Cyber Hunter is one of the most played mobile Battle Royale games out there. It has the classic modes that every fan of the genre likes. In addition to that, Cyber Hunter does a good job in terms of customization and constant unlocks. You can customize your character from the beginning of the game in a detailed manner. There is a classic season pass which provides its players with worthy rewards as long as they keep playing (You can always buy the season pass for a reasonable price).

In terms of gameplay, Cyber Hunter adds some new exciting mechanics that greatly enhance the core gameplay of the Battle Royale genre. For instance, movement actions such as climbing and rolling add longevity and finesse to firefights. You can climb almost anywhere or you can quickly hop behind cover while you are under fire. However, these actions cannot be performed infinitely. Your character has an energy bar that depletes whenever you do one of these special movement actions. If you want to become a better player and increase your winning numbers in Cyber Hunter, you should find a way to master these essential mechanics. You can find more details about these in our Tips and Tricks Article and The BlueStacks Guide to Mastering Cyber Hunter.

Droid skills are equally as important as the movement mechanics that Cyber Hunter possesses. In order to win most of your firefights and get that ‘chicken dinner’ at the end, you should include Droid Skills in your firefights. We will show you what Droid Skills are and which ones are the best for getting that win.

What are Droid Skills – How to Use Them?

Droid Skills are unique skills that are present in Cyber Hunter. There are many different skills to pick from. However, not all of them are unlocked from the start. As you level up, you will unlock new skills.

As you can see from the image above, you can choose up to three different skills during a battle. All of these skills use resources that are called ‘Droid Cubes’. You pick these up by looting around the map and by looting the dead enemies. Each skill uses a different amount of cubes as you can see on the image above.  Just click on the skill you want to deploy and it will be deployed immediately. As mentioned before, there are many different skills to pick from. Considering you can only pick up to three, which ones should you pick?

Best Droid Skills to Pick

From the Droid Skills menu, you can browse every available Droid Skill in the game. Some of these skills will already be unlocked due to your current level. As you level up, you will unlock new Droid Skills to use.

In the Droid Skills menu, you can watch short videos about what the skills do. At first glance, every one of them look cool and useful. However, when it comes to the battlefield, some of them function better.

Shield Wall

Shield Wall is one of the first skills that you can pick in Cyber Hunter. It’s unlocked at the first level.

When you use this skill, you will have a big wall to take a breather. You can take cover and heal up. It’s fast and very useful. We recommend this almost to any kind of player but mostly to beginners.


You got distracted by looting or the firefight went for a long time; you check your map and the circle is already here…

You can easily deploy a motorbike and get the hell out. Even though this skill looks useful, and there are some moments that make it worth picking, there are many other skills more useful.


The bush is a classic for many Battle Royale games.

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It’s great for camouflage and ambushing. However, people got used to this trick and it isn’t that useful anymore.

Healing Device

Healing device is one of the best skills to use in Cyber Hunter.

When deployed, a healing station, which encapsulates a big space, heals you until your HP is maxed out. It’s great for every kind of player and makes a huge difference in firefights and in situations where you lack bandages and other kinds of healing items.

Cyber Tower

Cyber Tower is another very useful Droid Skill in Cyber Hunter.

When you deploy the Cyber Tower, you find yourself on top of a huge tower. This way, you can easily have the higher ground advantage during a firefight. Think of it as a one-click building trick.


The monitor is arguably the best Droid Skill to use in Cyber Hunter.

When you deploy this skill, a big radar will spin around for a very long time to detect enemy signals. Whenever an enemy is close, it makes your map flash red, making you aware that an enemy is very close. It is useful in any kind of situation and makes you ready for any kind of possible surprises. You will unlock this skill at level five and you should equip it up instantaneously.

How to Equip Droid Skills?

We told you what Droid Skills are and which ones are the best to use. But, how do we equip them?

From the Droids Skills menu, just click on ‘Configure Skills’, your ‘Skills Tree’ will pop up. In here, just choose where you want to store the skills and that’s it. You are ready to use the equipped skill on the battlefield.

There are some great new additions to Cyber Hunter in terms of Battle Royale gameplay mechanics. New movement actions and the Droid Skills, of course. You must master and utilize all these new additions if you want to get that win. In order to use these efficiently and easily, you should play Cyber Hunter on BlueStacks. With BlueStacks’ advanced controls feature, you can easily assign buttons to these actions and make a huge difference in the battlefield.

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