Among Us has continued to be the phenomenon it was in 2020 and most of it is due to the constant updates and new arrivals in the game that enhance the user experience. The latest mega-update saw the arrival of distinct roles that blur the lines between Crewmates and Impostors.

Guardian Angel, Engineer, Scientist, and Shapeshifter are the roles added to the game, with Guardian Angel and Scientist enhancing the crewmate assistance available. But, Engineer and Shapeshifter almost enable players to walk the thin line between crewmates and impostors, creating more chaos than helping the Among Us ecosystem.

If a crewmate is assigned the Engineer role in a lobby, the crewmate has the ability to use and navigate through vents just like the Impostor. It can be tricky to play the Engineer role. Fear not though, for this guide will enable you to be the best Engineer you can be in your Among Us lobbies.

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1.  The vents are (not) your playground

This one is a bit complex but since you have the ability to navigate through vents, it makes your movements that much smoother and easier as an Engineer and fellow crewmate. This can help you prevent a lot of scenarios like a second kill, a potential impostor spot, or even something as subtle as reporting something suspicious.

At the same time, make sure you don’t abuse or overuse the vents and remember your role as a crewmate as well. Improper or overuse of vents might end up implicating you as a suspect at the very least, if not to be mistaken for the impostor.

2. Prioritize sabotages

With the ability to pass through vents, an Engineer must be the first one to react to sabotages as he is in a better position to react and react faster than his fellow crewmates. Also, he might catch an impostor hiding in the vents lurking to get a kill. 

A large portion of sabotages are time-based and can result in an easy Impostor victory if not addressed. However, the Engineer can be at hand to fix most of them with inexplicable ease. We can take Skeld as an example, where the Engineer can access vents to rectify the laboratory sabotage quickly.

3. The Timing of the reveal

Engineers also have to be wary of revealing their true identity during meetings. If they prove their identity early on, impostors can shapeshift into them and try to get a kill to implicate the Engineer. If they reveal themselves too early, they leave themselves prone to being targeted by impostors. If they leave it too late, crewmates might suspect the Engineer to be an impostor after seeing them go into or come out of vents. 

How to Change the Among Us Meta as an Engineer

Another alternative is that if they leave it too late to reveal themselves, they leave themselves prone to being dead or voted out already or even not having gained enough trust to make fellow crewmates believe in their innocence.

4. The Engineer-Impostor card

With the advent of roles, Impostors can also make the play of pseudo-revealing themselves as the Engineer, which will confuse the crewmates. Once the impostors make this play, the onus will be on you to either keep quiet or challenge their callout. If you want to challenge their callout, you need to gain trust beforehand or have enough reasons or evidence to refute their claims.

Alternatively, if you keep quiet, you will then have to be wary of not using vents, thus turning you from an Engineer crewmate to a normal crewmate, since you cannot use vents anymore due to the Impostor’s play.

In this scenario, it is always better to challenge their claim, albeit with some sort of evidence to back it up. This will also already tell you who the Impostor is unless they are just memeing or trolling.

5. Bait out the Impostor

Since you know you are the Engineer but the lobby is unaware of it, you can ask the Engineer to reveal themselves during voting sessions and meetings. If someone does come forward and gives proof of them using vents, that will bait out the Impostor for you so you guys can be suspicious of them.

How to Change the Among Us Meta as an Engineer

This play is highly recommendable before revealing your true identity as an Engineer, which should only be done once you gather enough evidence after knowing that you are masquerading as an Engineer.

All in all, the Engineer role may have just one layer added to the role of a crewmate, that of the ability to use vents. However, the Engineer can make several plays to bait the Impostor out or prevent the Impostor from making his usual plays based on the aforementioned advice.

You can also Play Among Us in your browser on your PC or mobile without downloading. Click and Play instantly!