Battle Night: Cyberpunk is an Idle RPG that has an in-depth tutorial system, but let’s be real, most of us just speed through the tutorial because we think we can figure out how to play without a program telling us what to do. The problem with that is that we eventually end up needing to learn more about the game because we don’t understand half of what’s happening during our initial gameplay. Once that happens, we end up going online in search of answers, which is probably why some of you are here now.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide To Playing Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG

Beginners will have a hard time understanding some of the game’s mechanics or at least learning which ones are important in terms of progression. By introducing some of the most basic concepts, players will have a deeper understanding of the game which can be used to master some of the advanced mechanics later on. Let’s take a look at some of the most important tips to learn about as a new player by following this beginner’s guide to help you progress faster.

The Characters

Characters are the core of your entire gameplay experience. Characters can be acquired by summoning them at B’s Club by trading in Hire Coin that you get as rewards from missions and tasks or by completing stages. Characters are used in a team and have different characteristics such as rarity, role, type, and traits. By learning what each of these characteristics do, you can build the perfect team in the future and even understand how to use them efficiently.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide To Playing Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG

Players are urged to collect as many characters as possible not only because it allows them to build more teams, but also because they can be used in game modes such as the B.C.P.D., where you’ll need specific types of characters to participate. Players will also be tasked with upgrading and developing their characters so that they can stay relevant in all of the different combat modes. The higher the quality and level of the character being used, the more useful they are in battle.

Gear & Equipment

Items in the games are important because they are essentially the primary method of increasing your character’s power. Each piece of gear contains a specific type of equipment. Although, most gear pieces from a specific part often contain similar stats. For example, weapons will always try to increase attack or any offensive capability while armor pieces usually increase defensive stats. However, this is not always the case, so reading the item’s bonuses will surely help you assign which items go to whom.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide To Playing Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG

There are two ways to gain item pieces which are through the loot system and crafting system. Pieces of gear can often be found in the main quest where the rarity of each increases as you progress further into the game. The more reliable way to get the best pieces of gear is through the crafting system, which allows you to create pieces of gear by trading in blueprints and parts. Items come in different qualities as well, so no gear pieces are exact equivalent of each other even though they’re the same type.

Game Modes

Aside from the main story quest, there are also different game modes that players need to learn about to gain useful rewards. The B.C.P.D and Arcade are fun mini-games that players can participate in that drop significant rewards. The Shielded Mine is a place where players can farm for gear blueprints. 24H Fitness is a place where players can get the staple resources such as Hero Experience, Gold, and Forging Parts, though with limited entries per day.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide To Playing Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG

There are other fun game modes as well, such as Hyper Space and some event stages that only appear occasionally. The most important game mode in Battle Night aside from the Main Story is the NORN Arena. This is the PvP mode of the game and is where players truly get to showcase how strong their team is. As you climb through the ranks, the importance of proper team building and itemization becomes more and more apparent as enemies become increasingly more difficult to beat.

Idle Rewards

Being an idle game, Battle Night also rewards players for staying online for a certain period of time. Playing this game on a smartphone isn’t exactly the most ideal place to farm online rewards, as not everyone can afford to leave their phone running one game for hours at a time without switching to other tabs. If you’re using BlueStacks, you’ll have an easier time doing so by leaving the Battle Night instance – or instances – running open in the background as you complete other tasks on your computer.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide To Playing Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG

Active players aren’t the only ones rewarded. Even if you’re offline, you can still acquire rewards, depending on the amount of time that has passed since you last collected. Rewards are acquired through the game’s Search System, which gives players different resources and loot every few hours. The value of the resources acquired and quality of loot increases as the player progresses through the main story. Players can also perform Fast Search to instantly get their maximum rewards by spending gems or coins.

Joining a Guild

Once a player has reached level 17, they can choose to join or create a guild. It is suggested that players join an already-established active guild so that they won’t have a hard time reaping the rewards that you can get by joining one. However, if you are playing with your own group of people that plan to play the game for the foreseeable future, you might want to create your own guild instead and build it from there.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide To Playing Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG

It is important that players join guilds because it unlocks new game modes for players to enjoy. The rewards and currency that players get from participating in guild events or game modes can be used in the shop to get useful in-game items. If your guild isn’t active, you might find that it’s difficult to get more rewards because only a few are contributing to the progression of your alliance. In that case, you should start looking for a more active guild instead.