The latest, and quite possibly the last community update of Season 2: Day of Reckoning has been issued by Call of Duty Mobile. The first part of the community update is dedicated to a teaser for Season 3 of the popular mobile gaming title. 

Call of Duty Mobile Releases Season 3 Teaser in Latest Community Update

Season 3 will feature Coastal as a new map that will be debuting in the Call of Duty universe with the mobile version along with a new submachine gun rifle that resembles the PP Bizon. A new sniper rifle is also coming to the servers in Season 3. The Rivas Operator Bundle has been released in-game and is available to be purchased. 

Alcatraz has also returned in Battle Royale for a temporary period and could make a comeback as a permanent addition based on the response. The new weapon SP-R 208 will also be making its way into the game for Call of Duty Mobile enthusiasts, with the new weapon set to be available as a reward for completion of the Elite Marksmen challenge.

Call of Duty Mobile Releases Season 3 Teaser in Latest Community Update

Call of Duty Mobile also clarified on new rewards available in the recently released challenges. Rifle Steamroller challenges will have a new KN-44 Golden Talon Epic Blueprint and the Perk Prodigy Challenge has a Recon Perk that has been described as well. 

The community update has provided a clarification on the NA-45 weapon, with the developers opting not to remove the weapon. Instead, the NA-45 will be subject to balancing in the coming patches. 

The following items have also been highlighted. 

Fix Released:

  1. Invisible Phantom Skin
  2. Fast Movement Glitch
  3. Ghost – Jawbone Cape Clipping Issues
  4. Misaligned SPR Sights
  5. Random Death Cries in BR
  6. Karambit – Ruptured Steel Not Appearing
  7. NA-45 Damage Carrying Over After Respawn
  8. Unable to Switch Weapons After Using a Shield Turret
  9. Various Text Issues with Seasonal Challenges
  10. Pursuit Event Visual Error After Event Ended

Fix Scheduled:

  1. Audio Issues for Some Operators
  2. Loot Will Rarely Not Spawn in BR
  3. Store – New Item Notification
  4. Gunfight Sniper Multiple Attachments Issue
  5. Doorway Obstruction in Highrise

Under Investigation:

  1. Unable to Heal After Being Revived or When Using Self-Revive
  2. Lucky Board (ads) Missing For Some Players
  3. Slight Freeze when ADS in BR
  4. Black Screen/Crashes in BR
  5. High End IOS Devices Overheating
  6. Iron Sights Being Removed from Certain Guns in BR After Removing Other Sights
  7. Nikto – Dark Side Eyes Not Glowing
  8. Alias Clipping in BR
  9. Cryo Bomb Hitting Enemies Outside of Intended Area
  10. AS VAL Judgement Visual Issue with Operators
  11. Melee Weapons Showing Attachments Unlocking When Leveling Up
  12. Forced Wingsuit Flying
  13. Unable to Change to Secondary Weapon in SND
  14. Smoke Bomber’s Ability Inconsistently Working
  15. Facebook Avatar Reset to Default

There are more exciting things coming to the mobile screens with Season 3 of Call of Duty Mobile.