The Most Useful Tips And Tricks For AxE: Alliance Vs Empire

The Most Useful Tips And Tricks For...

It has been only a couple of days since Alliance Vs Empire released and as we mentioned in our review, this action MMO game offers lots of features and content. Like every other newly released game, there is a certain learning period to see what the game offers and how to play it in the most efficient way. Instead of doing this yourself, you can take a look at our guide and learn the best tips and tricks that will help you along the way. Let’s start: We have a big world to cleanse and thousands of enemies to kill.

Use The Mini Map To Your Advantage

By clicking the mini-map at the top right corner or simply pressing “M”, you can open the region map. We recommend doing this as soon as you enter a new region because it contains useful information. First, if you are farming a particular elite monster, you can easily see where it is on the map. Second, you can see merchants and map transfer points easily. And lastly, all other players that belong the same faction as you can be tracked on this map. Let’s take a look at them all:

Track other players and form parties with them. When you are fighting against the other faction, this feature can be used to form quick groups to attack or defend.

See where that nasty monster is – you don’t need to patrol the map to find it. Although, don’t forget that “red” means “boss”, you may want to group with other players.

Quest givers, merchants, teleportation points to other regions – all at once.

Work On That Reputation

Alliance Vs Empire has an interesting achievement system: Once you complete certain tasks or reach a particular level, you gain “reputation”. There are different goals you can track each day and week, and if you complete them all, you will quickly gain reputation points.

This is actually quite important because the reputation system has a separate leveling tree. There are six different reputation levels and each one offers a big increase to your main stats (attack, defense, health points). In addition, you get various rewards at each level, such as upgrade stones, resurrection scrolls, and in-game currencies.

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Some of these daily and weekly goals are quite specific, so we recommend checking them first thing after logging in to the game and try to complete all. By doing so, you can even increase your leveling speed. Also, note that the Combo Key feature of BlueStacks will help you complete most of these achievements – take a look at our setup guide to learn more.

Grab That Free Item Chest

We will discuss this topic in detail in our Classes guide, but for now, we can tell you that the equipment system in Alliance VS Empire is based on “gacha” mechanics. The majority of the high-end items come out of loot boxes and you are allowed to open one for free every 24 hours. The probabilities of getting a “good” weapon are as follows:

Rare 4.65%
Epic 0.25%
Unique 0.08%
Mythic 0.002%

So, yeah, you won’t be getting that mythic item anytime soon but you can still try your luck for free. The good news is that you still get a free chest that might contain mythic items and purchase another one that can award rare gear with gold, the most common currency in the game. It is very easy to gain gold and even an hour of gameplay will result in thousands. In short, don’t forget to claim your free chest every day and use your gold to purchase more.

Complete All Area Requests

You are actually not “done” even after completing all of the story missions in an area: Alliance VS Empire still gives you goals on every region that can be completed at higher levels. In other words, you need to re-visit every region in the game and complete these tasks, even at the last level. Doing so will award high-end gear, spiritstones, and other shiny things that will empower your character.

These missions are about killing a particular boss and won’t last long. However, you may need to group with other players, some of them are quite hard.

And while fighting with these mini-bosses, don’t forget that you have a “dodge” button. This is one of the unique features of Alliance VS Empire and most of the players don’t even know such an option is available. When the boss casts a heavy attack (when you see a big glowing red ring on the ground) press this key to quickly get away. Since you are using the BlueStacks keymap tool, this is very easy to do: Face the direction you want to roll with WASD keys and dodge. By using this feature wisely, you can be the last player standing even in the most challenging fights.

This is everything you need to know to make a quick start. To learn more about other important aspects of AxE: Alliance VS Empire, make sure to read our other guides too. We are very much enjoying the game at the moment and we would like to hear from you too: If you have another useful tip, let us know via the comments. Good luck and keep slaying those monsters!

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