Vehicles play a very important role in CoD Mobile. A battle royale game comes with maps that have multiple terrains. Players need to commute around the map, and it can be a tough thing to do when a player is on foot. The map is not the only challenge that a player faces, the shrinking zone is the added challenge and no matter how good one might be in predicting the zone, it can go wrong at times. The zone might be very far from where you currently are, and it can get tough for you to reach there on foot. Reaching the zone early comes with added advantage too as you can take a spot and inspect the incoming enemies. All of these challenges can be overcome, and the advantages can be enjoyed only when the movement along the map is fast. 

Faster movements do not always mean character movement. On playing the game on the BlueStacks Emulator,we realized that it is very foolish to rely on skills when the zone is pushing you out and taking you to the verge of dying because of it. As the game progresses, the damage given by the zone keeps increasing, and it becomes very lethal in the ending zones. The zone also cramps the players in one place which makes it even more challenging to be on foot as you never know who might be around. It is very difficult to keep a watch in all directions at all times. In situations like these, the best friend and support that a player can have in the game is a vehicle. 

BlueStacks Guide to Vehicles in Call of Duty: Mobile

There are multiple vehicles in the game that have different speeds and different levels of resistance to damage. However, all the weapons are effective at some or the other stage of the game.

Vehicles in CoD Mobile

There are multiple vehicles in CoD Mobile. Some are lethal with weapons equipped and some are just good for moving around on the map. These vehicles are not in any chronological order. 


Antelope is a 4×4 assault vehicle in the battle royale mode in CoD Mobile. The vehicle is a normal 4×4 car but what distinguishes it from other vehicles in the game is the presence of Death Machine on it. Death Machine is a mounted mini-gun on top of the car. The car can seat 3 players, one as the driver, one as a passenger and one as the gunner. The vehicle is excessively overpowered in the game and can be a game-changer if players manage to get their hands on it. It can not be easily found or spotted in the game and, therefore, its property of being overpowered is not exploited by players. The Death Machine is a great addition to the vehicle. The vehicle itself has a good HP and can take a good amount of damage before bursting into flames, but the addition of the gun makes it even more powerful. 

BlueStacks Guide to Vehicles in Call of Duty: Mobile

The Death Machine does not have a fixed bullet count, meaning, that it can fire an infinite number of bullets, but it does get overheated and needs 4-5 seconds of cooldown time before it can get back in action. The gun can be very useful for players who like to rush and hunt down enemies on the map. The presence of the passenger allows for additional gun power which makes the rush even more effective. It might be difficult for the player handling the death machine to land the right aim since the vehicle is moving, but because the gun is lethal, it makes up for it. There are some loopholes or drawbacks of the vehicle. It might not run as fast as other vehicles because of the presence of the gun. Another thing to keep in mind is that if the Antelope is destroyed, the Death Machine becomes non-functional too. 

BlueStacks Guide to Vehicles in Call of Duty: Mobile

The car is also a little unsafe because it has an open roof, and it takes away some of the protection from the players. The Death Machine also does not come with a scope and players need to rely on the iron sight which makes it a good option for close range fights but not a very good option to take long range fights. The Antelope is very effective in small or closed-in zones, but it might not be a very good idea to drive it around in a big zone as the fuel might get used up and you might have to abandon the vehicle. The vehicle is also very useful when chasing enemies who are in a different car as the Death Machine can destroy almost every vehicle in the game. It is not a good idea for solo players or lone surviving players to use this vehicle as they won’t be able to take full advantage of its properties. It is always best to go with a covered car to ensure more safety. One advantage that it does provide to the squad using it is that since there are only 3 players to be seated in the vehicle, one player can always follow in a different vehicle. Or that one player can also work as bait to draw the enemies out. Once they are out, they can be taken down by the Death Machine following behind. 


The ATV is an exclusive vehicle that can only be seen on the Isolated map. The map features multiple locations from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Black Ops series, but does come with some additional locations. The vehicle is a heavy terrain vehicle that is ideal for rocky and uneven terrains. The vehicle seats two players and has a good HP. The resistance to take damage is also very high in this vehicle. One thing that players can struggle with while using this vehicle is control. It can be hard to control it and players can often skid or drift while taking turns or stopping the vehicle. 

