Cross Summoner:R, at launch, has a limited roster of around 30 unlockable characters, which is quite small compared to other games. Nevertheless, despite this small number of heroes, you still have to narrow down your selection to a maximum of 4 per team, which means that you’ll probably want to sift through the entire catalog and settle only for the best. After all, having a few top tier characters on your team can work wonders for helping you progress through the story levels and other challenges without a hitch.

Luckily, if you’re just looking for the best Cross Summoner:R characters, we’ve prepared a handy tier list that you can simply check and spot the most worthy units in this game at a glance. However, on this occasion, we’re going to go into more detail and explain why we chose each character for their respective tiers, so you can get a better idea of what makes a good character good, and what makes a sub-par character bad.

The Best Characters in Cross Summoner:R - Who to Pick and Who to Drop

In this guide, we’re going to go through each of our picks in our Cross Summoner:R tier list, and give a rundown of each character’s stats and skills, and why they earned their respective spots in their tiers.

S Tier

As is standard in all our tier lists, this tier corresponds to the essential characters in their respective games, and Cross Summoner:R is no exception. These are the absolute best characters in the game, who can easily carry the entire team to victory. If you’re rerolling, these are the units you’re going to be aiming for.

  • Asuka (UR, Fighter)

A master of direct damage and damage-over-time effects, Asuka is a force to be reckoned with in the battlefield, capable of taking down entire swathes of enemies by herself. And whoever is left standing from her assault is likely to falter and fall shortly after, thanks to her highly damaging residual damage that she inflicts after every major blow.

The Best Characters in Cross Summoner:R - Who to Pick and Who to Drop

Asuka is basically an all-in-one DPS character in Cross Summoner:R, offering skills not only to make short work of any enemy, but also to debuff their defenses and priming them for a beating. In this sense, while some DPS characters might rely on the support of allies to unleash their full potential, Asuka is the complete opposite—she not only attacks, but also weakens foes so her allies can deal even more damage to them.

If you’re looking for the best DPS in Cross Summoner:R, Asuka is arguably the character you want.

  • Alwin (UR, Caster)

Like Asuka, Alwin is all about doing damage, except he trades in the small amount of utility that Asuka offers, for even more damage AND some crowd control effects on top of it. In a way, this powerful caster can also function somewhat as a support thanks to his AoE freezing effects that affect the entire team and render them unable to act for up to 2 seconds at a time. And when he’s not busy freezing them, Alwin is content by standing back and pelting the enemy with deadly ice shards to whittle them down.

The Best Characters in Cross Summoner:R - Who to Pick and Who to Drop

If we had to compare the two of them, we’d say that the DPS potential of both Alwin and Asuka are similar, though the former leans more towards pure damage and a little CC, while the latter is more about damage over time and debuffs.

  • Sassafras (UR, Fighter)

Another fighter character, this time specializing in single-target takedowns with extreme ferocity. Sassafras is all about swift attacks and boosting her own critical rate in order to defeat high-value targets with relative ease. What’s more, her reliance on mostly auto attacks makes her a good fighter throughout the entire battle as she can do great damage without having to wait for cooldowns. And since she leans heavily on these auto attacks, she can be massively improved by other characters who can buff her damage.

The Best Characters in Cross Summoner:R - Who to Pick and Who to Drop

In terms of self-sufficiency, we would put Sassafras somewhat beneath the other two, but she’s still much better when it comes to raw damage via auto-attacks, which earns her a special mention in this tier, as a character that’s powerful on her own, but even more destructive when paired with the right buffs.

  • Bormea (UR, Caster)

When it comes to dishing out straight damage with skills, Bormea is arguably one of the best, exchanging any semblance of support for the ability to inflict massive harm. This is further compounded by the fact that Bormea’s skills usually affect all enemies on the stage, or at the very least the ones around her, making her a very strong contender for AoE damage, and one of the best choices for progressing in this game.

The Best Characters in Cross Summoner:R - Who to Pick and Who to Drop

Characters like Bormea, who feature heavy AoE damage, are often ideal for rerolling purposes since they excel at clearing stages and allowing fast progression through the mandatory story missions. As such, we strongly recommend trying to recruit her early on if you’re rerolling in Cross Summoner:R. Nevertheless, her reliance on skills makes her quite susceptible to silencing or any debuffs that block her use of magic, which might make her an easy target to shut down in PvP.

Only time will tell how the meta will start shaping up in Cross Summoner:R. However, you can rest assured that when it comes to PvE, Bormea will not let you down.

A Tier

Though they can be as strong as the units in the S Tier, these heroes are often weaker by themselves, and often rely on proper synergies and team compositions to work correctly. Keep in mind that the heroes in the A Tier, while not as inherently strong as the ones mentioned above, can still carry you through the game if used correctly, and are much easier to obtain from the gacha, especially if you’re rerolling.

