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Leveling Guide For Blades Tale Game: Get Those Experience Points Faster

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Reaching the last level in Blades Tale game can take quite some time – depending on your play style, you may have to grind for months. Your goal should be completing the leveling process as soon as possible, because like all the other action MMOs, the game really “starts” at the final level. Well, we can give some tips and tricks to speed up your leveling: You don’t actually need to play Blades Tale for that long.

Leveling Guide For Blades Tale Game: Get Those Experience Points Faster

Start By Picking The Right Blades Tale Class

Fast leveling requires picking the right class before anything else. As we mentioned in our review, Blades Tale has four classes but only two of them are suitable for speed leveling. We are looking for a class that is able to kill multiple enemies at the same time: Each enemy will give an XP point and the more we kill, the faster we level. Let’s start with the rogue: It has the highest single target damage so you can one-shot most of your targets. However, you still need to kill them one by one, so it is not efficient enough. Archer has some AOE skills but requires constant kiting, which will decrease the time required to kill.

Leveling Guide For Blades Tale Game: Get Those Experience Points Faster

Rogues look cool but they are not good for fast leveling.

The only remaining classes are the warrior and the “umbrella” guy: Both have access to AOE skills and their health/defense points are high enough. This makes them the best classes for speed leveling, so you should start with one of them. Note that if you like the playstyle of rogue or archer, you can still instantly switch to one of these classes when you hit the last level: We explained how you can do this in our combat guide. So pick warrior or the umbrella guy until you reach the final level, then pick another class – you don’t need to start from scratch.

Leveling Guide For Blades Tale Game: Get Those Experience Points Faster

You can be any class you want just by equipping a different weapon.

Complete All Quests And Side-Missions

Most of the players prefer grinding instead of doing quests, and they have a point: In general, killing the enemies over and over give more XP points than following the story missions. Blades Tale game, however, is a little different: This time, you can get really big XP points for doing quests. Up until you reach level 20, even a single quest can upgrade you to a whole new level, and most of the missions require “talking” to some NPCs only. Sure, they get harder and start to take longer once you reach mid-game phase, but following the main story will be the fastest method to level up at the beginning. Moreover, you will get lots of “welcome” gifts, which will increase your CP (combat power). So, don’t just activate auto-combat and hope for the best: Until you hit level 20 – 30, keep following the main story and complete all quests.

Leveling Guide For Blades Tale Game: Get Those Experience Points Faster

Talking to this NPC will fill the XP bar – much better and faster than killing hordes of enemies.

Play Blades Tale on BlueStacks

Don’t waste time by searching for the quest location: Clicking on it will automatically move your character. In fact, if you activate the auto-combat feature too, your hero will do everything else by itself. You can increase its combat efficiency by using the Combo Key feature of BlueStacks and creating action chains for different skills – we explained how you can do this in our setup guide. And speaking of auto-combat…

To Activate Auto-Combat Or Not

Yes, activating the auto-combat feature is useful: Basically, your hero will attack all the nearest enemies by itself and keep collecting the XP points. You don’t need to do a single thing, so it is a good way of reducing the grind. However, it is not an efficient method for leveling for a couple of reasons:

  • You will out-level the mobs too fast. In 10 – 15 minutes, you will out-level all the mobs near you. This means killing them automatically won’t be that rewarding: You will get much fewer XP points, and if you insist staying in the same are, you will get “0” points pretty soon. So, you must change zones on a constant basis, which eliminates the advantage of auto-combat. This is not a “fire-and-forget” method, you still need to take care of your characters.

Leveling Guide For Blades Tale Game: Get Those Experience Points Faster

These guys will start to give much less XP points pretty soon.

  • You will spend too much time to find the best spot. Unlike Dark III and Goddess Primal Chaos, the world of Blades Tale game is not filled with monsters. Most of the maps are pretty peaceful and does not contain any enemy at all. This is a hub-based action MMO: You get the task, teleport to a zone filled with enemies, kill them all, and return back. Maps with lots of enemies are quite rare and difficult to find.

While auto-combat is useful, you should use it at the last level, to farm new items. This feature is built for this reason: ıf you are looking for a particular item, turn this feature on and leave your hero alone. When you return back, he will probably have that item. But for leveling, it is not fast and effective enough: Following the main story missions will let you gain XP points faster.

Leveling Guide For Blades Tale Game: Get Those Experience Points Faster

Yes, we are awesome. Now give us the XP little lady.

Well, since you are leveling with a much faster pace now, you may want to take a look at our other Blades Tale guides – they contain lots of useful information that will help you. We have a couple of levels left to gain, so we are returning to the game. Join us on BlueStacks and let’s level up together!

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