BlueStacks Guide to Vehicles in Call of Duty: Mobile

The lack of precision in controlling the vehicle can make players prone to being shot by the enemy. Not to mention it is an open roof vehicle, so the chances of being shot down are always high. However, the vehicle does have a fast speed and can help you reach from one end of the map to another in a short time. It is best to rely on the vehicle at the start of the match as the players are scattered and are still looking for guns to take up a fight with other players. ATV is a good option if you are playing duo or only two players are alive in the squad. The vehicle does not really offer a very good cover, but one can always prone behind the vehicle to take cover. 


Boat is another vehicle that is exclusive to the Isolated map in the game. The boat is found near the ocean coast of the map, it can also be acquired from the riverside on the same map. The map has water on one side of it making the boat a good weapon for the same. The boat can seat 6 players with one driver and 5 passengers. This makes very less sense as the maximum number of players in a squad in Call of Duty Mobile is only 4. The boat can be considered a safe option for moving around on the map, but players need to keep in mind that there is no scope for getting knocked down in the water. If you take enough damage, then you only die. 

BlueStacks Guide to Vehicles in Call of Duty: Mobile

The damage resistance and overall HP of the boat are not very high, but it is a very good option for the map. It can be used as a cover if you are surrounded in water, but one can not fire from the cover while being in the water. It is best to avoid the boat in small zones as you might just give away easy kills to the enemies, which no one wants. The boat does have a good speed and can help you get away from the sight of the enemy in a fast fashion. 

Cargo Truck

The Cargo Truck is yet another vehicle that is exclusive to the Isolated map. The cargo truck is one of those vehicles that is big but also very flexible. The vehicle has a good speed and is a very heavy-duty vehicle too. It can take a lot of damage and is ideal for the terrain on the Isolated map. It was added as part of the Season 2 update and has been taken by the community very well. Players can be prone in the back of the truck and take enemies down as and when they are seen. It is a good vehicle to be on the road but since the vehicle is heavy, it might not be a very good idea to drive the vehicle on an uneven terrain. 

BlueStacks Guide to Vehicles in Call of Duty: Mobile

The cargo truck has good damage resistance and has a high HP, meaning that it can not be damaged very easily. The truck has a carrier in the back that makes for a good cover even when it is damaged. The truck seats a driver and a passenger in the cockpit and the rest of the players can hop onto the carrier. This makes it possible to spot and take down enemies. If the enemies are far away, you can always rush with the vehicle. 


Helicopter is a vehicle, which unlike other vehicles mentioned in this list so far, that can only be seen in Call of Duty: Mobile. It was available in Warzone for a while, but the constant bugs and glitches made the devs remove it from the game.  The vehicle is an added advantage in the game as it is the only vehicle that can go beyond land and water and be in the air. The helicopter can seat 5 players where two players can be seated on either sides and one seat is for the pilot of the vehicle. The co-pilot’s seat can not be accessed by players, and they can not sit on it. The players sit on the landing rail of the vehicle and from there they can provide support to the team. The maximum number of players in a squad is 4, so you can not really utilize the seating space in the vehicle to its maximum potential. The design of the vehicle is taken from the original vehicle and has been maintained. Taking aim at enemies and killing them can be difficult from the air as weapons have different ranges and levels of bullet drop. 

BlueStacks Guide to Vehicles in Call of Duty: Mobile

However, you can still take enemies down from the air because the helicopter launches flares that can avoid the vehicle being taken down. The weapons available on the ground include rocket launchers that can easily take the helicopter down, but the flares are a good defense system. It has a good resistance to damage and a good HP which can help your squad hang in the air for a long time. The fuel gauge should always be kept in check because a crash landing can put you in a compromising spot. This can also be a very good option in the last zones when the surviving players are cramped up in the zone. You can monitor it from the air and spot the enemies. You can then decide whether you want to rush or hold a position in the zone. 


