In this Call of Duty: Mobile weapon guide you will be learning about  LK24. This is an average assault rifle that is often forgotten by many players. The LK24 is very similar to KN-44 and BK57 in every aspect. It has a good damage range and low recoil, giving it sort of advantages in mid to long-range encounters. The LK24 is a well-rounded assault rifle with steady damage output, offering 4 shots to kill until around 20 meters. It has a very predictable recoil pattern, making it a solid option for mid to long-range. It also has some capability in close range, although is easily outshined by other SMGs, and faster-killing assault rifles like the ASM10 and Man-o-War. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapon Guide - It's Time to Reconsider the LK24

Compared to the KN-44, the LK24 has a similar fire rate and damage. As a result, their time to kill figures are very close. They both have good accuracy and low recoil, the only difference is KN-44 has larger vertical recoil, while LK24 has larger horizontal recoil. The LK24 is a mediocre weapon. It’s also a highly versatile weapon that can respond to various battle situations. The performance of default LK24 is not that outstanding, comparing to other popular assault rifles. However, with the right build, it can still become a viable weapon in different ways.

LK24 Weapon Stats

Now, let’s see the weapon stats first. The LK24 has an average fire rate with good accuracy and low recoil. By default, it has 30 bullets in the magazine with a fire rate of 634 rounds per minute. The default mag size is pretty standard for an assault rifle, which should be enough for the weapon. Players would appreciate more ammo these days, as most good weapons are suffering from low ammo issues. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapon Guide - It's Time to Reconsider the LK24

The quick reload time of the weapon is 1.5 seconds, and the full reload time is 2.7 seconds. Its ADS speed is 300 milliseconds, which is below the average of assault rifles. The mobility of LK24 is at the average level of assault rifles as well. The movement speed is 6.7 meters/second, and ADS movement speed is around 2.3 meters/second. The base weapon stats indicate LK24 is quite average in all aspects, it’s reloading time is very quick though. 

LK24 Damage and Range

Now let’s take a look at the damage and range of this weapon, to see how it performs in terms of time to kill in different ranges. The LK24 is a very stable assault rifle with decent damage and a good damage range. It can 4-shot kill in close to mid-range and deal good damage at longer range as well. It deals 26 damage up to 21 meters, 22 damage from 22 to 31 meters, 20 damage from 32 to 39 meters, and 18 damage from 40 meters above. The weapon has 2 standard body multipliers, a headshot deals 1.2 times normal damage. It’s time to kill figure in close range is not outstanding, compared to other powerful weapons which can 3 shots to kill, such as Man-O-War or DR-H. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapon Guide - It's Time to Reconsider the LK24

However, it has a better range cover than most assault rifles, just like KN-44. It is also a very stable weapon, with good accuracy and low recoil. In BR, due to the damage reduction from the vest, weapon damage is not consistent, it has 1 floating damage in all ranges. It deals mediocre damage at close range but is very viable at long range due to the low recoil. The effective range of LK24 is up to 40 meters, which makes it a competitive weapon in BR. However, players may face problems because the iron sight of this weapon is very unclear. Practically, LK24 is a viable assault rifle in MP due to its good stability and accuracy, even though its time to kill figure is quite average. It deals decent damage in close to mid-range, which can 4 shots kill up to 21 meters, and its recoil is easy to control. 

To rank this weapon, it has average damage, good accuracy, and average weapon mobility. The LK24 is an easy-to-use weapon thanks to its low recoil. However, since the recoil is mostly horizontal, it takes time to get used to it, so it is not recommended for beginners.

LK24 MP Loadout

In MP games, weapon mobility is most important, it determines how fast you can kill. The goal of this build is to maximize the weapon mobility of LK24, make it more useful in close-range combat. First, use the YKM Integral Suppressor Light barrel and No stock to boost weapon mobility. These two attachments can increase ADS speed by 24%, at the cost of the weapon’s accuracy and recoil control. The Stippled Grip Tape is chosen to boost weapon mobility even further. It helps with the sprint to fire delay, which is critical in close-range combat in MP. Then use the Tactical Foregrip A and the OWC Laser Tactical to redeem the loss of weapon accuracy. The tactical laser not only improves weapon accuracy, but also helps in ADS speed. It is a must-have attachment for this weapon. This is a max mobility build, let’s see how it performs against the default LK24.

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapon Guide - It's Time to Reconsider the LK24

First of all, let’s test the ADS speed. The default ADS speed is 18 frames which is 300 milliseconds. With this build, the ADS time is reduced to 12 frames. It is faster than most assault rifles, which is about the same level as SMGs. This gives the weapon a huge advantage in MP. Next, let’s compare the recoil patterns. The bullet spread accuracy of the default LK24 is not bad. It has more horizontal recoil than vertical recoil. However, the recoil pattern is simple and predictable. So it is not hard to control the recoil once you get used to this weapon. In this MP build, you will trade weapon control for better mobility, so the accuracy and recoil are worse than the default. It’s still manageable at close-range gunfight in MP. To sum up, this is a max mobility MP build, that provides the best mobility, better accuracy, and good damage. It is still the average assault rifle in MP and can be very stable and accurate if you can use it properly.

LK24 BR Loadout

Now let’s move on to the BR build. In BR games, the weapon damage range is always your first concern. The default range of LK24 was pretty good. Now you will focus on improving the damage range in this build to make it even better in range fight. To achieve that, use the Monolithic Suppressor and OWC Marksman barrel. Together, they can increase the damage range of this weapon by 60%. The default LK24 allows you to kill an enemy in a second within 21 meters. With this build, the effective range is extended to 34 meters, which is pretty good for an assault rifle. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapon Guide - It's Time to Reconsider the LK24

Next, use the MIP Strike Stock to improve weapon accuracy and flinch stability. It helps in horizontal recoil as well. In longer-range combat, weapon accuracy is usually very important. So use Granulated Grip tape and the OWC Laser Tactical to boost weapon accuracy, as well as the ADS speed. Many players complain about the iron sight of this weapon, which is very unclear. If you think it’s hard to aim, you can replace the strike stock with an optic. This is a maximum range BR build, let’s see how it performs against the default LK24.

First of all, let’s test the ADS speed. In this build, the ADS speed is exactly the same as the default 300 milliseconds, which is kind of slow in close-range combat. However, don’t worry too much about the ADS speed if you’re using this weapon mainly for a longer range. Next, let’s compare the recoil patterns. As you will see, the bullet spread accuracy is improved by this build, and the recoil is lower than the default as well. Since it has a regular low recoil, LK24 is a versatile weapon that can shoot at enemies at long distances. 

Call of Duty: Mobile Weapon Guide - It's Time to Reconsider the LK24

Last but not least, let’s check the range improvement. Over 30 meters, the damage of default LK24 dropped from 26 to 20, whereas there is no damage drop with this BR build. As most common fights in BR happen in between 10 to 30 meters, this gives the weapon a huge advantage in mid to long-range combat. The LK24 is no longer available on the ground anymore in BR, only the customized blueprint can be found in Airdrops. 

To sum up, this is a build with max damage range and better accuracy, specially designed for BR. It is a powerful weapon in the longer range, the effective range is over 60 meters with this build. This makes LK24 a viable choice in BR, even though its close-range performance wasn’t very impressive. Overall, the LK24 is quite average in terms of time to kill figures. The good stability and longer damage range are the advantages of this weapon.