Heroes in Battle Night: Cyberpunk are indeed unique in terms of their aesthetic and combat style, contributing largely to why thousands of people love playing this game. Aside from their value as collectible characters in this game, there is also the fact that these units are responsible for carrying the player into more advanced stages of the game’s PvE and PvP content. That being said, players will need to learn more about the factors that help power up each character and how to maximize them.

BlueStacks' Guide To Heroes in Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG

Battle Night heroes can be acquired by exchanging Hire Coins in B’s Club. As mentioned in our Battle Night Beginner’s Guide, each character comes with different qualities, types, roles, and specialties. Understanding those attributes is difficult, especially since the game doesn’t have an in-depth option to expand on these specific elements of the game. Luckily, this character guide aims to help players understand those attributes a bit more by explaining how they work and what their importance is.


There are four roles in Battle Night – Bastion, Warrior, Assassin, and Spirit. Essentially, Bastion is the main Tank class while the other three are varying types of DPS class. The difference in these roles lie in what types of stats they prioritize and what types of attacks they perform. Bastion is arguably the most staple member of the team because it has high defenses and protects the team by staying alive and absorbing most of the damage from the enemy team so that the backline can freely deal damage to the enemy.

BlueStacks' Guide To Heroes in Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG

Moving onto the DPS classes, we have warriors, which are a good balance between attack and defense. Warriors aren’t the biggest damage dealers, but they don’t die as quickly as the other two DPS classes because they have a decent amount of defensive stats. Assassin’s specialize in bypassing tanks and dealing insane amounts of damage to a single target, but may die quickly if targeted. Spirits are casters that specialize in dealing high amounts of damage to multiple enemies using spells, but also have a low survivability rate.


There are six traits in Battle Night – Machine, Tamer, Martial, Nature, Fallen, and Hacker. The traits themselves don’t provide any bonuses or differences to a character individually, outside of aesthetics. Traits are applied when players have two or more heroes of the same camp in the same team. The more heroes of a single trait that are added to the same team, the better bonuses are received by the player, which significantly increases the heroes’ stats in your team.

BlueStacks' Guide To Heroes in Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG

Each trait gives a different bonus. For example, having 2 Machines in a team increases all Machine heroes’ attack by 8%. The game encourages players to use heroes from a single trait to ramp up their efficiency in combat. However, new players and most free-to-play users don’t exactly have the luxury of doing so because it’s difficult to get the characters you need. Nonetheless, you should always aim to get at least 3 pairs of traits in your team so that you can benefit from the bonuses.

Evolution and Upgrades

The most powerful units in the game are the Legendary units, which are indicated by the golden border. However, the highest rarity that a player can acquire in the gacha system are the Epic units – the ones with purple borders. The only way to acquire Legendary units is to evolve an existing epic unit. To do that, players need to fuse two or more specific units of the same rarity, plus any other fodder units of a similar rarity. As one may guess, this can be quite expensive.

BlueStacks' Guide To Heroes in Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG

When upgrading units, it’s not necessary that the exact identical unit will be used as the fusion material. There are some characters that require a different character, not including the other 3-5 units needed for fusion. The higher the quality of a unit, the more their base stats increase. Players should strive to have an epic-quality team or higher so that they can maximize their power. Of course, Legendary units are much more difficult to maintain than lower rarity ones. but it’s well-worth the sacrifice.

Skills and Abilities

Learning a hero’s skills and abilities is crucial to understanding what that character does. A character’s camp says a lot about what they generally do, but until you read what that unit’s abilities are, it’s difficult to maximize a hero’s efficiency. Players should read a character’s skills, especially those that are members of the team, so that they know if some abilities have better synergy, conflict with another hero, or if those abilities are simply redundant to the ones you already have.

BlueStacks' Guide To Heroes in Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG

Whenever a player ranks up their hero, the unit also gains an additional ability. At rank 2 and higher, players can choose from two abilities, which they can change freely later on. When choosing between the options, prioritize the ability that maximizes what your team generally accomplishes. Most heroes have the option of increasing their individual power, but for units that play a utility role in your team, you might want to consider an ability that benefits the overall team instead.

Gear and Halidoms

Gear is the primary way of getting more stats in the game. Every character can equip six different types of gear (2 weapons and 4 armor). There’s no limitation to what type of gear a hero can equip, so all your characters can essentially wear the same items. However, not every item has the same stats included, especially since epic-quality items or higher have bonus stats that can aid your hero in gaining that much-needed offensive or defensive capabilities.

BlueStacks' Guide To Heroes in Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG

Halidoms are also a type of gear that gives a huge boost in stats. Halidoms also come in different qualities and types. Unlike regular gear, halidoms can be upgraded further, so that their provided bonus stats also increase. These pieces of gear are extremely hard to upgrade, but they are well worth it because they give percentage bonuses instead of a default amount, so the potency of the stat increases alongside the hero’s stats.