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Free Heroes in Art of Conquest

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Heroes are unique units that can be equipped with items to strengthen their attributes. In general, they are much stronger than any other unit in your army, and their proper use will be crucial to securing victory in any encounter. Each hero has a set of skills, which can be upgraded as per the player’s requirements. In this sense, even the most offense-oriented heroes can be customized with support skills to help out your army when necessary. As you win battles, your heroes will gain experience levels, which gives them points that they can use to upgrade their skills and maximize their potential in the field.

There are currently 18 heroes in Art of Conquest, 7 of which can be obtained freely, without having to purchase them in the store. In the following list, you will find all of these free heroes, as well as the skills they can learn as they level up.




Free Heroes in Art of Conquest


Avalon is a melee combatant that engages enemies with his sword, and who can boost your army’s capabilities with his auras. Among his passive bonuses, we can find an aura that increases the maximum HP of his allies, as well as another one that increases the destructive power of the archers in your army.


  • Arrow Volley: Unleashes a volley of arrows that damage and burn all the enemies in the area of effect.
  • Summon Archers: Summons a group of archers to assist in combat for 30 seconds.
  • War Horn: Grants a bonus to allied units’ attack speed for 8 seconds.
  • Archer Mastery: When Avalon is in battle, all allied archers gain a bonus to their HP and damage.
  • Ardent Aura: When Avalon is in battle, all humanoid units gain a bonus to their HP.
  • Natural Leader: When Avalon is in battle, he increases provisions by 1, allowing you to place an additional unit in the field.




Free Heroes in Art of Conquest


Rufio is exactly what you’d imagine a seasoned barbarian to be. He can jump into hordes of enemies and ravage everything around him with his claymore.


  • Heroic Leap: Hops into the air, and lands on the selected area. All enemies in the area of effect are stunned and suffer damage.
  • Chopping Blade: With each attack, Rufio has a chance to hit multiple nearby enemies with increased damage.
  • Strong Physique: Speeds up the time it takes to heal from serious wounds.
  • Blade Dance: Rufio spins with his sword to the specified location, dealing damage to everything in his way.
  • Resilience: Rufio constantly regenerates HP in combat.
  • Destructive One: Increases Rufio’s damage output with each attack.




Free Heroes in Art of Conquest


Avril is the last disciple of the Ice Temple. She is a powerful sorceress who specializes in crowd control either by freezing her foes or by placing icy obstacles in the battlefield.


  • Ice Nova: Freezes all enemies in the target area, dealing damage and disabling them for a few seconds.
  • Glacial Shard: Avril’s regular attacks have a 35% chance of turning into an icy projectile that explodes on contact, dealing damage to a group of foes.
  • Ice Wall: Summons an icy wall that blocks the enemy’s path for a few seconds.
  • Blizzard: Summons 30 ice shards to rain down on the enemy, dealing damage to everyone caught in the area.
  • Gifted Mage: Passively boosts Avril’s Intelligence.
  • Rapid Cast: Avril’s spells can be used twice per combat. The recharge time for each spell is shortened slightly.




Free Heroes in Art of Conquest


Vega was an orphan living on the streets when she was adopted by the Temple of the Sun. Under its care, she went on to become a power priestess. However, Vega fled the Temple when she noticed a dark corruption seeping from within.


  • Heal: Heals all units within the area of effect.
  • Mana Barrier: Projects a mana barrier that lasts a few seconds, and which blocks all projectiles from entering. The barrier has a set health and can be destroyed if it sustains too much damage.
  • Saving Lives: Vega passively increases wounded capacity, saving the lives of those who would’ve died, otherwise.
  • Priestess Mastery: With the blessing of the Sun God, all Priestesses gain a bonus to their HP and damage.
  • Boosted Healing: When healing allied units, Vega also grants them a shield that reduces the damage they take by 35%. Furthermore, she increases the potency of healing effects that they receive during the next few seconds.
  • Favor of the Sun God: One of the best skills in the game. Vega summons a favor from the Sun God to heal all your units for a few seconds.




Free Heroes in Art of Conquest


Virion used to be the Captain of the Royal Guard before his city fell. He escorted Princess Elena to Nore, protecting her with the sacred power of the light. Virion is a support hero that reduces damage taken by your units during a morale boost.


  • Light’s Safeguard: When the health of Virion falls under 50%, he automatically activates a shield that absorbs 95% of damage received for a few seconds.
  • Summon Swordsmen: Summons a group of swordsmen behind Virion to assist in combat for 30 seconds
  • Lionheart Blade: With each attack, Virion has a 25% chance to deal extra damage, and heal himself a considerable amount of HP.
  • Swordsmen Mastery: Passively increases the HP and damage of all swordsmen.
  • Crusader Shield: Passively provides a boost to the defense of your allies during a morale boost.
  • Crusader Resurrection: Revives a set number of swordsmen that have fallen in combat.




Free Heroes in Art of Conquest


Grimms is a support hero that grants bonuses to Dwarves and siege units of all races. His skills deal a lot of damage, which makes him a good hero, despite his erratic nature. However, relying solely on Grimms to win battles is usually a bad idea.


  • Suppressive Fire: Fires a volley of mortar fire at the beginning of each fight. Grimms will target the closest enemy, dealing fire damage to it.
  • Smoke Bomb: Launches a smoke grenade into the designated area, creating a smokescreen that grants the allied units with a chance to dodge enemy attacks.
  • Tank Mastery: Grants a bonus to the HP and damage of all allied tanks.
  • Siege Mastery: Grants a bonus to the HP and damage of all allied siege units.
  • Ammo Wagon: Grimms passively grants an aura which increases the maximum ammunition of nearby ranged units by a set percentage.
  • Reload Ammunition: Restores a percentage of the ammunition of all allied units.




Free Heroes in Art of Conquest


Some say Gazul was a great king in life. However, many also speculate that he was a powerful dark Wizard. Gazul has no memories of his past life; his soul was consumed by the void. He performs similarly to Avalon, which makes him a support hero. However, unlike the human hero, Gazul’s skills benefit undead units.


  • Resurrect: Gazul resurrects all humanoid corpses in the area as skeleton warriors. All resurrected units that survive until the combat’s end will permanently join your army.
  • Fearsome Aura: Gazul’s presence in the battlefield shakes the enemy’s morale, making it drop with ease.
  • Skeleton Sacrifice: Sacrifices a number of skeletons in the field to create a bone monstrosity with a high amount of HP and damage. As the number of sacrificed skeletons increases, so does the strength of the resulting creation.
  • Skeleton mastery: Passively increases the HP and damage of all allied skeletons.
  • Immortal Strength: Passively increases the HP and damage of all allied undead.
  • Soulless Scourge: Gazul summons a barrage of souls to wreak havoc across the battlefield, dealing damage to all units that are struck.

The fact that these are all free heroes doesn’t mean that they are inferior to their premium counterparts. Many great defensive and offensive strategies often involve and even revolve around these free heroes. As you collect and add them to your roster, you too will be able to come up with your own strategies using these awesome units.

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