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BLEACH Mobile 3D on PC: The Complete Combat Guide for Beginners

Bleach Mobile 3D features the exciting story of an actual Soul Reaper Agent, but you’ll spend most of your time in this game fighting monsters, rather than reading dialogue. In fact, although the Autoplay function is better than in most mobile RPGs, you won’t get far in the campaign if you don’t learn how to properly control your characters during combat.

BLEACH Mobile 3D on PC: The Complete Combat Guide for Beginners

Whether you prefer to slash through dozens of mobs at a time or you’re a fan of strategic 1 on 1 PvP battles, you still have to get accustomed to the game’s combat system before you can make a name for yourself. Worry not, however: we’ve got you covered. This BlueStacks guide will run you through the basics of team composition and teach you everything you need to know in order to use your characters effectively in combat.

Team Building and Synergies

In Bleach Mobile 3D, your team consists of 3 different Soul Reapers – one main and two assists. In addition, each team member can form bonds with another 3 agents, although you’ll have to take a look at our guide to character upgrades to find out more about this aspect of team building. Bonded heroes do not participate in combat directly, but they do offer significant benefits in the form of attack, defense, and HP boosts.

BLEACH Mobile 3D on PC: The Complete Combat Guide for Beginners

During a battle, you control a single Soul Reaper, which is usually the character you select as your main. Throughout the early game, only your main hero can equip gear so it makes sense to use him or her for most fights. However, it is also possible to switch your active character with one of their assists. You don’t generally want to do this, especially during easier battles, but the switch might become necessary when your main is countered by most of the monsters ahead of you.

Like in other mobile RPGs, Soul Reapers in Bleach Mobile 3D come in several types, including Strength (Yellow), Agility (Purple), and Skill (Green). Strength is good against Agility, but performs poorly against Skill, Agility is better against Skill, but weak against Strength, while Skill is good against Strength, but weak against Agility. Using the right type of character can increase his or her proficiency in combat by 15%, whereas being countered by monsters can decrease it by the same amount.

BLEACH Mobile 3D on PC: The Complete Combat Guide for Beginners

This is why your first priority should be to find and upgrade a decent Soul Reaper for each type. That way, you can use the same team for most PvE encounters and simply switch between characters when the situations calls for it. Later on, you’ll also discover another 3 types: Unique (Red) > Great (Blue) > Final (Orange). These function in a similar manner to the first 3, but shouldn’t concern you to begin with.

Abilities and Ultimates

A Soul Reaper has three basic abilities – an Auto-Attack function, as well as two unique Skills. The latter are usually AoE damage-dealing abilities, although some heroes might also have the possibility to CC opponents (which makes them highly valuable in PvP). These abilities should generally be cast on cooldown since they don’t take a very long time to recharge.

BLEACH Mobile 3D on PC: The Complete Combat Guide for Beginners

In addition, each character has an Ultimate that essentially puts them in an empowered state. Ultimates may have slightly different effects, but what they all have in common is that they replace the character’s basic abilities into significantly better ones. A Soul Reaper’s Auto-Attack might deal AoE, rather than single-target damage, for example, while their two skills gain the potential to CC and deal more DPS.

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As you start a battle, you’ll also notice that the two portraits of your assists appear on the right-hand side of the screen, where your abilities are. Each of these can be clicked to order an assisting character to cast their special skill. To inspect what exactly this skill is for each Soul Reaper, you can go to their Character Screen > Attribute > Skill > Assist Skill.

BLEACH Mobile 3D on PC: The Complete Combat Guide for Beginners

Some characters will deal damage, while others will also apply Blind or other CCs. When you put together a team, it’s important to consider whether your main character might be able to benefit more from a specific assist skill. For example, some Soul Reapers might deal more damage to disabled enemies, which means that they are best paired with assists that can CC.

Perfect Positioning and Kill Priorities

Combat in Bleach Mobile 3D is fluid in that your character can move around unhindered, while enemies tend to follow him or her around without much consideration for AoE damage. You can use this to your advantage by lining up your enemies before you activate your AoE skills. The latter can work in a cone, line, or all around the character, so it’s important to understand the pattern and position yourself accordingly.

BLEACH Mobile 3D on PC: The Complete Combat Guide for Beginners

Of course, the same holds true when it comes to your enemies’ abilities. You can avoid a lot of damage if you simply dodge or move out of the way of timed AoEs. If you find that it’s too difficult to stay safe, the best solution is to start playing Bleach Mobile 3D on your PC with BlueStacks, which will give you much more control over your character and a large screen to boot.

Furthermore, you’ll notice that some enemies behave differently than most. For example, the most difficult boss fights will usually include a number of healer adds that can slow you down considerably if left alive. Getting a 3-star victory on a campaign level means that you have to finish the battle in a limited amount of time, so it’s essential that you get rid of pesky healers spawning on the back-line.

BLEACH Mobile 3D on PC: The Complete Combat Guide for Beginners

Similarly, some adds are ranged, which means that your AoE abilities won’t reach them if you focus solely on the boss itself. Although letting them live won’t necessarily slow down your victory, their DPS might gradually bring you down under 50% HP, which is another condition that you have to fulfil for a 3-star win. Even though it might be a pain to switch targets, this will help you save on health and ultimately obtain a better victory.

BLEACH Mobile 3D on PC: The Complete Combat Guide for Beginners

All in all, you’ll learn most about combat in Bleach Mobile 3D by playing the game and defeating monsters. With these tricks up your sleeve, however, you’ll have an easier time than most and you’ll even be able to take on campaign levels that are out of range of your SP. Before you know it, you’ll have a great collection of soul reapers and dozens of different game modes to compete it.

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