What you do with your gold during the late-game period of an Auto Chess Mobile match depends entirely on whether you’ve been winning or losing, as well as the type of units that you’ve chosen to upgrade. The early game, on the other hand, is slightly more predictable, so you can follow a few simple economy strategies to get a good transition.

Auto Chess Mobile is obviously a thoroughly complex game where most, if not all, of your choices can be decisively impactful. Especially during the first few rounds, though, nothing seems to be as important as good economy management. Read on to see what we mean.

The Basic Economy Rules

Before you devise your gold strategy, you should familiarize yourself with all the gold mechanics that operate in each match. Some are more obvious, but others you might not have noticed during your first few games.

Auto Chess: The Complete Guide to Early Game Economy

Every round, a basic sum is added to your balance, as follows:

  • At the start of rounds 1 to 4, you get +1 to +4 gold, respectively.
  • Beginning with round 5, you get +5 gold for the rest of the game.

Pretty simple. Yet there are some things you can and should do to add to this regular income. For example, each win adds +1 gold to your income. In addition, being on a win or loss streak can further boost your economy:

  • If you’ve won or lost 3 rounds in a row, your enter a win/loss streak and you are given +1 gold at the start of each turn. This is the case for streaks of 3 to 5 wins/loses.
  • For win/loss streaks of 6-8 rounds, you get +2 gold.
  • For win/loss streaks of 9 or more rounds, you get +3 gold.

Auto Chess: The Complete Guide to Early Game Economy

Finally, consider the issue of interest, which can add a new layer to your strategies:

  • If you have 10-19 gold in the bank, you get +1 gold at the start of each turn.
  • For 20-29 gold in the bank, you get +2 gold at the start of the turn.
  • This continues in a similar manner up to 50 gold in the bank, which gives you +5 gold at the start of each turn.
  • You can never earn more than +5 gold per turn from interest.

Building Economy on a Win Streak

There are essentially three economy strategies that you can work towards during the early game. The first and, obviously, the most desirable is being on a win streak. This boosts your income by +1 each turn (from winning), as well as by +1-3 gold from being on a streak, and +1-5 gold from having money in the bank. The option also puts you on top of other players from the point of view of your buying potential. Since the chess pieces pool is common between all 8 players, having more gold than the others means you can sometimes buy things just to deny their combos/upgrades.

Auto Chess: The Complete Guide to Early Game Economy

Rest assured, you won’t always be able to achieve a win streak early on. However, when you manage to find two 2-star units during the first few rounds, you should push for multiple victories. Good classes/races for this purpose include Warriors, Mechs, Knights, Assassins, Goblins, and Cave Clans.

Auto Chess: The Complete Guide to Early Game Economy

While on a win streak, there are a few things you should bear in mind to maintain your advantage as you transition to the mid- and late-game:

  • Maintain a level higher than your opponents. This generally means level 5 by rounds 4-5, 6 by round 9, 7 by round 15, and 8 by round 20.
  • While the general rule is never to re-roll by round 7, you can afford to break this imperative a couple of times for extraordinary units that help maintain your advantage.
  • If your squad is strong enough to win rounds, prioritize reaching 50 gold over unit purchases. This will ensure that if you lose your streak during the mid-game, you have the necessary economy to rebuild.
  • Your late-game transition options include: a) using your early units and your level advantage to snowball to victory or b) ditching your units for strong late-game synergies like Knights, Mages, and Hunters.

Recovering Economy on a Loss Streak

Losing repeatedly is not fun – for sure – but it doesn’t mean that you should throw in the towel. While on a losing streak, you still get +1-3 gold per turn from being on a streak and +1-5 gold from money in the bank, so your goal is to reach a bank deposit of 50 gold as quickly as possible. The downside is, obviously, that you’re taking a lot of damage in the process and you need to bounce back hard to have a chance during the mid- and late-game.

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Auto Chess: The Complete Guide to Early Game Economy

Remember that the damage you take is based on how many enemy units are left on the board after a round is finished (and their levels). Balance your strategy between spending as little money as possible and taking as little damage as possible (by killing some enemy units).

Here are the things you should keep in mind while playing from a loss streak:

  • After you bank 50 gold, you’ll likely have no more than 4-5 turns to come up with a good enough line-up.
  • Spirit and Warrior synergies can help you manage the damage you take during a loss streak. Avoiding rookie positioning mistakes is also essential if you’re struggling to keep a decent health pool.
  • Buy units that might help you during the late-game, but don’t spend gold unnecessarily. You want to hit 50 gold in the bank by turns 10-13.
  • At the same time, everything you have is your late-game strategy – so it better be good! Focus on Knights, Hunters, and Mages for strong comebacks and roll aggressively to get what you need.
  • Don’t invest gold in levels while on a loss streak.
  • Prioritize economy breakpoints over most other things (10, 20, 30, 40, 50 gold in the bank).

Auto Chess: The Complete Guide to Early Game Economy

The 50G Gamble

This strategy is somewhat similar to playing from a loss streak, but with one twist – you buy almost nothing at all until you hit 50 gold. Buy a few units to win the creep waves on rounds 1-4, then sell everything and stay put until your reach your goal. We’ll be honest, though – this one is a total gamble. You might get to rounds 11-12 with gold in the bank, but little HP and no useful units in the shop.

Auto Chess: The Complete Guide to Early Game Economy

The 50G gamble might sound scary – because it is – but it’s not nearly as bad as playing from neither a win or loss streak. Being somewhere in the middle, especially when you lose more games than you win is probably the toughest position in Auto Chess Mobile. All you can do from here is buy units for upgrades and focus on building the 50 gold bank as soon as possible.

Especially if you’re a rookie, you will be tempted to spend your gold as soon as you have it. You’ll also be tempted to throw mountains of gold at potential 3-star upgrades. Don’t. Follow this guide, as well as our BlueStacks tips and tricks for more victories and – we promise – you’ll be rewarded for your patience.

Auto Chess: The Complete Guide to Early Game Economy

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