Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 takes us to Japan with new Tokyo Escape Chapter

Season 3 is now upon Call of Duty mobile enthusiasts, with April 17 the chosen date for the initiation of the new season. The third season will bring with itself a whole new chapter, taking us to Japan with Tokyo Escape along with the release of a flurry of addendums to maps, weapons and more! 

Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 takes us to Japan with new Tokyo Escape Chapter

The Season 3 briefing reads,” Shepherd and Price were successful in their interrogation of Menendez: the crime lord has revealed Hidora Kai’s current location. Pack your bags for Japan.”

Tokyo Escape Battle Pass

The new chapter welcomes a brand new Battle Pass, with Free and Premium Tiers that yields new weapons, Operators, Call of Duty points, emotes, Calling Cards, Charms and other rewards as they reach and cross the designated tiers.

The Free Path has several intriguing rewards up for grabs, with a new Operator Skill called Bull Charge available at Tier 14, the new PP19 Bizon Submachine gun at Tier 21 along with other rewards like Samurai Chop Calling Card, Samurai Tuna Charm and the Severed Camo series, all of which cater to the Japan theme of the new chapter.

The Premium Path will equip players with the chance to unlock Hidora Kai – The Boss, which is the new Operator,  at Tier 1 itself. Other Premium rewards include the Type 25 – Oni, the Showdown Calling Card, the Hannya Charm, Call of Duty points, the Card Armor camo series and the Way of the Sword emote among others.

Coastal and Oasis – The new Multiplayer Maps

Players will be greeted with two brand new Multiplayer maps for season 3 – Coastal and Oasis. Oasis can previously be seen in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and is based in the midst of a desert, with a luxurious desert hotel the main catch of the map’s landscape. An operator friendly map, Oasis has open areas to enable the Operator and also facilitates tactical gameplay to an extent.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 takes us to Japan with new Tokyo Escape Chapter

Coastal on the other hand, is an exclusive map that has entered the Call of Duty universe for the first time. It was already seen in the Chinese version of the game. Based near the sea in a small town, the map is filled with close corners and corridors with hideouts and camping becoming a necessity, so to say, in the map.

Swords and Stones, Night Modes – New Multiplayer Game Modes

Swords and Stones is a new game mode that takes the name a little bit too literally, with the mode being a melee-only mode. Players spawn with only melee weapons and grenades in their Loadout. Players can get a movement and attack speed boost with every kill. The Shadow Blade Operator Skill is available in the game mode through the airdrop.

Night Modes is another stealth-based game mode that requires players to use the night vision goggles. The goggles provide night vision for a limited period of time, which the players have to utilize to hunt and kill the enemies. Once the night vision goes off, the players will have to be in stealth mode and listen to the footsteps clearly to search enemies as the goggles recharge. A point worth noting is that the players will themselves be visible as well while using the night vision goggles, thus adding that extra tinge of risk to the element of activating night vision.

The two game modes will be available in Season 3. However, a particular date of release is yet to be revealed.

New Seasonal Challenges and Rewards – Renetti, Overclock Perk and the Spotter

Seasonal Challenges will also arrive in Season 3 at some point of time. Players can earn the Overlock perk that when activated increases the time it takes to recharge the Operator Skill, helping the player to take out the designated enemy relatively easier.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 takes us to Japan with new Tokyo Escape Chapter

The Renetti will also be available as a reward in another challenge. A burst-fire handgun, Renetti can prove to be a powerful secondary weapon, especially for close combat, thus making it a potent addition to the Loadout for many.

Spotter – The New Battle Royale Class – will also arrive as part of a seasonal challenge in Season 3 called ‘Quick Hands’.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 takes us to Japan with new Tokyo Escape Chapter

Spotter is a designated anti-aircraft specialist and will prove to be a helpful support in the Battle Royale lobbies. Quick Hands will be available as a seasonal challenge in May.

Warrior’s Path Event

The Warrior’s Path Event will be a 15-day event, with players required to be part of a faction and conquer and defend territories every 24 hours. One territory will be open for 24 hours and the faction with most points at the time of closing of the territory will come out victorious, thus claiming the territory. Players will unlock a special event specific weapon set that provides a bonus modifier to boost the scores. The ones that end up in the faction that claims the territory or end the period as the top contributor will be privy to rewards as part of the event.

There are Epic Rewards, one Legendary Calling Card, more than 10 Rare weapon camos, characters and more available for players during the Warrior’s Path Event. Milestone Rewards are also up for grabs, namely Five Knights Rewards like Charly – Knighted (Rare) and Man-O-War – Five Knights (Epic), and UAC Rewards like Charly – Coalition (Rare) and Man-O-War – UAC (Epic).

Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 takes us to Japan with new Tokyo Escape Chapter

A credit store update is also due along with the release of the Tokyo Escape Chapter and the augment of Season 3 in Call of Duty Mobile. New store items available will include Special Ops 5 – Liquid Mercury, Operator Skill – Shadow Blade, Calling Card- Enemy Spotted and more

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