Cross Summoner:R thrusts us straight into a new adventure where we can discover lots of different characters, locations, and a whole host of stories and plot threads in our journeys alongside the Holy Knight Fortis. However, despite the promise of adventure and excitement, the game is still a gacha RPG at its core, and you can find many of the same mechanics and systems that are common in the genre, in this title. From summoning a variety of powerful characters; progressing through tons of different levels, and creating unbeatable teams, you can expect to find the standard gacha flair in this game.

Cross Summoner:R Beginner’s Guide with the Best Tips and Tricks for Newcomers

However, even though the elements presented here will be quite familiar, each gacha title has its own odds and ends that make them stand out among the rest, and this one is no exception. For this reason, we wanted to create a handy beginner’s guide for Cross Summoner:R, full of tips and tricks specifically aimed at newcomers who want to get the best possible start in this game, and without wasting any resources or time. 

Play Cross Summoner:R on PC with BlueStacks to Optimize Your Experience

While mobile devices are very convenient ways to enjoy our favorite mobile games on the go, they are far from being the best platforms for actual gaming, considering the shoddy touchscreen controls, and the small screen size that can give anyone eye strain when playing for too long. And this is without even mentioning the fact that gaming on your phone can lead to the device overheating, as well as its batteries draining at an accelerated rate. All of this makes playing on mobile devices a subpar experience.

Cross Summoner:R Beginner’s Guide with the Best Tips and Tricks for Newcomers

Luckily, you can play Cross Summoner:R on PC with BlueStacks, and get the best of both worlds: The enjoyment of playing these new and exciting mobile games, with all the perks and benefits of gaming on your PC. In this sense, instead of playing on a cramped screen, you’ll be enjoying the game on your large computer monitor. And instead of clunky touchscreen buttons, you’ll be playing using your mouse and keyboard for added comfort and accuracy.

However, BlueStacks is more than just about letting you play on your superior PC hardware; our Android app player is also loaded with a ton of helpful tools and features specifically designed to enhance your gaming experience. From the Instance Manager and Instance Sync Tools that trivialize things like rerolling, to the Macro Recorder and Keymapping Tool that let you automate progression and freely customize your controls, respectively. Check out our PC setup guide for Cross Summoner:R if you want to learn more about how to get started.

Consider Rerolling to Get a Better Start

In the spirit of full disclosure, it’s not strictly necessary to reroll in Cross Summoner:R, particularly since the game gives you an unlimited 10x summoning very early on, which you can use to unlock as much as two SSR units from the beginning. These units, in turn, can help considerably to carry you through the early game, and up until even the late game stages. However, those who are committed to optimizing their performance from the outset will definitely want to reroll with the other freebies they get from pre-registration rewards and other prizes, in the hopes of unlocking a top-tier character.

Cross Summoner:R Beginner’s Guide with the Best Tips and Tricks for Newcomers

Luckily, Cross Summoner:R makes it very easy to reroll since each cycle is very short and only requires completing chapter 1, which takes only about 10 or 15 minutes. In this time, you get your free unlimited 10x summoning, and also a few freebies for performing at least 5 extra summonings, which are the ones you’ll be rerolling with. And if you play on PC with BlueStacks, you can essentially speed up the process by rerolling on multiple accounts at the same time. Check out our rerolling guide for Cross Summoner:R to learn more about how to reroll in this game.

Create Balanced Team Formations

Speaking of unlocking the best characters, while it’s obviously ideal to have a team of all top tier units, it’ll probably be a long time before you’re actually able to obtain these characters. In the meantime, you’ll have to carefully consider your team formation in order to get the most from the characters that you actually do have. Luckily, this game only has four different character classes, and no elemental system to speak of, so putting together teams is actually quite straightforward.

Cross Summoner:R Beginner’s Guide with the Best Tips and Tricks for Newcomers

With the game being so new, the current meta is leaning more towards finding the strongest teams in terms of damage output. To that end, the formations might be focused on two fighters, a caster, and a healer. Nevertheless, to achieve a completely balanced formation, we recommend going with one fighter, a caster, a guardian, and a support. And as you progress, you can start playing around with this formation to find what works for you.

As long as you keep your team balanced, you can spot potential deficiencies and strengths with ease, and adapt much better as you progress into tougher stages and have to fight against stronger opponents.

Keep Your Best Characters Upgraded At All Times

Nevertheless, even if you have unlocked a few top tier Cross Summoner:R characters, and have also arranged them into a strong formation, you’d still have a hard time completing difficult challenges if you don’t keep them upgraded. This is because when your characters are low level, not only are they weaker in terms of stats, but they also lack access to their strongest skills. And this is without mentioning that, even if you have unlocked your best skills, upgrading your characters can bestow them with additional effects, some of which are crucial for the characters in question.

There are several ways to upgrade any given character, though the most important that you’ll want to keep in mind at first are Breakthroughs and Leveling:

  • Breakthrough: After meeting a base level prerequisite, you can use certain items such as stones, elixirs, and essences, to purchase breakthroughs and enhance specific stats of your characters. And once you’ve upgraded all four stat groups to the next level, you can then enhance your hero to the next quality level, which not only increases their stats even more, but also grants them access to new skills.

Cross Summoner:R Beginner’s Guide with the Best Tips and Tricks for Newcomers

  • Leveling: The standard upgrade mechanic in most RPGs. By collecting enough experience, your character will level up, and gain boosts to their stats in the process. In Cross Summoner, you can farm EXP Potions and feed them to your characters to quickly level them up. This is a great way of getting new heroes up to speed without having to grind through stages to increase their levels.

Cross Summoner:R Beginner’s Guide with the Best Tips and Tricks for Newcomers

By keeping your characters leveled up and enhancing them with breakthroughs whenever you can, you will get the best performance out of them in combat.

Join or Create a Guild to Unlock Additional Content

In Cross Summoner:R, just like in many other games, players will progressively unlock new features and game modes as they progress through the story. However, this game also places some important aspects behind the Guilds feature, and you can only find them whenever you join one, or alternatively, when you create one for yourself.

Cross Summoner:R Beginner’s Guide with the Best Tips and Tricks for Newcomers

However, the Guilds feature is unlocked upon reaching 19, so it’ll probably take you a few hours to actually reach that point. Regardless, we strongly suggest joining or creating a guild as soon as you can, as you’ll unlock an exclusive store, as well as guild quests, and other game modes. Not to mention that you’ll also meet new players to team up with.

Use the Sweep Function For Farming Stages

In most gacha games, you’ll find yourself grinding and repeating the same stages over and over in order to farm for important resources, such as the ones needed for upgrading your characters that we mentioned above. Luckily, Cross Summoner:R significantly simplifies the process through the “Sweep” function, which lets you instantly reclear a level that you’ve completed with 3 stars in the past, simply by pressing a button and paying the energy fee. 

Cross Summoner:R Beginner’s Guide with the Best Tips and Tricks for Newcomers

If you need to grind for a specific type of resource that you can only get from a certain stage, you can simply go ahead and 3-star it, and then come back to use the sweep feature as many times as you need, until you get the materials that you’re looking for. To this end, you can find the sweep button whenever you choose a stage in the Adventure menu, though you can only click on it after clearing the level with 3 stars. 

That’s it for our Cross Summoner:R beginner tips and tricks. With these pointers, you can start your adventure on the right track, and blaze all the way to the endgame in record time!