Call of Duty: Mobile is a battle royale title that comes with a number of weapons for the players. These weapons range in categories like assault rifles, SMGs, LMGs, marksman rifles, shotguns and snipers. Pistols are present in the category of available of weapons too, along with other melee weapons. These weapons are very important since it is a combat based game, but players can not always rely on the weapons in a match. Drawing the enemy out of cover or damaging the enemies without them being in the sight is not possible by just the guns available in the game. Even vehicles fail to do so if the enemies are hiding inside a building or shelter.

However, this does not mean that you become helpless if the enemy is hiding. There are multiple other ways and equipment in the game that can come in handy if you don’t want to rush on the enemy. While playing the game on the BlueStacks Emulator, we figured out there is a way of tackling and damaging the enemy without firing a bullet or coming in direct contact with them. This can be done with a category of supplies in the game. This category is Throwables. 

What are Throwables?

Throwables, as the name suggests, refer to the equipment that can be thrown at the enemy to damage them or take them by surprise. Some throwables can also disarm the enemy for a short while, which gives you the opening to attack and secure more kills in the game. These are effective in the battle royale mode as well as the multiplayer mode. Players can add only one throwable in their loadout in the multiplayer mode, but one can acquire all of them in the battle royale mode. These are divided into 2 categories in the game. These categories are Lethal and Tactical.

Lethal throwables are the ones that do damage to the enemy. These also have the potential of knocking down the enemy in battle royale mode and killing them in the multiplayer mode. Tactical throwables, on the other hand, affect multiple aspects of the enemy. These don’t do any damage to the enemy, but shake up their gameplay and strategies for a few seconds, giving you the opening to attack and pick up kills. These are equally effective in the battle royale mode as well as the multiplayer mode. Players need to make a choice of which one to use in what situation. 

Lethal Throwables

As discussed above, lethal throwables do damage. There are 4 different lethal throwables in Call of Duty: Mobile

  • Frag Grenade

It is the most commonly available throwable in Call of Duty: Mobile. It is the first grenade that players get to use in the game. The frag grenade is unlocked after the player has reached level 2. It is a piece of good equipment to draw players out of their cover or kill them while they are hiding. If thrown instantly, it takes some time to explode, but that time can be utilized by players to cook the grenade and surprise the enemy. This is highly effective against the campers in the game. 

Throw A Fire Party -- BlueStacks Guide to Throwables in Call of Duty: Mobile

These players tend to hide and wait for other players to approach them. This is one of the best ways to tackle the campers in the game. It is also very useful in multiplayer matches. There are very few places from where the enemies can approach as it is a fixed map, you can throw the frag grenade in those areas without cooking in order to take the enemies down. This might be a little gamble, but it does play off in some situations. 

How to Use Frag Grenade in Rush Situations

Rushing is a risky business and frag grenades can come in very handy in this situation. When you are rushing towards the enemy, you can throw a grenade towards their position. This will either take them down or force them to move from their position, revealing themselves to you. This is very effective when you are rushing towards a building and want to do some damage before encountering the enemy. One thing that players need to keep in mind is that cooking the frag grenade is very important. However, be cautious and don’t blow yourself up with it. The damage of a frag grenade is 70, and it can damage any enemy in a 50-meter radius, making it possible for you to damage more than one enemy at a time. In multiplayer mode, you can use the spawn points. You can throw the grenades on the spawn points and if the grenade is uncooked then it will blast when the enemy has lost the invincible protection. This will help you get more kills. 

How to Use Frag Grenade While Camping

If you are camping, there are not a lot of ways to use the frag grenade. However, if you are spotted by the enemy, then you can throw an uncooked grenade towards the enemy. The bursting of the grenade will slow the enemy down, and you can attack them as it would have already damaged them. If you are on top of a building, then throwing a grenade down the roof can buy you some time for you to come up with a strategy to tackle the enemies, but this might not be very effective in multiplayer. 

  • Stick Grenade

As the name suggests, this grenade, unlike the frag grenade, sticks to the surface rather than bouncing off. It unlocks when the player reaches Level 17. It can be used as a complete weapon and not as a means of drawing the enemy out of the cover. It sticks to any surface that it touches, be it walls, enemies, or even your own teammates. Therefore, players need to be extremely careful with this and not accidentally attack their own teammates. The damage of the stick grenade is 70 and the radius is 50. This is very effective when the enemy is running away or is on the move. It also makes more sense than the frag grenade in situations where vehicles are involved. 

