Just like in classic chess, Auto Chess is all about how you position your units on the board. This can make a momentous difference, particularly in the early game, as it can both enable your pieces to do more and prevent your opponent from having their way. For more tips and tricks, feel free to check our dedicated BlueStacks guide to winning on Auto Chess.

This game is one of the rare strategy MOBAs that are truly worth your time. The reason for this is that it effectively combines the tactical dimension of chess with the intricate gameplay of Dota heroes. The trick is that you don’t actually control your units in Auto Chess, which is why positioning is so important.

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The First Few Rounds

As you might have read in our guide to Auto Chess economy, your choices in the early stages of a match can have a rippling effect on your entire game. Positioning is one such aspect you have to consider every single round and it can easily win or lose you the game. Although you still get money when you lose, win streaks can help you gather a lot of momentum.

Auto Chess : Avoid Newbie Position Mistakes
By making the right choices over and over again, you’ll soon be on a win streak and completely out of your opponent’s reach. Ideally, you first want to place your tanky heroes upfront and the squishier ones behind them. This will help draw aggro to those units that can handle it and away from the heroes that are easy to kill, thereby guaranteeing that they survive more. The longer they are on the board, the more chances you’ll have of winning.

Auto Chess : Avoid Newbie Position Mistakes
Melee characters such as Redaxe Chief and the Swordman rely on being able to get into the fight as fast as possible so that they can cast their abilities at the earliest convenience. If you’re losing hard, don’t worry. Just focus on getting as many 2-star heroes as possible without spending any money on re-rolling the shop. Remember that losing gives you money too!

Auto Chess : Avoid Newbie Position Mistakes
Regardless of the engagement at hand, positioning your ranged units can be done in such a way so as to prioritize damage on a specific opponent. For instance, you know that in round 15 a wolf pack is going to spawn. While the big guy goes straight ahead, the smaller ones jump all the way back on your board. This gives you an opportunity to either make a straight line formation upfront or a closed wedge around your lower health units. You can also try a formation that has two tanky units underneath, as well as one on top.

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Auto Chess : Avoid Newbie Position Mistakes

Mid Game Positioning

As you get past the 15 round mark, you’ll notice that the hero pools start to become more varied. What this means for your positioning is that you need to watch out for those units that can easily navigate the board regardless of enemies. These are the assassins – Soul Breaker, Shining Assassin, Water Spirit, and a few others. A good way to counter them is by having your units grouped together on the lower end of the board. We can’t emphasize how many opponents make the mistake of having their squad too high and spread too far from one another.

Auto Chess : Avoid Newbie Position Mistakes
In this instance, it makes it almost impossible for backline units to cut through us simply because of lack of space. As the round starts and everyone moves up, assassins might still flank you, but it’s better than reaching those weak units in the back. More importantly, it ensures that our melees engage the opposing pieces before they have a chance to get in reach of our back liners.

This is really important, since a lot of heroes will be useless if they don’t cast their abilities at least once per round. And they won’t get to cast if they’re literally the first unit that enemy pieces hit as the round starts. They might, if they’re durable enough, but, more often than not, they’ll die having done nothing.

Auto Chess : Avoid Newbie Position Mistakes
Another important reason why you want all of your units stacked together is that they’re most likely to engage the same targets. Focusing an enemy down in both PvP and PvE is crucial towards getting an early advantage in the round for two reasons:

1. It prevents the opposing hero from casting their strong ability.

2. It gives you a 1-unit advantage, which means more overall DPS.

You can’t control what your champions do, but you might be able to slightly entice them to attack the same targets if you’re tactical enough in the prep phase.

Auto Chess : Avoid Newbie Position Mistakes
Lastly, there are times when your DPS-focused heroes might take the front row. This is an exception and it only counts for early to mid-game, when your front liners are a lower rank than your durable champions. In this instance, it makes more sense to put the higher health units in front, so that they soak up the damage better, and give the lower ranks a chance to cast their abilities by having them in the back.

Auto Chess : Avoid Newbie Position Mistakes

Rank-up with BlueStacks

The golden rule to follow in PvP engagements is that your enemies will either be ahead or on your right side. If you manage to arrange your pieces in such a way so as to protect your lower health pieces and have your most ranked units attack first, you’ll be maximizing their survivability, as well as your chances of winning an engagement. Even in the backline, you want your lowest health flanked by higher health ones, so as to ensure that assassins don’t get to attack them from the get-go. With a bit of practice, you’ll soon be a force to be reckoned with.

Auto Chess : Avoid Newbie Position Mistakes

Making all of these decisions and changing your strategy while the prep phase is happening can be quite difficult on a device, which is why we prefer to play the game on BlueStacks.

This way, whether we want to make changes to the line-up, put someone on the board temporarily to upgrade another unit via purchase, or just try out different formations, we can do so with no lag or stutters. Many a time we were faced against opponents who struggled during the prep phase just because of lower performance, to their dismay and our benefit.

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