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General Tips for Art of Conquest

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Like many other mobile games, Art of Conquest is quite easy to get into, yet surprisingly difficult to master. Throughout all our previous guides, you’ve learned many things about the game, as well as received all the tools you need to start on the right foot and pick the right strategy for your gameplay style.


General Tips for Art of Conquest


In this article, we’re going to list some general tips that couldn’t be included in the previous articles, but which could also come in handy for those seeking to optimize their empire.


General Tips

This is a game that is all about the proper management of resources, which means that you’ll want to avoid waste at all costs. With that being said, the biggest waste that you can incur will be the resources that are stolen from you each time you are attacked. In order to cut your losses, make sure to invest any surplus resources in your defenses. In this manner, you will have less for the picking, and enemies will think twice before attacking you in the future thanks to your defenses.


General Tips for Art of Conquest


If you’re out and about on the map, looking for some beasts to engage in combat, make sure to prioritize those that are guarding the orange potions above the other enemies since these are the most important, which are used to recharge the energy of a hero. This attribute is, by far, one of the most limiting things about the game, which prevents you from performing most tasks in the future. In this sense, make sure to gather and hoard these potions for when you need a quick energy boost.


General Tips for Art of Conquest


Always try to have an ally or two at your side. Every time you need to besiege your enemies, or to tackle a boss, you can rely on your comrades to lend you units and save you a bunch of resources that, on the contrary, you’d have to invest on healing your wounded and replacing fallen units. In order to ask for help, you need to simply enter the noble house menu, look for the player you want to ask for aid, enter their profile, and click on the button to ask for some units. Through this method, your buddy could lend you up to 2 legions of troops, which is practically necessary for the later stages of the game to break the defenses of a high-level city.


General Tips for Art of Conquest


Lastly, if you play as a Human, make sure to use your cavalry appropriately since these units will be quintessential for turning the tide of battle, and defeating foes that would otherwise outmatch you. Learn to space your cavalry so that there are 2 spaces between each legion. If you place your mounted units without this separation, they will rush into combat simultaneously, forfeiting the stun effect they produce when crashing into their enemies. In other words, to use the cavalry stun effect to its maximum potential, leave enough space between your cavalry so that they engage the enemy with enough time for the stun to wear off between clashes. With each stun that extends the duration of the original one, your other units gain valuable time to pick off the enemies while they are incapacitated, cutting your losses, and even allowing you to defeat foes that would be stronger than you without this strategy.


Castle Building Tips

It’s very important when looking to make swift progress in the game, that you learn the best way to upgrade your castle.

When perusing for buildings to construct in your base, make sure to focus only on production structures and castle upgrades. You can leave the walls for later since they are not necessary in the beginning.

Your main objective when it comes to construction is to increase your power, which you can achieve by focusing on a single unit, both in training it, as well as in researching upgrades for them in the academy. For example, if you want to upgrade both your miners and your mechsuits, how can you choose between the two? In this case, you’d have to consider the level of academic research you have for each unit and focus exclusively on the one that you have advanced the furthest. In this manner, these upgrades will provide more power to your kingdom than you would gain when focusing on other units. Keep this up and you’ll reach the top 100 in your realm in no time.


General Tips for Art of Conquest


General Tips for Art of Conquest


Never upgrade your passive production buildings, and don’t bother with building a warehouse, either. The exception to the latter is if you’re frequently attacked by enemies looking to steal your resources. Regardless, the very best thing you can do to safeguard your resources, in the beginning, is to spend it all before your foes get the chance to take them from you.


Tips for Improving Your Units

When it comes to researching upgrades in the academy, all you need to do is focus on developing technologies that improve upon your troops. In this sense, if you use riflemen, and are committed to forgoing miners, then don’t bother with upgrading the latter; this would be a waste of both time and resources. It’s preferable to focus your efforts on a small group of units to empower them than to stretch your resources to attempt to cover all your troops and end up with a handful of weaklings.


General Tips for Art of Conquest


A good piece of advice to follow when optimizing your efforts in researching new technologies is to assign projects that would finish roughly at the time when you plan on playing again. For instance, if you research level 2 or 3 improvements, which take around 30 minutes to finish, right before you head to sleep, you would lose a significant amount of time after each research. However, if you research a level 10 upgrade, which takes several hours to finish, it would be ready at right around the time when you wake up. At this moment, you can research another project that would be ready at around your free period at lunchtime, and so on. With this method, you can stay competitive even if you don’t have much time to play.

We hope you enjoyed reading this guide and found the tips useful. Do let us know about your experience with Art of Conquest in the comments section below.

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