Throw A Fire Party -- BlueStacks Guide to Throwables in Call of Duty: Mobile

If you are chasing a vehicle, throwing it on the vehicle will make it stick and explode instantly. One good thing about this is that it explodes instantly and players do not need to cook it before throwing. This is equally effective in the multiplayer mode, as you can throw these on the walls of the spawn area, and they will explode in the face of the enemy. Since the multiplayer mode has a smaller map, you can throw the stick grenade directly on the enemy, but make sure that the enemy is not too close to you or else you can take damage too. 

How to Use Stick Grenade in Rush Situations

Rushing needs fast reflexes and lesser reaction time. The stick grenade makes a perfect partner for the players who like to rush. There is no cook time, so players can actually throw the grenade towards the enemy. It is also very beneficial in the end zones where the cover is less. Players can throw the grenade on the surface of the cover and wait for it to do its work. It explodes immediately after touching a surface, therefore players can use them in multiple manners. When rushing on an airdrop, players can throw the sticky grenade on the airdrop and if any player from the enemy squad is looting it, they will get blown away with it. 

How to Use Stick Grenade While Camping

Using the stick grenade during camping is easy. All players need to do is throw the stick grenade on the walls of the building or even on the staircase while the enemy is rushing. This will either knock the enemy down or damage them, giving you an upper hand. If you see a car approaching, you can also throw the stick grenade on an approaching vehicle, as it will take down the whole squad in the vehicle. The vehicle will explode as a result of the grenade explosion, and this will kill the whole squad. 

  • Trip Mine

The trip mine is a unique weapon. This does not explode on impact, nor do players need to throw it around towards the enemy. Players can unlock the trip mine on reaching Level 36. It can be planted in one place. It is triggered when an enemy runs by it. This is best used in areas where there are a lot of enemies. It can be used very well by the snipers in the team. This can ensure that no one sneaks up behind you. This will in turn ensure that no one backstabs you and kills you. This is more effective in the multiplayer mode than the battle royale mode. The maps in the multiplayer mode are not very big and players need to go around the same place multiple times. 

Throw A Fire Party -- BlueStacks Guide to Throwables in Call of Duty: Mobile

The damage done by the trip mine is 65 and the radius is 40. This might not look as effective as the stick grenade or frag grenade, but players don’t need to throw it around. One thing that players need to be aware of is that if the trip mine is blue then it is planted by you and if it is red then it is planted by the enemy. Players also need to be aware of the fact that it launches in the air before detonating. 

How to Use Trip Mine in Rush Situations

The trip mine is not very effective for the rush players or in rush situations. The trip mine is an enemy for rush players. There is no good way for the rush players to use the trip mines. This is a good option for the players in the last zone because the zone is restricted, and the enemies can trip on the mine and alert you. 

How to Use Trip Mine While Camping

The trip mine is very effective equipment for campers in Call of Duty: Mobile. The trip mine can be placed by campers anywhere and they will be alerted about the enemies. This will help them know their position and plan an attack accordingly. This is more effective than the frag grenade and stick grenade for campers. Camping players can also use this in the multiplayer mode to keep one of the sides safe from the enemy attack.

Tactical Throwables

The tactical throwables work slightly differently than the lethal throwables. They do not do any damage to the enemy, but they affect the enemy in multiple other ways. These are the best equipment to slower the enemy and attack them during their weak time. 

  • Flashbang

It is a lethal weapon if it gets into the right hands. The flashbang has the ability to deafen and blind the enemy. This means that for a few seconds, your enemy won’t be able to hear or see anything. This is unlocked at Level 9 and is effective in both the multiplayer as well as the battle royale mode. 

How to Use the Flashbang in Rush Situations

Flashbang can be the best friend of rush players. It makes rushing very easy, as it nullifies the senses of the enemy. Players can throw the flashbang towards the enemy and wait for it to explode. The radius of the explosion is 60, so it can make the whole squad go deaf and blind if they are hiding in the same spot. This will create an opening for you and your teammates to rush and take down the whole team at once. This is also very effective in multiplayer mode, where you can premeditate the movement of the enemy. 

Throw A Fire Party -- BlueStacks Guide to Throwables in Call of Duty: Mobile

Throwing the flashbang in the direction of the approaching footsteps can actually help you surprise the enemies and then kill them. However, you need to make one thing sure: do not get very close to the place where you throw the flashbang as it might make you blind and deaf too. 

How to Use Flashbang While Camping

Camping and flash-bang can make a good combination. If you are inside a building and see a squad rushing from a distance, you can throw a flashbang on all the entry points of the building. This will make sure that the enemy is hit by at least one of the flash bangs and suffers the consequences. You can then move towards the enemy and secure a kill. However, it is not advised to use it in multiplayer mode while camping as it might have some effect on you as well. 