  • Rorche (SSR, Caster)

This is an interesting caster since he not only has skills that deal decent damage, but he can also get out of stun and bind effects, AND deal extra damage to frozen enemies. Rorche is like a more versatile version of Alwin, trading in damage for utility, though still retaining the ability to freeze and incapacitate enemies for a while. As such, his kit is a mix of damage, self-utility, and team support in the form of CC, that lets him thrive in nearly every team.

The Best Characters in Cross Summoner:R - Who to Pick and Who to Drop

And the best part is that since he’s SSR, like all the characters in this tier, Rorche is quite easy to unlock from the very beginning, thanks to the unlimited 10x summoning that can yield as much as two guaranteed SSR characters. The only issue with this is choosing which two SSR characters you’ll want, though you really can’t go wrong with Rorche.

  • Rabad (SSR, Guardian)

Guardian characters in Cross Summoner:R are placed in this tier and not in the S tier not because they’re bad, but rather because the current meta is leaning more towards having a powerful offense. Regardless, Rabad is just about one of the best tanks in the game, with powerful CC and self-buffs to cripple the enemy and boost his resistances, respectively, as well as skills to keep his allies out of harm.

The Best Characters in Cross Summoner:R - Who to Pick and Who to Drop

As you can probably see by now, Rabad offers the entire package—everything that you could ever want from a tank. He can rush enemies and stun them, both in single-target and AoE modalities, and he can also inflict powerful area debuffs that slow down the enemy’s movement and attack speeds. And as if that wasn’t enough, most of his skills have a secondary component that boosts Rabad’s resistances, making him into a very tough nut to crack.

Simply put, he’s basically THE tank to go for if you need a guardian to round out your squad.

  • Sharifah (SSR, Guardian)

While Rabad is the best tank out there, Sharifah is a bit of a hybrid offering, combining some tanking prowess with support skills, and also some debuffing capabilities, making her into an interesting addition for teams that don’t quite need a tank, but could use a bit of defensive support, as well as someone who can keep the enemy weakened with status effects.

The Best Characters in Cross Summoner:R - Who to Pick and Who to Drop

With that being said, Sharifah is a great option for magic-heavy formations, particularly since she can drastically reduce the magic defense of the enemy, opening them up to attacks of this nature. Other than that, she can also rush and stun enemies, as well as boost her own resistances by increasing her own defense and block rate. However, when it comes to the defensive boosts, she can also extend this boon to the entire team, making her into a somewhat decent defensive support unit.

  • Arik (SSR, Fighter)

A fairly decent DPS unit that specializes in singling out high-value enemies, and taking them out with well-placed arrows. However, while she offers heavy target suppression in the form of tons of damage, she also has limited AoE damage, which allows her to aid against hordes of weaker enemies. In other words, while you won’t find her soloing entire waves by herself—mostly since this isn’t the purpose of this character—her single-target damage makes her into a powerful asset for those who can use her talents correctly.

The Best Characters in Cross Summoner:R - Who to Pick and Who to Drop

It’s also worth mentioning that one of Arik’s stronger nukes not only dishes out tons of damage, but it can also stun the enemy for a couple of seconds, though this additional effect will fail more often than not.

B Tier

When it comes to sheer damage or all-in-one characters, it’s unlikely that you’ll find them in this tier. These are your average Joes and Janes who don’t really excel at anything, but that aren’t outright bad, either. There’s a good chance that your team will be mostly made up of these characters in the early game, and you should try to replace them as fast as you can. Or at the very least, try to avoid committing significant resources to upgrading them.

  • Verginita (SR, Caster)

Despite being a caster, Verginita is actually more of a support unit, offering limited AoE damage, as well as the ability to turn a single enemy into a harmless, helpless, little pet for 6 seconds. This transformation is one of the longest crowd control effects in the game, which can help to turn a losing battle against the tougher enemies into an easy win, since they will be essentially unable to attack back for a long period.

The Best Characters in Cross Summoner:R - Who to Pick and Who to Drop

While Verginita probably won’t be carrying you by herself, she’s a massive asset against tough enemies, as well as in PvP, mostly thanks to her powerful CC. Other than that, she can also chip in somewhat against large numbers of lesser enemies, since she can wield the power of lightning to deal damage in an area.

  • Yuugiri (SR, Fighter)

This character is like a “light” version of Sassafras, in that Yuugiri focuses on swift auto-attacks, but she also compensates her kit with an assortment of throwing weapons that can bounce to several targets. This arsenal, in turn, gives her some AoE capabilities, though she can also hold her ground with basic attacks, particularly since every time she lands a critical hit, Yuugiri has a small chance of inflicting a bleeding effect that deals heavy damage every 2 seconds.

The Best Characters in Cross Summoner:R - Who to Pick and Who to Drop

As far as budget DPS characters go, Yuugiri is definitely a solid choice, mostly because she’s SR and probably very easy to obtain from the gacha. In fact, it’s very likely that you’ll get her in one of your early pulls. If so, she’s probably one character that you’ll want to hold on until you get something better.

