate formation, you can essentially beat levels that are significantly above your combat power.

In this regard, it’s always important to keep in mind the abilities of each unit. For example, Mirael can unleash a fiery Phoenix that damages everything it touches. If you position her in the middle of the back row, her spells can damage all enemies which, especially, when you upgrade her, can obliterate the enemy formation. Similarly, your formation also determines which units will get attacked first. By placing tanks on the front row, not only will they get attacked first, but they will also gain access to their ultimate skills early on, which is awesome for heroes that can deploy supportive abilities.

Playing around with your formations is an important part of this game. Through this method, you will discover new strategies that will help you beat the toughest levels, without having to grind for hours.

Upgrade Instead of Replace

One of the best parts about unlocking heroes in this game is that every unit has a purpose. While some characters are weaker than others from the start, most units can grow enough to earn a spot on every team. By performing a hero ascension, you can sacrifice surplus heroes to increase the star ranking of another unit. This process greatly increases that unit’s stats and drastically enhances their combat prowess.

In order to perform an ascension, you will first need to arrive at Ramhorn after completing level 1-12. Then, you will need at least 6 heroes in your roster. To ascend a character, you will need to sacrifice a varying number of heroes, which is determined according to the level and rarity of the unit you want to upgrade. Regardless, it’s always better to ascend a hero you like, rather than replacing it for another, better character, that you won’t like as much.

Similarly, when looking to level up a character, we recommended working with “skill milestones.” When your characters reach certain levels, you will need to pay Hero’s Essences to upgrade them to the next level. By using these materials, not only will the character level up, but they will also upgrade one of their skills. These skill milestones happen at level 11, 21, and 41, and then every 20 levels until level 221. The only way to truly improve a hero is by reaching these milestones as their skills will receive significant buffs.

Gear is Crucial

Just like with ascensions, it’s possible to significantly strengthen a unit just by outfitting them with the right gear. You can get gear mainly from AFK farming and beating stages. Once equipped, these pieces will increase your character’s stats and improve their performance in battle. Furthermore, you can also enhance your gear by sacrificing other similar pieces. Similar to ascensions, the pieces that you sacrifice for enhancing gear are lost forever, so keep this in mind when investing in this process.

The fact that a game is played mostly automatically doesn’t mean that it’s easy. AFK Arena has proved this all too well as players who don’t know the basics of creating a good team will inevitably struggle to complete certain levels. Regardless, with the tips we’ve shared in this guide, you have everything you need to speed along most missions and create undefeatable teams of champions.

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