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Cyber Hunter Beginner’s Guide

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Ah, another Battle Royale game for us gamers. In this vast sea of endless Battle Royale games, does Cyber Hunter manage to make a difference? The answer is yes! Cyber Hunter has some great new additions that change the nature of the genre and make it a must-play mobile game for fans.

In this article, we will show you how to get started on Cyber Hunter. You will see the different aspects of the game and get ready to become a great player. The sooner you get accustomed to the new aspects of Cyber Hunter, the sooner you will move on from being a Beginner. Before talking about the new additions to Cyber Hunter, let’s take a look at the amazing customization Cyber Hunter offers.

Cyber Hunter Character Customization

When you launch Cyber Hunter for the first time, you are going to find yourself in the “Customization Screen”. In here, you can customize your character in detail.

Cyber Hunter Beginner’s Guide

Spend most of your time customizing the physical details of your character. Change his/her hair color, style, etc. Don’t waste your time choosing an outfit because you won’t be able to use it!

Cyber Hunter Beginner’s Guide

Yes, you’ve read it correctly. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use the clothes that you pick when customizing your character in the game. The clothes picking part is solely used for seeing how your character would look on them. You can later buy/unlock these clothes from the season pass.

Learn the New Additions with Tutorial Mode

New additions and alterations are the main factors that make a mobile game different from the other same genre games. When it comes to Battle Royale, there is a limit to how much you can change or add. Cyber Hunter manages to add a few mechanics that improve the overall gameplay.

Cyber Hunter Beginner’s Guide

First, choose your prior gameplay experience.

Cyber Hunter Beginner’s Guide

After that, just head into tutorial mode and learn about all the aspects of Cyber Hunter. You will get used to the game in no time. Now, let’s see what are these new additions.

Learning the Mechanics of Cyber Hunter

Remember when you played Fortnite for the first time? How much time did it take to get used to the building? A lot? Probably, yes. However, it won’t take that much time learning the key mechanics of Cyber Hunter.

The Climbing

Cyber Hunter Beginner’s Guide

You build on Fortnite to have the higher ground advantage. However, in Cyber Hunter, you just climb up. Just press and hold the “Jump” key and start climbing on any surface. Climbing is very important because you will have the higher ground advantage and there is a lot of amazing loot located on higher places.

Droid Skills

Cyber Hunter Beginner’s Guide

Think about some amazing skills that you can deploy in a blink of an eye. They change the flow of the fight instantaneously and give you the advantage. Think of it as building that huge apartment complex in Fornite in a couple of seconds. By the way, that’s not the only thing you can do with these Droid Skills. You can deploy cover, a motorbike or even a bush. Be sure to check out the Droid Skills menu and learn what all skills do.

Cyber Hunter Beginner’s Guide

Play Cyber Hunter on BlueStacks

You choose up to three different Droid Skills to use during a match. All of them have different purposes and useful in some way. Be sure to check our relevant article for a more in-depth explanation.

The Gliding

Cyber Hunter Beginner’s Guide

Gliding is nothing new for Battle Royale games. However, gliding can be performed a lot easier and more frequently in Cyber Hunter. You don’t have to be very far from the ground to utilize it either. Just hit the “Jump” button and keep holding it. You will glide and escape from that closing circle.

The Rolling

Cyber Hunter Beginner’s Guide

Another important mechanic that every beginner should know is “Rolling”. When you roll, you throw off your enemies’ aim. In addition to that, you can easily hop behind a cover just by hitting the roll button. Rolling is essential to survive many firefights. Every beginner out there should master it to become a better player.

Also, remember this is an online game. Even though you can play it solo, the most fun is had when played with others.

Cyber Hunter Beginner’s Guide

Utilize the easy chat function of Cyber Hunter to find some friends. Communicate and play together to have more fun. There will be a lot of other beginners like you. However, together, with the tips found in this Beginner’s guide, you can all become a pro in no time.

These small additions are important to make a difference in Cyber Hunter. You should constantly climb to higher places to look out for loot or increase the odds of winning a firefight. Gliding helps with traveling at a faster rate while rolling is great for hopping back of a cover. Droid Skills are the ultimate Joker card that changes the whole flow of the firefights. All these things look like small details but when applied during a match, they will make a huge difference and get you closer to that win. Learn and master all of the Tips and Tricks and in the end, you won’t be a “Beginner” anymore. Also, remember that playing with Keyboard and Mouse Controls on BlueStacks always provides an edge.

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