  • Jack (SR, Healer)

As you can see, we’ve skipped healers up until now, mainly due to the same reasons as to why we only started mentioning guardians in the A tier—because the current meta frowns upon healers and values offense over defense. However, their absence is also because there are only 5 healers currently in the game, one of which is absolute trash, at least at the moment.

The Best Characters in Cross Summoner:R - Who to Pick and Who to Drop

As far as dedicated healers go, Jack is probably the best in the game, mostly thanks to his permanent healing effect that restore the entire team’s HP while he’s on the field—which almost every other healer has, as well—but augmented with his own buffs that increase an ally’s ATK and healing received, effectively making him into a healing and buffing machine. Furthermore, Jack also has a passive that makes it so that every time he lands a critical heal, he automatically places a shield on the target. And since Jack is ALWAYS healing, this effect happens fairly often.

  • Karen (SR, Healer)

Healers in gacha games are usually used for one purpose: keeping the team alive. And in this regard, Karen might be the best. 

The Best Characters in Cross Summoner:R - Who to Pick and Who to Drop

Now, we know we said the same about Jack, but while he offers a mix of buffs and healing, Karen is ALL about healing, specifically offering tons of group healing skills to assist the entire team. There’s really not much to say about her, other than the fact that she can heal her entire squad very well.

For most squads, however, Karen is a double-edged sword since she could be relied upon as a crutch, whereas you could just replace her with a better support, or another DPS, and the faster clear times might result in requiring fewer heals. Nevertheless, if you need to keep your team alive, you really can’t go wrong with Karen.

C Tier

The units in this tier are bad, either because of their skills that don’t conform to the meta, or because they’re just weak. This tier exists only to illustrate the heroes that you’ll always want to avoid at all costs.

  • Eris (R, Healer)

Remember how we just said that Karen is a double-edged sword due to her offering consisting of exclusively heals with no other ways to support her allies or affect the enemy? Well, Eris is just like that, except her healing spells are weaker, which is expected from a character that you get for free very early in the game. 

The Best Characters in Cross Summoner:R - Who to Pick and Who to Drop

If you were on the fence about Karen, then you definitely will want to skip Eris altogether, unless you absolutely need a healer and don’t have anyone better for the job.

  • Momohime (R, Fighter)

The first fighter that you’ll get, along with Fortis. Momohime will basically carry you through the first levels since her flurry of blows is a great asset for dealing damage to single targets. In other words, she will be your solution for fighting against boss enemies, while Fortis will be your go-to guy for AoE damage. This dynamic lasts mostly until you unlock better fighters and realize that both Fortis and Momohime are quite weak, at least compared to other characters.

The Best Characters in Cross Summoner:R - Who to Pick and Who to Drop

In terms of skills, Momohime can basically slash at the enemies with a small chance of inflicting a weak poison debuff on every hit, and also burst down the tougher bosses with her active skill. Sadly, as we said, both skills are quite weak.

  • Fortis (R, Fighter)

The protagonist of the game which, regrettably, also happens to be one of the worst fighters out there. Fortis is basically good only for his damage, and that’s saying a lot, considering that he doesn’t even do much of that to begin with. He also does have some light nukes, but nowhere near in the same category as Momohime, which is a little sad.

The Best Characters in Cross Summoner:R - Who to Pick and Who to Drop

Fortis is the prime example of a character that you definitely will want to ditch ASAP, since the power gap between him and other, rarer, more powerful characters is wide as an ocean.

  • Lyrica (R, Caster)

Casters also have a place in the worst Cross Summoner:R tier. However, interestingly enough, Lyrica isn’t actually that bad on her own—it’s just that, compared to better characters, she’s quite lackluster. This is mostly because, while she can do decent damage, she’s nowhere near other, better, units in this aspect. What’s more, she doesn’t have any other support skills or CC capabilities, which makes her into a mediocre one-trick pony.

The Best Characters in Cross Summoner:R - Who to Pick and Who to Drop

Though as far as characters in this tier go, Lyrica is definitely nowhere near as bad as Fortis, Momohime, or Eris. And while she’ll definitely be the one you will replace the last if you manage to get her, we strongly suggest swapping her out for a better caster whenever you get the chance.

By effectively learning about what makes a character good or bad, you’re no longer subjected to the whims of our, or any other, tier list on the web. Now that you know what to look for in Cross Summoner:R, you can essentially create your own tier lists if you find characters that are better than the ones mentioned here. Just remember that, if you’re aiming to reroll in this game, then you’re definitely better off playing Cross Summoner:R on PC with BlueStacks, as our Android app player gives you the tools necessary to significantly speed up your reroll attempts, and even automate them to a degree.

What are your favorite heroes in Cross Summoner:R? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!