  • Smoke Grenade

One of the best tactical throwables in the game, the smoke grenade, is unlocked at Level 25 and players can have it in their loadout after that. The smoke grenade makes a wall of smoke when detonated, allowing you to hide from snipers who might want to kill you from a distance, as well as from players who might be close by.  

How to Use Smoke Grenade in Rush Situations

Smoke grenades can be used while rushing in multiple ways. The first way is to create a smoke wall so that the enemy can not track your movement unless you are in a really close attacking position. Secondly, it can be used as a distraction. 

Throw A Fire Party -- BlueStacks Guide to Throwables in Call of Duty: Mobile

You can throw the smoke grenade in one direction and flank the enemy from the other direction. It is also very useful when going for a supply crate loot. You can smoke the supply crate so that any enemy keeping an eye on the drop can not trace you and kill you. 

How to Use Smoke Grenades While Camping

Smoke grenades while camping can be used to retreat from a compromising situation. If you are surrounded by the enemy, you can throw a smoke grenade and then devise an escape plan. It is also very effective in the last zones of the game. The smoke grenade will make a smoke wall, and you can hide behind it or even use it to creep up into the zone or behind the enemy for a surprise attack. 

  • Concussion Grenade

The concussion grenade works in a very similar manner to the flashbang. However, it does not blind the enemy, but slows their movement down immensely. It unlocks when the player reaches Level 42, so it unlocks pretty late in the game for the players. However, you will not miss out on anything as it is very similar to the flashbang, as mentioned before. 

Throw A Fire Party -- BlueStacks Guide to Throwables in Call of Duty: Mobile

Since the concussion grenade does not blind the enemy, the enemy can still shoot and kill you if they know your position or the place where you are rushing from. The damage done by the concussion grenade is 0, but the radius is 60, so you can affect the whole squad and even more players at once if they are closer to each other. 

How to Use Concussion Grenade in Rush Situations

Concussion grenade makes more sense in the battle royale mode than the multiplayer mode. The grenade can be thrown at the enemy by sneaking up on them in the battle royale mode and then executing the attack after it has exploded. Since the enemy won’t know about your position, you can rush and finish them off. In multiplayer mode, the enemy will know your position and even if you slow their position down, the enemy can still kill you. It is best to use it in the battle royale mode rather than the multiplayer mode. 

How to Use Concussion Grenade While Camping

The concussion grenade makes the most sense for campers. Players who are camping can throw these towards the rushing enemy without exposing their position. This will slow down the enemy and allow you to change positions or devise an escape plan. Since the movement and reaction time would be slow, you can also get out of your cover and take the rushing players down without taking much damage. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that this might not work on moving vehicles, so it’s best not to take a chance. 

Throw A Fire Party -- BlueStacks Guide to Throwables in Call of Duty: Mobile

There are 2 more weapons in the tactical category. The EMP and the Trophy system. These two are not targeted towards affecting the enemy but aim at disarming other attacks by the enemy. Players can unlock the EMP at Level 49. The EMP damages and disables nearby mechanized enemy units and equipment. An EMP grenade is specifically designed to disrupt electronics. This makes the EMP brutal against automated systems such as sentry turrets. It will also affect your enemy by disrupting their HUD for a few seconds. The affected enemy will not see any buttons, map or targeting reticle. However, they can still shoot if the enemy knows where those buttons are supposed to be. The EMP doesn’t do any damage but has a radius of 60. 

Throw A Fire Party -- BlueStacks Guide to Throwables in Call of Duty: Mobile

The Trophy system, on the other hand, destroys all the incoming explosives. It unlocks after a player reaches Level 58. It is not exactly a grenade, it is deployed to cover a certain area. This then shoots down any incoming explosives like grenades or other such equipment. The tactical grenade is the only “tactical” grenade that does damage. The damage done by the Trophy system is 60, but the radius is on the lower side at 40. 

Players can use both of these according to the situation. There is no specific situation for campers or rush players. These can be used by players in any given situation if they have been unlocked. 

Throw A Fire Party -- BlueStacks Guide to Throwables in Call of Duty: Mobile

These are all the throwables that players can use in Call of Duty: Mobile. These can be used by players according to their play style and the situation in which they are in. Along with the different weapons, these throwables can be a game changer. Not all of these can be used by the players from the get-go but waiting to use them as you progress is never a bad idea.