Battle Night: Cyberpunk may be a simple idle RPG, but the amount of things you can do to influence the outcome of a fight are so numerous that you could literally be playing the battles yourself. Before sending your heroes to a fight blindly, there’s no reason not to understand everything there is to know about how advanced mechanics affect how your combat efficiency. After all, levels and rarity aren’t the only two factors that affect which team will win the fight in this strategy-based idle RPG.

Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG An In-depth Guide to Combat

The combat system itself doesn’t have anything that the player can control aside from the animation speed, which doesn’t have any effect on the fight at all. The best way to ensure that your heroes beat someone with a team that has either equal or higher average level than you is to make sure that you have a better team composition or stat distribution than them. Here are the different ways you can do those things or at least learn why they are important in maintaining a strong team.

The Starting Lineup

The starting lineup is arguably the most important part of the preparation stage as it allows you to maximize the combat efficiency of your team. There are two important parts that are adjusted in your starting lineup, which are damage output and survivability. If you’ve read our Battle Night Heroes Guide, you’ll know that each unit has a role in a team. By changing the characters you have in your team according to their role, you can balance out damage output and survivability to the point that you can conquer any challenge.

Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG An In-depth Guide to Combat

The ideal lineup in the game is having 1-2 Bastions, 1-3 Warriors, 1-2 Assassins, and 1-3 Spirits. Obviously, there’s no definite number on which ones you can place since a hero’s role doesn’t really indicate what kind of stats they have. So theoretically, you could place Warriors as front liners with one Bastion. Placements are also important. Putting the unit with the lowest health at the very back of the team and the ones with the highest defenses at the front is a good general rule to follow.

Understanding Stats

Attack and defense aren’t the only stats in the game. In fact, there are some more stats in this game that are arguably more important than the two we’ve been mentioning so far. When you look at a character’s attribute tab, you’ll see all of the stats that you can upgrade by equipping items or halidoms. There are two types of stats in the game which are the innate primary stats and the secondary ones, which can only be acquired by equipping high quality items or halidoms.

Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG An In-depth Guide to Combat

One of the most important stats in the game is Speed because this allows the player to perform actions first. A character with the highest damage in the game is useless if they are assassinated before they can do anything. Crit Rate and Crit Damage are the most important stat for damage dealers like Assassins and Spirits so they can one-shot enemy units. Defensive stats like tenacity and dodge are also good for your most important DPS units since you want them to stay on the field as long as possible.

Camp Synergy

Camps are the classification on which groups specific characters belong to. Camps don’t just affect the aesthetics of a specific character because they also contain bonuses depending on whether you have 2, 4, or 6 heroes from the same camp on a team. Naturally, the more heroes you have from a single camp, the better the bonuses are awarded to the player in terms of stat bonuses or even combat passives that can be really gamebreaking depending on the team you’re running.

Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG An In-depth Guide to Combat

If you already haven’t noticed, camp synergies are ridiculously strong. Running a team that has 1 or less camp synergy (that isn’t at least 4 or 6 strong) is extremely weak. Players that don’t spend money or don’t have the time to farm for Hire Coins don’t have the luxury of switching up the heroes in their lineup aside from the ones they already have but even so, they should still strive to get at least 2 different camp synergies in their team. However, don’t sacrifice having to place a low quality champion just to force the camp synergy.

Equipping For Battle

Gear is always the biggest contributor to your character’s stats. Specifically, epic items and higher are the most important pieces of equipment in the game because they contain secondary stats that can really help your character out. Having gear with as many secondary stats as possible increases your combat capabilities by a lot because these stats can’t be found anywhere else. You can get gear by progressing in the main campaign or by crafting them at Kato’s Garage using blueprints that you get.

Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG An In-depth Guide to Combat

One thing that players don’t do is matching items to the right hero. To determine which items go to specific heroes, take a look at which stats those give. If the item primarily has defensive secondary stats and doesn’t have any offensive contribution, giving that item to a frontline tank will yield the best benefits. Inversely, items with a lot of offensive stats or those that have dodge might fit well with your most powerful backline attacker.

Check the Abilities

One thing that players don’t really do often is read their heroes’ abilities. Hero abilities are very volatile because some abilities are good while others are simply absolutely useless no matter what the situation is. However, beginners often judge a character’s usefulness according to their quality and sometimes, through their aesthetics. Most characters are judged in the tier list according to their abilities so pay attention to that whenever you get a new character.

Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG An In-depth Guide to Combat

Choose to place heroes in a team that have complementing skills and abilities. If you have a hero that gives a buff to the team, there’s no need to place another hero that has the same ability as it might become redundant. Abilities are stackable so you don’t have to worry about that. Although, you should choose which abilities you should place because there are always two options that you can assign.