Mods are now part of the CoD Mobile battle Royale and there is no getting around it. So why not decode them instead so that players can actually understand them. In this Call of Duty: Mobile guide you will be going over ten mods that can be added in the BR games.

1.Sleuth Mod

At number 10 you have the sleuth mod. Some players might be surprised at why it was placed, a golden mod in rank 10. The thing is, just because it’s a golden mod doesn’t mean it’s the best. There are 2 glitches with this mod and both of them make it much stronger. This mod reveals the location of the enemies when you damage them. It highlights the enemies with a red outline which lasts for 2 seconds. 

Call of Duty Mobile Mods Guide, Explaining the Best Mods with BR Tips

The first glitch with this mod is actually pretty useful in-game. If you check the details in-game, it says that it will reveal the enemy location on the mini map for 5 seconds. However, because of the glitch it actually reveals it for 10 seconds. The second glitch will blow your mind because it can grant you a legal wall hack. So, if you have the sleuth mod equipped to your gun and then use that gun to destroy the traps that were deployed by the enemy you will be able to reveal his location for the entire game. 

That means not only they will always be highlighted in red but also their location will always be exposed on the mini map. This glitch works on any class that’s deployable like the zombie class or airborne or defender and so on. You can mark as many enemies as you want as long as you destroy their classes using the sleuth mod. If you destroy the drone of an enemy then you’ll be able to see both of their locations on the map for the entire game until they die. You will be able to see them inside buildings, behind rocks and even when they’re prone on the grass. For now this mod is actually broken.

2.Muffled Mod

At number 9 you have the muffled mod. This mod will hide your gun shots from the enemies’ mini map and the compass. This mod works at any distance and is mostly useful for mid to long range fights. That’s because in CoD Mobile BR, at close range even though your shots are hidden from the map and compass, the enemy can still hear you and locate you easily.

3.Extended Mods

At number 8 you have the Extended Mods. This mod has 2 functions; it increases the mag capacity and reduces the reload time. In total there are 5 versions of Extended Mods in CoD Mobile. The Golden Extend mod, which is also known as the void mod, has the highest mag increase and the fastest reload time. That comes attached with a price. Every time you reload the mag, any remaining ammo will be discarded. To make matters even worse, there is a glitch that comes with this mod. Instead of discarding the remaining ammo this mod will discard bullets equal to the mag capacity. 

Call of Duty Mobile Mods Guide, Explaining the Best Mods with BR Tips

For example, you have an AK-47 with 60 bullets mag attached with the mod and you shoot 27 bullets and are left with 33. After you reload with this mod, it will discard 60 bullets instead of 33 bullets. So avoid using the void mod, otherwise you’ll run out of ammo before you can even finish off a squad. This is especially true for players who are addicted to reloading.

4.Slider Mod

At number 7 you have another golden mod which is the slider mod. This mod slightly increases the accuracy and also significantly increases your movement speed. It also reloads 1 bullet in the mag everytime you slide. That’s not all, because the game just forgot to mention that this mod increases your slide duration or distance as well. If you slide in CoD Mobile without using the slider mod, your slide will be 4 meters long. 

Call of Duty Mobile Mods Guide, Explaining the Best Mods with BR Tips

Once you attach this mod, the slide distance will increase by 1 meter making it 5 meters in total. This mod is perfect for shotguns. If you keep sliding, it will keep reloading one bullet in the gun. At the same time your slides will be longer, therefore, making it harder for the enemy to hit you.

5.Longshot Mod

At number 6 you have the long shot mod. As most of you know, many weapons start losing their damage at long ranges. This mod will increase the range of your gun, which means it will have higher damage at long distances. Something weird about this mod is that in the lobby before the game starts you will find 4 versions of it. In the actual game however, you will only find the purple one most of the time if not all. It could be that the devs of CoD Mobile forgot to add the other versions or they may come at a later update. 

Call of Duty Mobile Mods Guide, Explaining the Best Mods with BR Tips

Without the long shot mod the AK-47 deals 14 damage. With the mod attached the AK manages to deal 19 damage. If you add up the total damage in a single mag that has a 30 bullets capacity, you will end up having an extra 150 damage. That also means that instead of killing an enemy with 11 bullets you will kill them with 8 bullets instead. It is highly suggested that you use this mod for all types of guns, including the sniper rifles. Just because they have +100 range doesn’t mean that they have maximum damage at all ranges. Even snipers have damage drop just like any other gun.

6.Runner Mod

This mod will give you a speed boost after opening and closing your scope. This boost will last for 5 seconds and then you’ll have to wait 16 seconds before using it again. The Runner mod is perfect for rushing enemies and surprising them with the boost. Don’t forget that it grants you a fixed mobility increase.

7.Flash Mod

Equipping the Flash mod to your gun is like having a mini defender shield. It’s extremely deadly at close range fights. This mod stuns the enemy once you open your scope. If and when you get stunned, you will be blind for 1 second before starting to get your vision back and it fully dissolves within 3 seconds. The stun has a limit of 15 meters, so you can’t stun enemies beyond that. The flash mod has a cooldown of 30 seconds before you can use it again.

8.Dense Mods

Now you have arrived to the top 3 mods. Starting with the dense mod, which is probably the most used mod in the game. Not only because it’s good but also because it can be found easily in every CoD Mobile BR game. This mod increases the accuracy of the gun. That includes both the ADS accuracy and the hipfire accuracy. 

