In our previous article, we mentioned how some heroes, when used properly, can turn the tide of battle in your favor. These special units can only be acquired by fulfilling specific conditions, such as defeating a powerful enemy. In the beginning, you will be able to choose one of three heroes and, depending on your choice, you will recruit one of the remaining two a few minutes into the game. However, there are some heroes that can only be unlocked by purchasing them at the store.

Said premium heroes seldom offer an advantage over the standard free characters. They simply give more combat options when it comes to picking out your winning strategy. However, with more variety in your arsenal, you could go up against a higher number of different players and challenges, and overcome any obstacle that the game throws at you. Because of this, if you enjoy Art of Conquest a lot, and want to take your game to the next level, you could consider investing in an extra hero or two from the store.

In this article, we will list the first half of the premium heroes in Art of Conquest, all of which can be obtained through the store.




Bane is a barbarian who saved his tribe with the aid of Avril and then made his way through the stormy seas to seek refuge in Nore. Like Rufio, Bane is a hero that can withstand enormous amounts of punishment. However, unlike the other barbarian, Bane is a bit lacking in the offense department, so he can’t deal as much damage as Rufio.


  • Ruthless: As the barbarian king, Bane values personal strength over relying on his tribe to fight. When he is in the field, Bane can only bring one unit, instead of the usual two.
  • Provoke: Bane taunts the units in a designated area, making himself a target for their attacks. He receives a considerable boost to his defenses during the duration of the skill.
  • Ferocious Charge: Bane careens towards the designated location, running over and dealing damage to all the units in his way.
  • Viking Chieftain: Bane can train thanes to fight alongside him in human cities.
  • Cornered Beast: Bane’s presence in the battlefield grants a bonus to the HP and attack of all allied thanes.
  • Spinning Axe: With every attack he receives, Bane has a 25% chance of counterattacking with a spinning axe attack, dealing damage to enemies around him.
  • Barbaric Blessing: Bane is blessed by the God of Chaos, increasing his physical resistance and vigor by a set percentage.





Cleo is the last remnant of the ancient mythical Sphinxes. She is the sole heiress of the infinite knowledge. For this reason, she despises the ignorant and punishes them every time she has the chance.


  • Arcane Codex: Through the study of her ancient magical manuscripts, Cleo has completely mastered the arcane arts. She has a 35% chance with each attack to spawn a dark orb that deals damage to all units it passes through.
  • Book of Eclipse: After unleashing 3 dark orbs, Cleo uses the Book of Eclipse, which causes the battlefield to become enveloped in shadows, reducing in great part the damage done by humanoid units for a few seconds.
  • Tome of Pain: Cleo unleashes the fury of the Gods, dealing great damage to all the units in the designated area. This damage is amplified if there is currently an active eclipse.
  • Tome of Wisdom: This book contains myriad useful secrets for mages. Every time Cleo reads from its pages, she receives a bonus to her magic attribute.
  • Tome of Redemption: With the help of this book, Cleo can resurrect a percentage of the undead units that fell during an eclipse.
  • Tome of Creation: Cleo transforms the designated area into a black hole that persists for a few seconds. The units that are in the area will be dragged towards the center and take damage every second.





Princess Elena was the one that, alongside Avalon, guided the citizens of their fallen kingdom to the relative safety of Nore. As a hero, Elena is extremely skilled at executing strategies to keep your units from falling. Furthermore, she can grant an aura of magical resistance to all allied units.


  • Strategic Retreat: Elena sends for her units to retreat from the battlefield to prevent further losses. This skill does not have a cooldown and, instead, can be used a limited number of times in each battle.
  • Call the Cavalry: Elena summons a number of mounted units to assist in combat.
  • Saving Lives: Elena increases the capacity for wounded units, preventing the death of a number of soldiers after the battle.
  • Cavalry Specialist: When deployed in the battlefield, Elena passively increases the HP and damage of allied cavalry.
  • Ready and Willing: Elena has a peerless insight skill, which passively increases the amount of experience she receives per battle.
  • Magic Resistance: Elena passively reduces the amount of magical damage suffered by her allies and herself.





After falling gravely injured in combat, Gafgar received a new mechanical body, as well as another shot at life. Empowered by his mechanical improvements, he’s tougher than ever.


  • Pyro Pincers: Gafgar drives his powerful pincers into the ground, causing flames to erupt towards his enemies, dealing damage and burning everyone in the way.
  • Startling Blow: With every attack, Gafgar has a 25% chance of striking everyone in a small area, and stunning them for 3 seconds.
  • Repairman: When Gafgar is in the battlefield, all allied mechanical units regenerate HP over time.
  • Technical Mastery: Gafgar passively increases the HP and damage of all allied Dwarven units on the field.
  • Temporary Repair: Gafgar heals the HP of all mechanical units in the battlefield, including himself.
  • Iron Shield: Gafgar transforms his armor into a mechanical fortress, reducing the damage he takes by 80% for a few seconds.





Gan is a mysterious spellcaster who seeks to aid Avalon, the fallen Prince, on his quest to take back his homeland. Like Avril, Gan is a hero with lots of crowd control skills, with the added benefit of also dealing great damage to structures and buildings.


  • Twisting Thorns: With the aid of the forces of nature, Gan summons twisting thorns to immobilize the enemies in an area for a few seconds. Each enemy suffers damage when ensnared.
  • Summon Treant: Gan summons a treant to assist in combat.
  • Treant Mastery: As the master and protector of the forest, all treants receive a bonus to their HP and damage when Gan is in the field.
  • Earthquake: Gan shakes the ground of the battlefield, causing damage to all units in the area. Structures and buildings suffer a considerable amount of extra damage from this skill.
  • Life Force: Gan uses his magic to fortify all summoned units, extending their duration.
  • Nature’s Blessing: As a sage, Gan can use his magical prowess to increase the HP of all allied magical creatures.

These are only roughly half of the best premium heroes available in Art of Conquest. Please have a look at Part 2 of this Guide, where you’ll find the rest of our best picks.

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