AxE: Alliance VS Empire Class Guide: Which One To Pick And Why?

AxE: Alliance VS Empire Class Guide: Which...

Alliance VS Empire offers two factions and six hero classes in total. And as we mentioned in our review, these classes are not just mirrored copies of each other: They have different playstyles and therefore different strengths and weaknesses. In this guide, you can find detailed information about each of them and find out which one suits your playstyle best.

The Classes Of Galanos Alliance

The Galanos Alliance is shown with the “red color” and if we learned something from other MMOs, red means “bad and cool looking”. Well, we can say that this is also the case with Alliance VS Empire. If you like brutes who wield big swords or deadly looking assassins, this is the faction to pick. Galanos gets three different classes like the other faction and each one belongs to an archetype.


This is the melee dps archetype and as the name suggests, she carries two big swords. (Blademasters are gender locked, that’s why we are using “she”.) They look like a deadly assassin and all of their abilities are quite fast. Plus, they are easy on the eyes. Blademasters are suitable for those who want a fast-paced game style and high damage numbers. Almost all of their abilities are focused on increasing attack power, so while they perform amazingly in groups, they may not be the best choice for beginners and those who prefer solo gameplay.


Titans are a hybrid class: They bring the power of wielding two big swords and the ability to control the “crowds”. In other words, they cannot bring as much damage as Blademasters, but they can handle large groups of enemies better and stay alive longer. Titans are not truly tanks but they can stun and weaken all enemies and more importantly, use abilities that will protect the entire party from attacks. We think they are the best choice for beginners, due to their survivability.


Archers are the ranged dps archetype but this is not their only role: They can act as a healer on the battlefield too. It may be a little weird to see an archer also take on the healer role but they are the only hero class with healing abilities in this faction, so you will definitely want one in your group. However, their health points are a little low and you need to know how “kiting” mechanics work for solo play, so we do not recommend them to beginners. Note that everybody will expect you to heal if you pick an archer, so make sure you are ready for this role.

The Classes Of Darkhaan Empire

The Darkhaan Empire is based on the color “blue” so you know that they are the “good guys”. Heroes of Darkhaan Empire do not look as fierce as Galanos, but they still have a style. Note that there are no really “good and bad” factions in the game, so the faction choice should be a cosmetic one. If you want to see more “smooth looking” characters on your screen, go with Darkhaan. This faction also gets three class archetypes.


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Valkyries hold a shield but this does not mean that they are tanks. On the contrary, they are the “healers” of Darkhaan Empire. A melee healer is an interesting but challenging concept: While Archers of Galanos can stay behind and watch the battle from a distance, Valkyries need to be in melee range. This may be more difficult than you think but they really offer a different play style – we recommend trying one. They are suitable for solo gameplay as their defense points are quite high but Valkyries have near terrible dps, so they should be preferred by veteran players.


Small, fast, and deadly: Mages are the ranged dps class and all of their abilities are focused on attack. They are the equivalent of Blademasters in this regard, but they attack from a distance. Moreover, their abilities can damage large groups of mobs – this is an AOE (area of effect) class. While in a group, stay behind and unleash hell onto enemies, you can be sure that nobody will be able to surpass your dps. However, this comes with a price: If the enemy focuses on you, you will die pretty quickly due to lower health points. Excellent for group play, bad choice for solo – unless you can kite your enemies like a master.


Remember when we said Alliance VS Empire does not have mirrored classes? Well, the warrior is kind of an exception: It is the mirrored class of Titans. They use one two-handed sword instead of two (which is nearly as big as a tree stunk), but their abilities are quite similar. Warriors are a melee class who can put debuffs onto enemies, as well as control them. They offer better crowd control abilities at the beginning than Titans, so if this game style suits you, Warriors may be the best choice. Just like Titans, they are suitable for solo gameplay and beginners.

So, if you are new to action MMOs, go with Warriors or Titans, they have enough survivability even if you press the “wrong buttons”. (Don’t forget that by using the Combo Key feature of BlueStacks, you can’t press the wrong buttons even if you want to.) If you want a healer, pick Archer or Valkyrie. And if high damage numbers are important for you, Mages and Blademasters should be your preferred class. In any case, don’t forget that each class offers a different play style so try them all on BlueStacks!

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