The motorcycle, as the name suggests, is a two-wheeler vehicle that is really fast on plain ground. The vehicle was added as a part of the season 3 update and has been in the game since then. The vehicle is a good option if you are two players and need to get around the map fast. The speed of the vehicle makes it difficult for the enemies to attack you and take you down. It becomes very difficult to manage the spray of bullets to hit the motorcycle. It is also a very good vehicle to have some fun with when the match is going slow. Players can do multiple stunts with it but need to be careful as there are very high chances of a crash landing and getting damage. 

BlueStacks Guide to Vehicles in Call of Duty: Mobile

The speed of the vehicle can also make it difficult to control while taking turns or slowing down. It is a good option if you are planning on rushing at your enemies. The speed helps with that. The damage resistance of the vehicle is not very high, and it also does not work as a good cover. Players should be wary of that. 


The Off-road vehicle is not the best option in Call of Duty: Mobile. The vehicle is extremely slow when going uphill and if the hill is steep, it might also get stuck. It is a loud vehicle and the noise does not justify the speed that it has to offer. The vehicle is slow on plain ground as well and does not come with any weapons attached to it. The 4×4 vehicle can seat 4 players, one of them being the driver. It is an open-roof vehicle, taking away the security quotient further down. 

BlueStacks Guide to Vehicles in Call of Duty: Mobile

The vehicle should be used by players when there are no other options and should be switched as soon as there is. It is not a good vehicle for rushing either because the speed is not very high and the vehicle in itself is very stiff. Not a lot of players prefer using this vehicle in the game, but it can be easily acquired in the game. 


Snowboard is the only vehicle in the game that can seat or accommodate only one player. It is a classic snowboard that can be found in the snowy regions on the Isolated map. The vehicle, however, is not just compatible with the snow; it can also run on plain ground. It does have a few advantages, like it does not run on fuel, therefore, there is no scope of running out of it. One thing that players need to keep in mind is that it does not have any roof and is not very fast either. It is best to stay away from this if you are the last survivor of the team and want to win the match. It also provides no cover because it is a flat-lying vehicle. It does look and feel like a very cool vehicle to ride in the game. 


Snowmobile is another snow vehicle that runs smoothly on plain ground as well. The vehicle seats two players and is faster than the snowboard by a good percentage. It can be a good alternative to the motorbike. One seat is reserved for the driver and the pillion player can shoot and provide fire support to the squad. It is a good vehicle if you are playing duo, or you are the only two players alive in the squad. The snowmobile is a good option while rushing as it is fast. It is also not very difficult to control this in a linear motion, so you can try dodging the bullets if the enemy is firing at you. However, it comes with its fair share of risks. It is not a covered vehicle and that exposes you to bullets being fired at you. Since the vehicle is fast, it can be difficult to take sharp turns. It appeared 


This is the toughest vehicle in Call of Duty: Mobile. The tank has not been in any other game of the franchise and is a mobile exclusive. It is a very heavy-duty vehicle which is lethal at the same time. The vehicle comes with a  120 mm smoothbore gun and a powerful heavy machine gun. The tank can destroy anything in its way. The only way to damage this vehicle is by using explosives on the rear armour. If you manage to get this vehicle then you should just sit in it and roam around the map without any danger. It is not very fast and can get stuck on uneven terrains, but this is a tough vehicle so being slow on the road should not be a problem. No player is exposed in this vehicle as it is bullet-proof. This is the best vehicle in the entire game and especially beneficial for campers.

BlueStacks Guide to Vehicles in Call of Duty: Mobile

All the vehicles in the game hold some potential and are important in some way or the other. However, it is best to understand the course of the game and then choose to pick a vehicle to move around on the map. The vehicles can help you be on top of your game at every stage of the match. Vehicles are equally important as guns and weapons in the game, but knowing more about the best guns in the battleroyale mode can also help you become a better player in Call of Duty: Mobile and progress in a faster and linear fashion in the game. Movement is crucial in the game, and vehicles are just the way to go about it the right way. Vehicles are important and players should choose to use them every chance they get.