Mechs + Goblins is one of the most popular comps in Auto Chess, mostly because of how strong it is during the first 10 rounds of each match. But these two synergies are not something you should necessarily discard for your mid-game transition. In fact, it is possible to consolidate them into an unstoppable force well beyond turn 25.

Auto Chess - Mechs and Goblins Build? Yes, Please!

Winning with a full 6-piece Goblins strat requires extensive planning and a few tricks. Don’t worry, though, because that’s exactly what we’re about to discuss next.

The Right Pieces for the Task

Putting together a team with a 2-piece Mech synergy and 3-piece Goblin synergy is a ridiculously easy feat and can be done before your first PvP encounter (round 4) in the match. Getting the full comp, however, is slightly trickier because there are only 5 Mechs and exactly 6 Goblins in the game. The pieces you’ll need include the following:

Sky Breaker

As a 1-cost piece, Sky Breaker is relatively frequent in the shop and can, as such, be upgraded to 3-stars quickly. This hero will serve as one of your tanks in the Mechs + Goblins comp and, even though he won’t do a lot of damage, he will cast Battery Assault and stun opponents often. Itemize with health regen and armor items for more survivability. Goblin and Mech.

Auto Chess - Mechs and Goblins Build? Yes, Please!

Soul Breaker

One of the best units for the first 10 rounds of a match, Soul Breaker pushes a great deal of damage early on. Upgrading this piece to 2-stars should be a priority before turn 10, but keep in mind that, unless you’re going for a Mech/Goblin/Assassin strat, he will not be as good during the late-game. Goblin.

Heaven Bomber

Also a 1-cost, frequent piece, Heaven Bomber is usually part of the killer starting trio with this comp. Its Tracing Missile ability can do tremendous (magical) damage, but his attacks are pretty slow, which means it takes a long time to charge. You can get a faster proc if you position the piece on the front line or if you find any mana regen items. Goblin and Mech.


Slightly more expensive than the pieces above, Ripper is also a much better hero to have. Its Reaping Death ability does AoE pure damage and charges relatively quickly, while its HP and armor pool make it one of the tankiest Goblins in your squad. If you intend to go with a full Mechs + Goblins synergy, upgrading Ripper to 3-stars is a priority. Goblin and Mech.

Auto Chess - Mechs and Goblins Build? Yes, Please!


 This unit is pretty tanky when his Chemical Rage is on, so he makes an excellent front liner for your build. Because most other pieces you’ll use will do limited damage, Venomancer is also a good candidate for ATK items. Goblin.


 This 5-cost piece will make or break your strategy when you go all-in with Goblins + Mechs. You need it to complete your synergies, but because it is legendary, it can be a rare sight in the shop. Devastator is also absolutely necessary for this build due to its powerful AoE ability and high damage. If you get the piece, you’re golden. If not, it can be tough to win from your spot. Goblin and Mech.

Auto Chess - Mechs and Goblins Build? Yes, Please!

Helicopter (optional)

 Another 5-cost piece that works well in this strat, Helicopter is not exactly your “win condition” (like Devastator), but it can bring a significant contribution to your damage output. His Call Down does magical damage, which works out in your favor if you add a 3-piece Mage synergy to the mix.

Auto Chess - Mechs and Goblins Build? Yes, Please!

Mechs + Goblins Strategies for the Early-Game and Late-Game

The early-game dream is easy with this strat. You want to obtain 3 Goblins and 2 Mechs before round 4, preferably in the shape of Soul Breaker, Ripper, and Sky Breaker/Heaven Bomber. These are frequent sightings in the shop, so it’s not excluded that you’ll also have one or two 2-star pieces by the time you engage another player. This is awesome, but not necessary. Even without upgrades, this early comp should set you on a winning streak right away.

Auto Chess - Mechs and Goblins Build? Yes, Please!

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By the time you hit the mid-game, you have to decide whether you have enough Goblins to justify going all-in on this synergy or whether you want to switch out your pieces. If a 6-piece Goblin synergy is your ultimate goal, you could consider the “Goblin gamble strat” beginning with turn 4.

Basically, you’ll be taking advantage of the fact that most Goblins and Mechs are low-cost pieces, so they are more likely to show up in the shop when your level is smaller. As such, instead of building an economy as you would normally do, you spend your gold on shop rolls and upgrades. This will both slow down your level progression and give you higher chances at 2- and 3-star upgraded Goblins/Mechs.

Auto Chess - Mechs and Goblins Build? Yes, Please!

The trick, of course, is that you will have to recover from this quickly. Once you hit round 17, you should have enough upgraded units to maintain your win streak, but will have to start saving money for levels 9 and 10. Getting to these is crucial because it increases your chances to see either Devastator or Helicopter in the shop. To win the end-game, you need (at least) Devastator and an additional powerful synergy.

Need More Damage? Add These Synergies

The biggest problem with late-game Goblins + Mechs comps is that, while they do have insane sustainability, they also have relatively poor damage dealing potential. To make up for this shortcoming, you should plan to add a more powerful synergy to the mix from as early as turn 13. Viable candidates include:

A 3-Mages + 2-Humans Synergy

 Mages synergize well with Goblins/Mechs not only because they compensate for some of the latter’s lacking DPS capabilities, but also because they reduce the magical damage resistance of all enemies. As you’ve already noticed when looking at your individual core pieces, most Goblins/Mechs have magical damage dealing abilities and will thus benefit from the boost. Ideally, the 3 Mages to add to your comp are Thunder Spirit, Tortola Elder, and The Source. The latter two come with a 2-piece Humans synergy to boot, which is a big plus.

A 3-Assassins + 3-Dragons Synergy

Like Mages, Assassins are fairly powerful damage dealers and can therefore compensate for your slacking Goblins/Mechs. Phantom Queen is a Demon Assassin with very high mid-game DPS output, so she makes an obvious choice. Since Soul Breaker is already an Assassin, you only need to add one more to the mix to get the synergy bonus. We recommend Venom because, during the late-gate, you can complement him with Shining Dragon and Dragon Knight for yet another top-notch synergy.

Auto Chess - Mechs and Goblins Build? Yes, Please!

You could consider a Warlock + Egersis combo as well, using Soul Reaper, Blight Sorcerer, and Shadow Devil. The problem with these picks, though, is that most of your Goblins/Mechs will not benefit much from the lifesteal bonus due to poor autoattack damage. This is why either of the 2 strats mentioned above are more likely to secure you a victory – provided, of course, that you can find and upgrade the right pieces.

After all, isn’t that always the rub with any game of Auto Chess? Even more so with 6-piece Goblin strats, which makes them a high-risk, high-reward affair. Just as we like it.

Auto Chess - Mechs and Goblins Build? Yes, Please!

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