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The Flow of Battle in Auto Chess

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As we´ve mentioned several times across numerous articles, Auto Chess is a terrific game. Its engaging gameplay, fast-paced action in every round, and sheer variety of unit types and items make it one of the most complex games for mobile devices in the market. Right now, the game is in open beta, so not many people know about it. Furthermore, it also has some rough edges that need ironing out. However, as more gamers get wind of this game, and the player base expands, odds are that we could be in the presence of another big hit.

The Flow of Battle in Auto Chess

However, as we mentioned in our Auto Chess review, this game is perfect in all but one area: it has no tutorial. While this game is known far and wide as a custom map for Dota 2, and most people who seek to download and play it are probably already aware of how it’s played, it offers no support for newcomers. As beginners ourselves, we struggled the first few matches to comprehend what was happening on our screens. And, after several crushing defeats, we finally got the hang of the game, albeit somewhat.

Every match in Auto Chess has a certain flow or rhythm. At the beginning, you’ll likely be too overwhelmed to know what’s going on. However, as you continue to play, and read up on unit and item descriptions, you’ll slowly become accustomed to how the game plays. Nevertheless, while mastering what each unit can do, as well as basic formations and strategies is an ordeal in and of itself, getting used to the flow of battle in Auto Chess is a whole different ballpark.

So, for the sake of simplicity, we will limit ourselves to explaining how each battle will progress, how the phases are divided, and what you should be looking to achieve in every stretch of the match. Read on!

The Flow of Battle in Auto Chess

Beginning and Early Phase

Starting a match in Auto Chess Legends is very simple. Just like in many battle royale games, all you need to do is click on “start,” and wait until the computer finds a match. Given the popularity that this game has already attained, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of seconds to find a match. However, be sure to make enough time for the game, especially because each match can take around 10 to 20 minutes, depending on your strategy and luck. Playing a match until the very end, and obtaining either first or second place, can take up to 30 minutes at times.

As you can see, this is not like other casual mobile games. Auto Chess is a proper strategy PvP game that requires putting aside enough time, especially since you can’t actually quit out from matches. If you close the app during a match, and come back when it’s still going on, then you will be automatically loaded into the match once again.

The Flow of Battle in Auto Chess

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With that being said, the early phase is arguably one of the most important parts of Auto Chess. While the decisions you make at this time aren’t permanent, they will lay the groundwork for your endgame strategy. Early game in Auto Chess is considered from somewhere around level 1 to level 5, and will involve purchasing, upgrading, and selling many pieces.

Everyone begins the game with only 1 gold, 5 purchasable heroes, and a few seconds to make initial arrangements. If the round begins, and you still haven’t purchased anything, you will automatically forfeit the round. If you’re not sure which unit to start off with, then just pick a tank. A warrior or knight would be good for this purpose. However, remember that you’ll want to slowly work towards a strategy. Feel free to read our guide on the units of this game to learn about the passive bonuses of every race and class, so you can create your own strategies.

Now, there’s two ways to go about the early phase. You can either aim to win every match by going on the offensive and upgrading your units as fast as you can, such as with a Druid strategy, or lose intentionally. The idea of the early phase is to recruit appropriate pieces for your strategy. However, it’s also important to save gold that you can use for leveling up later on. If you win every round, you will accrue gold due to successive wins. However, if you refrain from spending, and intentionally lose every round, you will also gain much gold due to interests. Furthermore, since players don’t have many units at the start, the HP loss from losing rounds is negligible.

The Flow of Battle in Auto Chess

Whether you decide to win or lose rounds, you must commit to your choice. It’s not profitable to burn money on pieces only to win one round, and then lose another. Either you save and accrue interests, or try to win and claim the prize money from victory streaks.

Mid Game

Regardless of your decision, you should strive to save until you reach around 50 gold. With this amount, you will receive 5 gold in interests at the end of every round, regardless of winning or losing. This is more money than what you’d get from having a long victory streak, which caps at 3 extra gold per round. With this money, you can now start investing on leveling up and purchasing more units to upgrade your current ones, or to redefine your strategy to fit the occasion.

At around level 7 to 8, your team should start taking form. If you’re in a comfortable place, and are not getting utterly destroyed by everyone, you should take a look at the top players’ teams and try to devise a strategy to counter their forces. Do they rely overly on warriors? Try to counter them by purchasing mages. Do they have many fragile spellcasters in their team? Try adding assassins to your team. The key here is to branch out properly, and not end up with a variety of pieces that don’t complement each other. Remember that team synergy is key when it comes to winning at Auto Chess.

The Flow of Battle in Auto Chess

Late Game

Once you reach round 20 or so, encounters start getting shorter as the players’ strategies take form. At this point, you should already have many level 2 units and, if you’re lucky, a couple of level 3 pieces. You should be using your excess gold for leveling up, or for rerolling the shop if you’re looking for a specific unit. The goal here is to reach level 9, and eventually level 10, where you can set up to 10 different pieces on the board.

This phase is usually very short since players have very strong units at this point, so HP loss is high after every round. It’s not uncommon for the defeated player to lose around 15 to 20 HP per round. In this manner, the match is over in just a few encounters. Nevertheless, all you’ve been doing throughout the match has lead up to this point, and it’s too late to change strategies. Because of this, you need to double down on your setup and, if you’re getting constantly beaten, try moving your units around the board. By using different formations, you can sometimes influence the enemies that your units attack at first, as well as keep your casters and damage dealers safe from harm.

The Flow of Battle in Auto Chess

The exact flow of battle varies depending on both your team composition and that of other players. While some phases can be longer or shorter in some cases, the same basic principles apply in this game. In this sense, you will always want to save up at the beginning while buying a few pieces with potential, and using them to shape your strategy along the way. Remember that you can resell unused units to get back some of your investment. In fact, level 1 units resell for the same purchase value so there’s no downside to purchasing weak units that you might use in the future. Meanwhile, the mid and late phases are all about defining your strategy, and securing the necessary units to cement your formation.

What’s your favorite strategies for winning at Auto Chess? Share with us your best tips and tricks for dominating in this game!

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