Call of Duty Mobile Mods Guide, Explaining the Best Mods with BR Tips

In the game there are 4 versions of it. With the help of the Dense mod you will be able to reduce the bullet spread. The Dense mods are mostly effective at longer ranges because you will have to readjust your aim less and the bullets tend to spread more. In total, this mod will help you hit more of your shots.

9.Stabilizer Mods

In number 2 you have the Stabilizer mod. What makes this mod special in CoD Mobile is the fact that it increases both the control and accuracy of your gun. This mod comes in 4 versions and to give you an idea of how it works, take the recoil pattern of an AK-47 without the Stabilizer mod. Needless to say, the pattern will be spread all over the place because of the recoil. However, the moment you attach the stabilizer mod you will see the huge difference. Mainly the difference is in the vertical recoil which means it will be extremely easy for you to control your gun.

10.QRF Mods

The winner of CoD Mobile BR is the QRF mod. This mod is basically the Dense mod on steroids. Just like the Dense mod it also increases the ADS and hipfire accuracy of your gun. If you compare the purple Dense mod to the golden QRF mod, you will notice that the Dense mod increased the accuracy of an AK to 91 while the QRF mod increased it to a meager 81. So why is the QRF in rank 1 despite having less accuracy buff? That’s because the accuracy of the QRF mod can be increased by damaging your enemies. The more damage you deal, the higher accuracy you’ll get.

Call of Duty Mobile Mods Guide, Explaining the Best Mods with BR Tips

Sadly, there is no way to find the exact increase or the maximum accuracy limit that can be achieved by this mod. What you should know is that it makes a huge difference to your gun. So much of a difference that you can kill your enemies within 1 second of damaging them. This mod is best for SMGs, LMGs and most importantly assault rifles and perfect for solo vs squads players. Solo vs Squad players will most likely be facing 2 – 4 players at the same time. This mod will make your shots be more accurate as you knock players down.

Battle Royale Tips and Tricks

  • Platform

Let’s start off with 2 Platform tips that can help you survive the massacre that happens in this place. The first tip will allow you to get on top of the platform easily using the side zipline. Now most players would climb using the helicopter which of course works but it’s risky, slow, and sometimes you will struggle to climb up. So here is what you need to do, make sure you’re on the right side of the platform not the opposite side. 

Call of Duty Mobile Mods Guide, Explaining the Best Mods with BR Tips

After using the zipline before you reach the end of it, press the de-attach button and then the jump button right after it as fast as possible. Basically you will be able to double jump and this will allow you to climb faster, gaining the most strategical place in the platform and the high ground advantage. With this trick you will be able to avoid any traps placed by the enemy. 

The 2nd tip is pretty common these days and it takes place on the opposite side of the Platform. You can go to a secret spot in case you needed to run away or maybe surprise your enemies. This is very useful against thirsty squads as they will chase you wherever you go but they won’t expect you to be hiding nearby.

  • Finding the Arctic

If you love sniping and if you love the Arctic then there is a guaranteed way for you to get it in every single game you play. This has nothing to do with airdrops. If you go to the Sanitarium’s end and enter from the main door, you will find it to your left and it will always be there in every game. Keep in mind this trick has worked in the previous seasons and could get fixed it in the next update.

  • Helicoptering

How do you park and exit quickly without destroying the helicopter in CoD Mobile BR? It’s simple, just choose a building that isn’t too high and make sure you’re flying at full speed. Now get as close as possible to the roof of the building then click the exit button. There are many benefits to this trick. 

Call of Duty Mobile Mods Guide, Explaining the Best Mods with BR Tips

First, you get the high ground and you get to engage faster with the opponents compared to the normal landing. Also, if you land normally you will be an easy target for the enemy and they will be able to damage your helicopter or even destroy it before you land. Also, the helicopter can also act as a decoy. So when you do land like this, you will drop right where you clicked the exit button. The helicopter however will land ahead of you, therefore tricking your enemies into thinking that you’re still next to it. This will give you a chance to surprise them.

  • Outclass Defenders

Here’s an efficient way to counter Defender users. It’s more of a showoff and a bit hard to execute as it needs perfect timing. All you need is a snowboard, then just hit the jump button as soon as the enemy deploys his shield. Doing this will disable the stun coming from it. This is more of a fun trick but it’s also a bit practical.

  • Mark your Target

Instead of just sitting there waiting in the lobby before the game starts, try to search for an NA-45 sniper rifle. 

Call of Duty Mobile Mods Guide, Explaining the Best Mods with BR Tips

Now choose one of the enemies and hit him with 1 bullet only just to mark him. After boarding the plane keep checking the back side and wait until the enemy you marked jumps off the plane. That enemy will still be marked with the same bullet you shot in the lobby and he will remain like that even after he lands on the ground. This way you get a free legal wall hack.

  • Counter the Ninja

After you upgrade the Ninja class, your footsteps will be silent and your enemies won’t be able to hear you. However, there is one class that is considered the perfect counter to the Ninja class. That’s the Trickster class and even though this class isn’t popular among players, it is considered to be the best especially for BR solo vs squads games.

Call of Duty Mobile Mods Guide, Explaining the Best Mods with BR Tips

Other than the main ability which allows you to deploy decoys plus a speed buff, the Trickster’s passive called Alert allows you to hear footsteps easier. Those footsteps include the Ninja users’ footsteps. The hearing range goes up to 30 meters and you don’t have to upgrade the trickster to get the passive.