The Combat Guide For Blades Tale: Become The Ultimate Fighter

The Combat Guide For Blades Tale: Become...

Like all other action MMO games, Blades Tale game requires grinding too: This means you must kill the same enemies over and over in order to complete the quests and level up. You can decrease the grinding by learning how to kill your enemies “efficiently”: Doing so will require understanding how the combat system of the game works. And this will be our goal in this article: Below, you can find all the information you need to become the ultimate fighter.

The Combat Guide For Blades Tale: Become The Ultimate Fighter

What Is Combat Power?

Your combat efficiency has a real value and it is called CP (combat power). It is shown at the bottom of your character portrait and defines how “strong” you really are. Your goal is increasing the CP value as high as possible if you want to kill your enemies faster.

The Combat Guide For Blades Tale: Become The Ultimate Fighter

Our CP is only 131 – basically, our attacks are as effective as wet towels.

There are several ways of increasing our CP, and leveling is the first one. Once you gain a level, your combat power will improve, simple. However, this is not the only method of doing it. The majority of your CP will come from equipment, especially at later levels. The rarer an equipment is; the higher CP it will provide. This is the most common feature of all action MMOs: You will keep hunting for “shiny” things no matter what your level is. Even if you are at the last level, you must still look for better items to increase your CP.

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The Combat Guide For Blades Tale: Become The Ultimate Fighter

The marked area shows how many CP points you will get from that equipment. Since these are basic items, we get none.

You also get CP from mounts, guardians, and even pets, but rare equipment is the way to go. New shiny items will improve your combat power the most, so you should focus on them.

Upgrade Your Skills

As we mentioned in our review, your heroes can use 4 special skills on the battlefield. However, this does not mean that they only have access to 4 skills. In fact, each of your heroes can pick from six different abilities and four different passive skills. And every one of these can be upgraded. Picking the right skill will make the fights easier, and upgrading them will increase your CP. So, after gaining a level, open the “Skills” screen and distribute upgrade points accordingly.

The Combat Guide For Blades Tale: Become The Ultimate Fighter

From the top, you can pick 4 skills to use on the battlefield. The abilities at the bottom are passive, which means they are always in effect. Once you reach level 31, all of your skills will be unlocked. Experiment with different combinations and remember that you can create a Combo Key with your favorite ones.

Change Your Blades Tale Class Instantly

One of the unique features of Blades Tale game is that it allows you to change your class without creating a new one. Sure, you can try all four Blades Tale classes and play with them at the same time with our Multi-Instance feature, but if you don’t have enough time, you can try different game styles even with a single character. Doing this is very simple: Open your inventory and equip a different weapon. For example, if you started as a warrior, you can instantly transform into an “umbrella guy” by equipping the umbrella. You will keep your current level, so there is no need to grind from scratch.

The Combat Guide For Blades Tale: Become The Ultimate Fighter

We have a big sword and we are proud of being a warrior. But wait, is that an umbrella?

The Combat Guide For Blades Tale: Become The Ultimate Fighter

By equipping the umbrella, we have become the umbrella guy. We are still proud.

This instant class change feature is more useful than you think: When facing a single enemy, you can transform into a rogue and start to hit much harder, for example. The thing is, we still recommend sticking to a single class. Because while you will be getting the skillset of that class, you won’t be getting all the equipment. Which means your new class will be less effective than the original one with all the items.

Increasing CP is the key to becoming the ultimate fighter: Until the end-game, you will increase your CP by leveling up. And once you reach the last level, you will start hunting better equipment to further increase your combat power. This is a journey with no end and that’s why it is called “grinding”: You can play the game for years and there will still be shinier things to collect. Take a look at our Tips Tricks article too, as it contains more information about the ways of reducing the grind. See you on the battlefield: This will be a long but exciting adventure!

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