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Bleach: Immortal Soul on PC – Team Formation Guide

The truly fun part about any gacha game is the strategy and thought that goes into team compositions. You can have the best heroes in the game on your side, but if you don’t know how to harness their potential or how to upgrade them, your account will underperform in both PvP and PvE.

Bleach: Immortal Soul on PC – Team Formation Guide

Given the scarcity of information on Bleach, many people tend to believe that their account is as strong as the overall power number displayed on the home screen. However, this is not the case. It’s understandable that such a confusion might occur, given how mobile RPGs use this number nowadays.

To avoid such misunderstandings that might lead you to believe your line-up is much stronger than it actually is, just read on to find out what makes the perfect Bleach: Immortal Soul team.

How Power Works in Bleach: Immortal Soul

Unlike most RPGs on the app store, Bleach’s power number works slightly different. Instead of providing you with a gauge of what your line-up can do, power is a reflection of your account’s potential. Basically, it reflects the total strength of your entire hero pool, including those heroes that are not used in any lineups. It doesn’t matter what level they are or what you might be using them for.

Bleach: Immortal Soul on PC – Team Formation Guide

Once you go in your character screen, you can click on any unit and view its power score under the name and rarity. That’s what the home screen total is made of, but also the number that’s used for the event where you can acquire Kenpachi. Whenever you feel that you might not make one of the milestones here, you should consider distributing some resources around to ensure that everyone is levelled evenly.

Bleach: Immortal Soul on PC – Team Formation Guide

The problem with this strategy is that it takes resources away from your main team. What this means for the mid and late game is that your progression is going to be slower for it. Which brings us to our next point: The number you actually want to focus on is your formation combat power (CP).

Improving Formation CP

There are several things that impact your formation CP and knowing them will prepare you to tackle more difficult content down the line. The first one is character placement. While many people believe that it doesn’t matter where you have your characters – it turns out that it does.

Bleach: Immortal Soul on PC – Team Formation Guide

For instance, if you take Ichigo, who is an Attacker, and place him on the frontline, your power will actually go down. Whether a position choice is good or bad is directly linked to a character’s skill set, so you’ll have to experiment a little and try to find a good position for each unit depending on their role.

Play Bleach: Immortal Soul on PC

Another thing that has the potential to either upgrade or downgrade your formation CP are soul effects. As you can see, we have Black Tortoise and White Tiger. In this instance, this means our entire party gains a 3% boost to overall DPS, as well as a 3% reduction to received damage, which is great.

Bleach: Immortal Soul on PC – Team Formation Guide

Naturally, if you have more characters of a specific soul type, you can unlock higher tier bonuses. These tend to be really important in Elite Mode and Battle Arena, so make sure you pay attention to what each encounter requires and try to adjust your composition to either kill things faster, be more resilient, accurate, or crit more often.

Bleach: Immortal Soul Team Formation Synergy and Battle Plan

The next important aspect about team building is skill synergy. What we mean by this is how well each unit’s skills complement/enhance one another. For example, our Komamura’s Tanken Slice has a chance of stunning attack characters. Matsumoto, one of our other tanks, can Silence enemy characters with her Growl and Nekorinbu.

Bleach: Immortal Soul on PC – Team Formation Guide

If you put the two together, you get a really powerful dynamic duo for PvP purposes. With a bit of luck, you’ll be able to land disabling effects one after another, even more so if Chad is also there with them.

Another great example is Rukia. Her 4-star Inspire skill gives male allies a 15% bonus to their attack and critical chance. To maximize the potential of this ability, you should pair her up only with male DPS.

Lastly, there are a lot of buffs that can stack up with one another. For example, Rukia’s Niju increases her crit chance by 20%. If you want her to be a monster, just make sure you also have Uryu in your lineup, since his Light Regen further increases everyone’s crit chance.

Bleach: Immortal Soul on PC – Team Formation Guide

The idea is that mashing buttons is never a sound strategy, especially if you’re trying to complete difficult content. To illustrate this, auto-combat will never match the effectiveness of your lineup when you carefully plan each decision.

In a boss fight, you’ll want to use Uryu first, as he will increase everyone else’s crit chance and (on average) the DPS of your party. If you’ve got anyone else that can buff attack or crit chance, they should come next. Then, at the end of your rotation, you should come in with an Orihime and make sure that everyone is topped up to withstand the next round of beating.

Become the Strongest Shinigami with BlueStacks

As you can tell, there is much more to Bleach than meets the eye. Like all good gachas, hard content takes a good amount of strategy and careful planning in order to complete, especially for players who are F2P. However, as we’ve seen throughout this guide, there are a few basic team formation rules you can follow in order to increase your odds of winning.

Bleach: Immortal Soul on PC – Team Formation Guide

If you play Bleach: Immortal Soul on PC with BlueStacks, you can force your luck a bit by rerolling. If you ask us, this is absolutely worth it, especially since the process is quite straightforward with the emulator and you don’t have to waste a lot of time doing it. In the late game, having the right heroes will often prove to be instrumental towards winning those clutch fights.

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