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The Best Premium Heroes in Art of Conquest Pt. 2


In our previous article, we went over roughly half of the cast of playable heroes that can be purchased from the in-game store in Art of Conquest. Like we said on that occasion, these characters don’t provide an inherent benefit over their free counterparts. However, as of now, there are only 7 free heroes in the game, while there are 11 paid heroes. This means that, for those who value strategy and cunning, they will benefit from purchasing a hero or two from the store to vary their battle plans.

This time around, we will be exploring the remaining paid heroes, so you can get an idea of who they are, and what they’re good for.




The Best Premium Heroes in Art of Conquest Pt. 2


Jacques is a great hero, with simple motivations; he enlisted in the army with the simple purpose to flaunt his awesome exosuit to everyone. His passion for tinkering with mechanical objects is peerless. However, it is this very same dedication that makes him a valuable asset to the Dwarven army.


  • Walking Arsenal: Jacques summons his mech suit to the battlefield. This skill costs 3 energy points to activate.
  • Firestorm: Jacques doubles his rate of fire for a few seconds, devastating the enemies that stand in his way. Each bullet does additional damage when this skill is active. The skill is automatically deactivated once Jacques runs out of ammunition.
  • Rocket Launcher: Jacques fires a missile from his mechanical suit, dealing damage to everyone caught in the explosion.
  • Mech Expert: Jacques passively increases the HP and damage of all allied mechanical units.
  • Double Charge: In order to sustain his ability for sustained fire, Jacques passively increases the ammunition reserves of all allied units by a fixed percentage.
  • Spray and Pray: Jacques overloads all the systems in his suit, increasing the rate of fire of all his weapons for a few seconds. This skill is automatically deactivated if he runs out of ammunition.




The Best Premium Heroes in Art of Conquest Pt. 2


Nora is the king’s granddaughter, which gives her the authority to skip her lessons and dedicate all her time to her mechanical creations.


  • Fire Bomb: Nora fires a bomb at the designated area, which engulfs the battlefield in flames for 3 seconds, dealing fire damage to everyone caught in the blast. Those who die to the burning damage will explode.
  • Rocket Mastery: Nora is a gifted technician. When she is in the battlefield, all allied rocketeers receive a bonus to their HP and damage.
  • Tag Attack: Nora marks an area of the field, which will be targeted by all allied rocketeers with an increased rate of fire for 8 seconds.
  • Air Cannon: Nora blasts a cone-shape in front of her with her air cannon, dealing damage and pushing everything away.
  • Destructive Rage: Nora is prone to throwing tantrums, which passively increases her damage.
  • Fast Loading: Nora can use her Fire Bomb, Tag Attack, and Air Cannon twice per battle. Furthermore, her cooldowns are reduced by 0.5 seconds.




The Best Premium Heroes in Art of Conquest Pt. 2


Tiadrin is worshipped and revered for his tireless labors to eradicate the darkness. In her mind, the Light can do no evil.


  • Judgment Seal: Tiadrin places 3 seals on the field. All enemies that enter the area suffer damage for 7 seconds. Undead units take extra damage from this skill.
  • Sacred Shield: With each attack, Tiadrin has a 25% chance to summon a Hammer of Glory, which stuns and deals damage to nearby enemies.
  • Purge the Lands: During her adventures, Tiadrin has learned ways to deal with the darkness. She reduces the defense of all Lich units while in her territory. This skill has a cooldown period of 10 hours.
  • Divine Light: Tiadrin automatically restores the HP of an allied hero when he is gravely injured. However, she cannot use this skill on herself.
  • Aura of Retribution: Tiadrin passively damages all enemy units that approach her. The undead suffer additional damage from this skill.
  • Sacrifice: Tiadrin sacrifices 70% of her current health to summon a massive sword that pierces the battlefield. The undead take additional damage from this skill.




The Best Premium Heroes in Art of Conquest Pt. 2


Rose had her upbringing in a society that feared her mixed blood and envied her overwhelming beauty. In her dismay, she turned herself into the darkness, where she was reborn as the Queen of the Arachnids.


  • Spider Queen: Rose spends 3 energy units to enter the battlefield. She arrives accompanied by a swarm of spiderlings, which add up to a total of 300 power.
  • Mother of Spiders: Rose periodically summons additional spiders to the field. The combined power of the summoned spiders cannot surpass the limit imposed by the level of this skill.
  • Spider Web: Creates a spider web in the selected area. The spiders that are on this web receive a bonus to their attack and movement speed. Conversely, enemy units on the webs receive a penalty to these two attributes.
  • Venom Explosion: The summoned spiders are conditioned to explode upon their deaths, poisoning everyone in the general vicinity.
  • Spider Mastery: The spiders that are currently in the field receive a bonus to their HP and damage when Rose is in the battlefield.
  • Toxic Touch: Rose passively poisons the enemies she attacks.
  • Speed Hatching: Rose summons additional spiders when entering the field, increasing the power of her army.




The Best Premium Heroes in Art of Conquest Pt. 2


Vallari was born with the ability to control fire, for which her parents scorned and abandoned her as a child. She was sold to a dark wizard, from the clutches of which she escaped as soon as she was able to. Afterward, she took up the fight to protect the poor and defenseless.


  • Flamestrike: Summons a small plume of fire in the designated area. After 3 seconds, the flame erupts into a fiery inferno that blankets a wide zone. The enemies that are caught in the fire suffer damage each second. Those who fall to this skill will explode.
  • Lotus Fire: With each attack, Vallari has a 25% chance to summon a fiery orb that deals damage to every unit it passes through.
  • Crackling Flames: Vallari learns how to split her regular attacks into a number of independent projectiles.
  • Rain of Fire: Vallari summons 3 balls of fire to rain upon the designated area. The enemies that are in range suffer fire damage and those who die to this skill will explode.
  • Burning: Vallari’s regular attacks apply burning to the target, dealing additional damage over 10 seconds.
  • Fire Dance: Vallari taps into her fiery spirit, increasing her attack and movement speed for several seconds.




The Best Premium Heroes in Art of Conquest Pt. 2


Wraxius was once a great magician until he exchanged his soul for more power. In return for his mortality, he received a magical lamp that feeds on his spirit to power its spells.


  • Spirit Energy: Wraxius’ specialty, through which he wields three lanterns that cause different effects when he places them on the field.
  • Stygian Lantern: Wraxius places the lantern he is currently holding on the field, receiving a new one in return.
  • Abyssal Light: Wraxius channels the power of the Lich through his lamp. All allied units in the area are healed for an amount of HP every second, while also damaging all enemy units.
  • Lunar Light: Wraxius impairs the minds of his enemies, reducing their attack and movement speed by a fixed percentage while increasing the attack and movement speed of his allies.
  • Cursed Light: Wraxius places a lantern that increases the attack of his allies while reducing that of his enemies.
  • Refract: The light projected by Wraxius’ lantern rips the souls of his enemies. The units who die while under the effect of this skills have a chance to leave two corpses, instead of one.
  • Metamorphosis: After using up all his three lanterns, Wraxius morphs into a hulking spirit entity with increased damage, health, and attack speed.

These heroes, along with those we mentioned in Part 1 of the Premium Heroes Guide, are some of the best premium heroes that Art of Conquest has to offer. If you’re looking to increase your arsenal, you can’t go wrong with any of these.

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