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How to Rank Up Fast in Call of Duty: Mobile Match Mode

Whether it’s Dota 2, CS: GO, or League of Legends, we are diehard fans of ranked games. We love the competition, the thrill and excitement that comes with barely winning by a kill or two, but also the challenge of rebounding from a losing streak. After just 11 ranked games in Call of Duty: Mobile, we have a pretty decent win rate, average score, as well as kill/death ratio. For now, we’re on Rookie 2 rank. However, as we have recently obtained the right equipment, we expect our rank to improve drastically.

How to Rank Up Fast in Call of Duty: Mobile Match Mode

Although CoD is a mobile game, its ranked matchmaking system is just as complex and rewarding as that of many PC games. We were able to befriend other, skilful players, as well as re-evaluate our experience and that of our teammates based on detailed post-game stats. We’re not letting this game out of our hands just yet. In what follows, we’re determined to give you a complete overview of ranked matches in CoD, as well as any tips and tricks we picked up on our way.

This part of the game is significantly different from the battle royale, though, so you want to know more about that, feel free to check our dedicated BlueStacks guide.

During the Pre-Game

By the time you queue for ranked matches, you should have a bit of experience with unranked games. Our advice is to level your weapon to max, as well as get at least three perks before trying to climb the leaderboards. Since everyone else will likely have these enhancements, it would level the playing field a bit and give you a fair chance. Otherwise, you’ll be fighting with a handicap, and while that may be fine for pro shooter players, it can easily backfire. You’re here because you want to have a bit of fun, but also own some newbies. It’s not that fun when you’re the one getting owned.

In addition, you should be really intimate with the way the game works before taking to the ladder. For instance, when a teammate dies, you should know that a red helmet appears on your screen indicating their location. Unlike CS: GO ranked matchmaking, for instance, you respawn almost instantly here, while the location will shift according to enemy positions, giving you a fair chance. What’s more, it’s necessary to be accustomed with the multiple types of engagement that can happen on the CoD Maps, in both close quarters and open spaces.

How to Rank Up Fast in Call of Duty: Mobile Match Mode

As you can see from the short pre-game timeframe, you’re given a chance to switch grenades, perks, weapons and their mods. This can be immensely useful when you’re playing in a party with other people, as you can coordinate what types of armaments you’ll each be using. Ideally, you want a balanced party who is able to win engagements in close quarters, while others can comfortably keep up with the enemy from a distance. Furthermore, you always need at least two people who are constantly pushing enemy positions, forcing them either to rotate or retreat. In our case, pushing always led to double-kills and scorestreaks.

How to Rank Up Fast in Call of Duty: Mobile Match Mode

How to Win Ranked Games

Your best shot at winning CoD: Mobile ranked matches is to always stick with your squad. Playing together means you’re less likely to be picked off one by one. If you stumble across an enemy, your chances of winning that engagement are higher, while theirs is significantly smaller. Unless they focus either of you, you’ll have high odds of staying alive through multiple kills. Knowing the map you’re playing also means a lot. When you first get into the game, take a quick peek at it when you spawn – your enemies are likely on the opposite side.

How to Rank Up Fast in Call of Duty: Mobile Match Mode

From the get-go, you should rush to either take high ground positions or completely flank your foes. In the first couple of minutes, everyone’s still getting their bearings, so you can take them by surprise and punch in a few kills for your personal stats. Once you have enough scorestreaks active, make sure to use either the UAV or the Predator Missile to further advance your lead.  The Missile makes quick work of a camping group of enemies, while the UAV transforms your map into a sonar, allowing you to see where everyone is. Pretty neat, huh?

How to Rank Up Fast in Call of Duty: Mobile Match Mode

Play Call of Duty: Mobile on BlueStacks

Don’t overcomplicate yourself. The main goal is to get to either 40 or 50 frags before the other team does. How you do it is up to you, but make sure you’re killing people in style. After all, it’s a shooter game and you ought to have fun. We played the game on PC with the help BlueStacks, which guaranteed a seamless, lag-free shooting experience. You don’t want to be spinning around in ranked matches, trying to figure out which way to shoot. You want to know where the enemy is before they arrive and headshot them before they get a chance to see you. With a bit of luck and a lot of practice, your kill count will grow real quick.

How to Rank Up Fast in Call of Duty: Mobile Match Mode

The Post-Game Review

The depth of statistics available after every CoD: Mobile game is impressive. To begin with, you get a top 3 fraggers list on the winning side, as well as the amount of points each of them manage to accrue. As you might have guessed, we regularly make this top. Still, this time we had outdone ourselves, becoming match MVP with 18 kills out of the required 40. EZ game WP.

How to Rank Up Fast in Call of Duty: Mobile Match Mode

Aside from kills, deaths, and assists, you get to see your accuracy, as well as headshot percentage. Literally all of our kills were headshots, which actually says less about us and more about the platform we were playing on. From this post-game statistics panel, we can also tell how others performed in order to determine whether the match-up was balanced or not.

How to Rank Up Fast in Call of Duty: Mobile Match Mode

Following our tips and with a bit of practice, you’ll soon be able to climb those ranks into Veteran and then Elite. Afterwards, you’re on your own, because the skill required to match-up against such players goes beyond what we can muster at the moment.

How to Rank Up Fast in Call of Duty: Mobile Match Mode

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