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BLEACH Mobile 3D on PC: How to Upgrade Your Characters Quickly

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In Bleach Mobile 3D, your main team is made up of 3 Soul Reaper Agents whose level and Spiritual Pressure (or CP, if you will) determine how far you can make it in the game at any given time. Of course, certain characters are better at different game modes than others, which means that, later on, you’ll need multiple teams to stay competitive. To begin with, however, you should focus all of your resources on just three main agents.

BLEACH Mobile 3D on PC: How to Upgrade Your Characters Quickly

Unlike in other mobile RPGs, upgrade materials are very scarce in Bleach Mobile 3D. Even levelling your heroes can take a great deal of time, not to mention improving their quality or skills. Once you hit the first progression wall at around level 35, you’ll have to take a good, hard look at your team and determine whether any improvements can be made right away. We’ve put together the guide below so that you don’t miss any opportunity to increase your SP.

Basic Character Upgrades

By clicking the “Character” button at the bottom-right of the screen, you can enter the menu where most character upgrades are displayed. These are straightforward and quick ways to boost the SP of certain soul reapers, although you should always think twice before you spend materials this way. If you never use a character, for example, you shouldn’t waste any resources on them, despite the fact that the game will constantly tell you to do so.

Upgrade (Levelling)

The most basic character upgrade in the game, this allows you to use XP pills to increase the level of a specific soul reaper. A hero’s level determines what additional upgrades they can access, but cannot be higher than the level of your account.

BLEACH Mobile 3D on PC: How to Upgrade Your Characters Quickly


The quality of a character is indicated by the color of the background in their portrait and can range from white to green, blue, purple, and yellow. To improve this attribute, you need a combination of Shuriken (also white, green, blue, etc), Divine Shields, and Silver. A white character will require one quality upgrade (using White Shuriken) before they are able to have a “breakthrough” to green (using White Divine Shields). A green character will need 2 quality upgrades before a breakthrough, a blue character will need 3, and so on. Each color switch brings a significant boost to all stats and the agent’s overall SP, but the more you increase this attribute, the more expensive it becomes.

BLEACH Mobile 3D on PC: How to Upgrade Your Characters Quickly


When you “Advance” a soul reaper, you essentially increase their Rank, which offers a minor boost to stats and SP, as well as access to additional upgrades. Characters that have reached Rank 3, for example, unlock special Weapon Skills, whereas those that are upgraded to Rank 4 and 6, respectively, earn the ability to form more bonds.

BLEACH Mobile 3D on PC: How to Upgrade Your Characters Quickly

Weapon Skills and Passives

The image of two crossed swords that appears next to a soul reaper’s name in the character menu takes you to the Weapon Skills tab, but only once the agent has reached Rank 3. Here, you can view and improve their main weapon skill – which functions like an ultimate in combat – using skill XP books.

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BLEACH Mobile 3D on PC: How to Upgrade Your Characters Quickly

Each character can also unlock 3 passive weapon skills as their level increases. These are not predetermined passives, but rather open slots where you can insert passive skill scrolls for specific buffs. The Pierce scroll, for example, increase your character Pierce rating and thus improves their overall DPS.

Character Bonds

In the “Attribute” tab of the character menu, you can go to the right side of the screen and click on “Bound” in order to discover which other reaper agents go well with this specific hero. Our Mayuri Kurotsuchi, for example, can establish advantageous bonds with Uryu Ishida, Sajin Komamura, Kisuke Urahara, and Nemu Kurotsuchi. Some bonds, such as the ones that improve ATK, are more useful than others and should be prioritized in the ideal situation where more than 3 of these characters are available.

BLEACH Mobile 3D on PC: How to Upgrade Your Characters Quickly

To establish a bond, you must exit the character menu and click “Deploy” on the main screen. On the right-hand side, you will find the “Bound” tab, which will take you to a screen where you can slot bound characters for your main team. Only one character can be bound to begin with, but the number goes up to 3 once the soul reaper you are trying to upgrade reaches level 60 and rank 8.

Character Gear

Gear is fairly straightforward in Bleach Mobile 3D. As you quest and complete more dungeons, you find various items that can be equipped by your main soul reaper. Like the heroes themselves, these items can come in different qualities, from white to green, blue, purple, and yellow.

Furthermore, you can upgrade each item using Silver – the basic currency in the game – to improve its stats and make a small contribution to the character’s SP. Once all 6 items hit level 10, 20, 30, and so on, the character gains additional stat and SP bonuses that are significantly higher than any one piece can offer. As such, it’s a good idea to distribute these upgrades evenly across all 6 item slots.

BLEACH Mobile 3D on PC: How to Upgrade Your Characters Quickly

Unfortunately, the gear system does not function like in many other mobile RPGs where upgrades are applied to the slot, rather than a single, specific item. In Bleach Mobile 3D, you can only upgrade items, which means that the Silver you spend will eventually go to waste once you switch to better gear. Nevertheless, it is more than necessary to keep your gear levelled because, otherwise, you’ll find it increasingly difficult to progress through the campaign dungeons.

BLEACH Mobile 3D on PC: How to Upgrade Your Characters Quickly

As you continue to level your account, even more character upgrades will become available, although most of them will take considerably more time to complete. The most important lesson to take from this is that you have to settle on a trio of decent characters from the very beginning and focus on them alone. Character improvement is extremely expensive in this game so you’ll sorely regret it if you waste your initial resources on soul reapers you won’t ever use in actual combat.

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