BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA vs PUBG Mobile has been a very exciting debate for some time now. Even though some players might argue that they are the same game, there are some differences that distinguish both the games from each other. These differences do not revolve around the basic structure or the mechanics of the game but are definitely differences that players will notice on playing the game. It is as entertaining and fun to play as it was before, and the developers have done a good job in keeping that intact. The changes that have been made to the game are specific for the Indian audience. 

BlueStacks Guide to Differences Between PUBG Mobile and BGMI

On playing the game on the BlueStacks Emulator, we realized that these differences do not change the way the game is played or perceived. In this guide, we will go over such changes that Battlegrounds Mobile India brings to the table in comparison to PUBG Mobile. The emergence of Battlegrounds Mobile India, popularly known as BGMI, was the result of the ban that PUBG faced in India. 

BlueStacks Guide to Differences Between PUBG Mobile and BGMI

Keeping in mind the regulations, the developers came up with a version that will sit right with everyone. Here are the differences between BGMI and PUBG Mobile. 

1. Color of Blood During Fights

It is a known fact that the color of human blood is red. Whenever you take a fight in PUBG Mobile, for every bullet that hits your opponent, the red mark can be seen you can see that the bullet hit because of that. You can always change that in the settings, but the default color is red. This is not the case in BGMI. There is no option for players to put the color of the blood as red. The default color is green, and the effect of the bullet hitting the enemy is also different. It has a very uncanny resemblance to feathers. Players can toggle between other colors like Yellow, but red is not one of the options in the game.

2. Limitations

Battlegrounds Mobile India brings in some limitations for players who are below the age of 18. All the players below the age of 18 need to have parental advisory to play the game. These players need to add their parents’ numbers to the database of the game and can only play the game for 3 hours in a day. If the time limit exceeds, then an alert will be sent to the registered mobile number. 

BlueStacks Guide to Differences Between PUBG Mobile and BGMI

The in-app purchases have also been restricted by the developers for players below the age of 18. It has been capped at INR 7,000 per day. These limitations were never seen in PUBG Mobile. There is also an announcement at the start of every match stating that it is not a real-world and the game is set in a virtual world. This announcement or reminder can not be turned off. 

3. Verification

Players can only play the game after logging in from the phone. There is an OTP verification added to the log-in page of the game, where a player needs to enter the OTP in order to access the account. There will be three chances given to the players to enter the code, after which it will get invalidated. The code will be valid for 5 minutes and will expire after that. Players can choose to receive only 10 OTPs, after which the request will be banned for 24 hours. A maximum of 10 accounts can be registered with one number. 

BlueStacks Guide to Differences Between PUBG Mobile and BGMI

This is not the case with PUBG Mobile. It does not ask for any phone number or OTP. Players are able to create as many accounts as they want in PUBG Mobile without any restrictions. 

4. India-Exclusive Game

PUBG Mobile is a global game, with a number of countries having a version of their own. However, players from all across the globe can play those versions. That is not the case with BGMI. The game is India-exclusive. This means that only Indian players can play the game. 

BlueStacks Guide to Differences Between PUBG Mobile and BGMI

The competition will be internal and national. India was a big base for the developers, and making an exclusive game was not a bad idea. PUBG Mobile had multiple servers, BGMI does not have that. All the players in the lobby and in the community will be for people living in India. 

5. Exclusive Tournaments

PUBG tournaments were and still are a global phenomenon. However, with BGMI, there will be multiple exclusive tournaments for the up and coming players from India. These tournaments will start taking place from the grass-root level and will be based on registrations. 

BlueStacks Guide to Differences Between PUBG Mobile and BGMI

Every player can participate in these tournaments, and one does not have to be an esports player to be a part of the tournament conducted by the makers of the game. Some tournaments have already started taking place and some will take place within due time. 

6. Multiple Rewards

Battlegrounds Mobile India came with a lot of hype and rewards for the players. PUBG Mobile had a login reward system, but that was very minimalist. In BGMI, players can get outfits and gun skins. The game rewarded every player with something when the game completed 1 million, 5 million and 10 million downloads. These rewards are not permanent and not time bound. This means that players can keep enjoying the rewards till the end of time. This was not seen in PUBG Mobile and big rewards could only be unlocked in crates or by spending UC. 

BlueStacks Guide to Differences Between PUBG Mobile and BGMI

These were all the major differences between Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile. The differences might not seem very drastic, and they are not, but they do change the experience of playing a little. This does not mean that the game is not fun to play anymore. It is the same game, just an exclusive version of the famous PUBG Mobile. The competition is still the same, maybe even more fierce. It is still very fast-paced and rewards players with skills and understanding of the game. If you want to know about the best guns in PUBG Mobile, then this guide might help.