So you finally decided to check out Auto Chess Mobile on BlueStacks, but quickly got frustrated after several losses? Perhaps you’re always in the top 3, but you never have that final oomf to carry you to victory. Maybe you’re struggling with the early-game so you never actually get to see the final turns.

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, the tips and tricks we’ve put together below are guaranteed to significantly improve your game. If you’re already familiar with these guidelines, don’t forget to browse our other guides for more in-depth strategies.

1. Economy is the name of the game

As a rookie player, you’re tempted to spend money as soon as you get it. This is almost 100% (maybe 99.8%) guaranteed to take you nowhere. Regardless of whether you’re on a win streak, a loss streak, or somewhere in-between (which is, perhaps, the worst place to be), your first goal in Auto Chess Mobile should be to bank 50 gold.

Auto Chess: Tips and Tricks for More Victories

We’ve discussed this at length in our BlueStacks guide to early-game economy, so we’ll only leave a few brief pointers here:

  • If you’re not familiar with all gold mechanics operating during a match, go through the guide above right away.
  • As much as this is possible, always play around the 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 gold markers.
  • At some point, you will need to transition to level 9, possibly even 10. That’s a lot of gold, so you have to maintain a strong economy even during the late-game.

2. Use re-rolls wisely

This is another little sneaky button of temptation – the re-roll on the pieces shop. After all, it’s only 2 gold. 2 Gold for the possibility to complete that 3-star Razorclaw! No? Maybe just another roll. Ok… just one more. Last one! Uh-oh… mistakes were made.

Auto Chess: Tips and Tricks for More Victories

As a general rule, avoid re-rolling entirely for the first 7-8 turns. The only exception is if you’re on a phenomenal win streak and you can afford a couple of rolls to maintain your advantage. That’s it. Otherwise, you have to make do with your options during the early-game and sell any unnecessary pieces later on.

3. Get familiar with all the pieces

There are 55 pieces to choose from in Auto Chess Mobile, each with their own stats and unique abilities. Most players focus on race and class synergies more than anything else, which is fine, up to a point. If you want to create deeper strategies, though, you have to get familiar with each hero.

Auto Chess: Tips and Tricks for More Victories

For example, it’s useful to know that the Tsunami Stalker piece casts a massive AoE disable. Other units with strong disables are the Defector, the Desperate Doctor, the Storm Shaman, the Siren, and the Sky Breaker. Some pieces are good with burst damage, while others make good tanks. In addition, not all items are suitable for all units. Knowing what a piece is good at can help you determine how to itemize appropriately.

4. Plan your mid- and late-game transitions

Like in DotA2, transitions are key to winning the game. Say, for instance, that you got lucky with a couple of 2-star Mechs during the first 10 turns. A solid team of Mechs/Goblins might even carry you through the mid-game, but once you hit turn 30+, these pieces will fall off in comparison to better synergies.

Auto Chess: Tips and Tricks for More Victories

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Even from 80+ HP, you can lose to someone who was nearly eliminated if you do not have a transition strategy for the late-game. Which units will you replace, if any? What synergies will you add to your existing ones to maintain your advantage? What are your favorite late-game synergies and are they strong enough to counter your opponents? These are questions you need to answer by turn 20, at the latest.

5. Spy on your strongest opponents

You might not have realized this yet, but you can actually click on your opponents’ portraits at the left side of the screen to see their boards. This can give you invaluable information about the synergies they are after, their positioning, their economy, and more.

Auto Chess: Tips and Tricks for More Victories

Especially when there are only 3-4 opponents left, spying on them is a must. If you’re ahead with gold, you can deny their favorite pieces by buying them yourself and you can ensure that you’re always one level higher for numerical advantage. If you’re playing from behind, this kind of intel is even more important because it can help you evaluate your opponents’ team and buy units that counter their synergies and strong pieces.

6. Choose the right formation

There is no way to over-stress the fact that, particularly during the late-game, your formation can win or lose rounds. If your main damage dealers are squishy and unprotected, they will be erased off the face of the board before they do anything relevant. If your assassins get engaged by enemy tanks before they make their jump, they lose most of their effectiveness.

Auto Chess: Tips and Tricks for More Victories

Two things should factor into your decision regarding the best possible formation for your team – your units and the units of the enemy team. You can counter most AoE and assassin damage with adequate positioning.

7. Don’t go hunting for 3-star pieces

3-Star units are cool – no doubt about it. But they can also be the death of you, even after a fulminant win streak. The main disadvantages of obsessively hunting for these maxed out pieces include:

  • You can sometimes throw buckets of gold at the shop and still not get the piece you need.
  • It can take tens of rounds before you get the pieces you need to upgrade a unit to 3 stars. If you don’t develop your board during this time, you’re going to lose way before you find what you’re looking for.
  • Your bench space is limited and hunting for more than two 3-star pieces takes up a lot of room.

Auto Chess: Tips and Tricks for More Victories

Always prioritize 2-stars over 3-star units, especially during the early- and mid-game. Consider which pieces might make it to the final rounds and buy their doubles if they show up, but don’t go out of your way looking for them. 3-Star units are only good when they happen more or less naturally.

8. Learn to embrace the RNG

Despite of the fact that the word “Chess” is part of the title of this game, there’s actually a lot more RNG involved than you think. What you get in the shop can be calculated, to a very marginal extent, by keeping tabs of the pieces purchased by opponents. Even with the best calculations, though, sometimes you just don’t get what you need. In over 30 turns!

Auto Chess: Tips and Tricks for More Victories

Some synergies also work based on RNG, such as the Spirits, for instance, which have a chance to stone their opponents. Evasion strategies are based on RNG and so are crits. Basically, a lot can happen that you cannot possibly anticipate for sure, which, if you think about it, is part of the fun of this game.

That just about sums up our BlueStacks list of tips and tricks for more victories in Auto Chess Mobile. These guidelines will not replace the invaluable experience you can only gain through playing and learning, but they will at least give you a more serious shot at the coveted 1st Place. So what are you waiting for, then? Fire up BlueStacks and show those other players who are the chess master!

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