Wishes do come true!

Several fans have requested for a new Lightbearer hero last time, and now we’re getting one in Lilith Games’s AFK Arena. Make way for Eluard, the Protector of Souls!

Right after Respen, the Windchild, comes another hero that will shake up the current game meta with his abilities and synergies with other AFK Arena heroes.

Here is everything you need to know about AFK Arena’s latest Lightbearer hero, Eluard.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena's Eluard, the Protector of Souls

As of this writing , Rowan seems to be the most popular Lightbearer hero in AFK Arena. Will Eluard be able to dethrone him?


Right off the bat, Eluard stands out with his golden complexion caused by his mask, a unique feature that makes him look saintly and holy.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena's Eluard, the Protector of Souls

He is wearing blue and white robes while carrying his weapon of choice — a staff. The staff shows a symbol shaped like a four-pointed star and wings spread mightily on top.

Overall, Eluard’s appearance is the epitome of what a Lightbearer hero should look like.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena's Eluard, the Protector of Souls

Eluard is a mage Lightbearer hero who has AoE abilities at his disposal.


Just like his saintly appearance, Eluard hides a very noble and inspiring back story.

He is a firm believer, writing out and reciting doctrines and reading holy texts at a young age. Eluard had been praising the Divine Light every Sunday along with his fellow kids. However, despite his steadfast faith, he was the last to perceive the Divine Light and here is how it happened.

Eluard grew up as a young adult, with some controversies behind because of his incapability to see the Divine Light ever since he was a child. He was no longer a child prodigy, but the “Forsaken One”, as branded by the people around him because his belief and devotion had never been recognized by the Divine Light.

Eluard continued to preach the good name of the Divine Light despite his problems, preaching and delivering sermons on the outskirts of the Lightbearer lands — the most remote, and the hardest to reach. Eluard’s passion continued to live.

One day, in the quaint little town of M’Arjie, Eluard met a water girl and conversed with her about the faith of the town, with Eluard sensing deep doubts inside her heart. Later that night, Eluard witnessed something unbelievable, with the girl in the center of an unfortunate event — a ceremony of heresy.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena's Eluard, the Protector of Souls

The people of the town were worshipping the girl, however, the mysterious female did not have the Divine Light behind her but rather a shadow beneath her.

Eluard knew he had to stop this evil ceremony. So he jumped to the girl’s place and grabbed her, and by doing so saw strange elongated shadows coiling around villagers. At this moment, Eluard’s saintly moment occurred.

Eluard then saw the Divine Light of Judgement, but it was too late as the girl grabbed a dagger and plunged it into her chest, as the now-interrupted ceremony had intended to do.

When the adjudicators of the Heresy Inquisition finally at M’Arjie arrived, the scene was complete chaos — Eluard with the body of a dead girl in his hands, the villagers all shocked, and candles and effigies all around the place.

After the incident, Eluard had a chance to pray and be with himself for a while, which changed his life and his ways forever. Eluard emerged, went straight to the Heretic Inquisition, and they drafted Eluard as the most outstanding Oracle in all known history. Wearing a golden mask to conceal all his emotion, he became the embodiment of Divine Judgement.

Those that do not follow the light, give themselves to the dark.


  • Sanctimony – Eluard immediately creates a Divine Shield that has a value equal to 180% of his max health. If Eluard already possesses a Divine Shield, he consumes it in order to deal damage equal to 20% of the consumed shield’s value to all enemies. Damage dealt cannot exceed 500% of Eluard’s own Attack Rating.
  • Divine Miracle (Passive) – Eluard creates a Divine Shield at the beginning of the battle that has a value equal to 150% of his max health. When the Divine Shield is broken, Eluard becomes stunned for 8 seconds, after which he creates a new Divine Shield with a value equal to 150% of his max health. Damage dealt to Eluard when not protected by his Divine Shield is equal to 350% of the initial damage.
  • Prayer of Protection – Eluard recites divine scripture, which grants the ally farthest forward on the battlefield immunity from all damage. This ability can be interrupted.
  • Judgment – Eluard recites a scripture of judgment, after which he deals 220% damage to all enemies. Enemies that have slain an allied hero will be dealt 50% more damage for each allied hero they slay. This ability can be interrupted.

Tips for using Eluard

  • At +30 Unlocks, Eluard’s Signature Item, the Golden Visage, looks insane. It’s a straight-up 40% attack buff to the farthest forward ally, giving your team a HUGE offense advantage. Invest in Eluard and max his SI at +30 Unlocks.
  • He seems to be a good counter for Ainz Ooal Gown, one of AFK Arena’s recent Dimensional heroes.
  • He is a mage-support hybrid and his Divine Shields are his biggest allies.

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena's Eluard, the Protector of Souls

Heroes that can synergize with Eluard

  • Athalia – Max his Signature Item at +30 Unlocks and have Athalia in your composition to wipe the backline effortlessly.
  • Hendrik – During the duration when Eluard’s Divine Shield is down, Hendrik can set up temporary defenses to protect Eluard and the whole team.
  • Gorvo – Eluard has the potential to be a good partner to Gorvo, a hero who gets a 150% maximum HP shield whenever he invades on top of his own shields. It’s a full defense city here, people!

BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena's Eluard, the Protector of Souls

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BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena's Eluard, the Protector of Souls

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BlueStacks Guide to AFK Arena's Eluard, the Protector of Souls