Whenever a new MMORPG releases to the market, we can’t help but ask ourselves the quintessential question: Which is the best class for me? Of course, in a good game, the answer here will vary according to your play style and personal preferences, especially since each class should provide a series of benefits and drawbacks, with no clear choice for which is the best, objectively speaking. Luckily, the new Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest is no exception since, despite offering only four classes at launch, each of these are unique enough to pander to different play styles, while also being perfectly capable of getting through levels and challenges just fine.

Still, choosing the right class for you is very important in any MMORPG, particularly since your initial enjoyment will depend heavily on this choice. In this sense, choosing the wrong class for your preferences can lead you to getting bored, or dropping the game altogether, while choosing a good one can make all the difference for your enjoyment. This is particularly important in this game since you can’t seem to create more than one character per account. In other words, you’re effectively locked to one class once you create your character.

In this sense, and to help you make the best choices for your class in Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest, we’ve decided to create a class guide for this game. In the next few paragraphs, you’ll find a breakdown of every class in the game, their strengths and weaknesses, and our personal thoughts on each, so you can hopefully pick the one that’s best suited for what you’re looking for.


Damage: 5*

Survivability: 2.5* 

Burst: 2*

Range: 1.5*

Mobility: 1*

The resident edgelord class in Dark Nemesis, fit for the cool kids who like to sit in corners brooding, and then get up and absolutely destroy all their enemies with a single swift move of their scythes. Jokes aside, the Assassin class is a master of sustained damage, being able to easily cut through swathes of enemies with a few attacks and skills. However, they excel in this aspect with a notable tradeoff in survivability, range, and mobility.

In short, Assassins are exceedingly strong melee combatants, with an emphasis on the melee part of their kits. In other words, they can destroy all their enemies as long as they can reach them. And while they have a few skills that let them cross large distances every few seconds, they will always need to get close to their enemies in order to deal damage.

Assassins can transition into Flash Killers, Shadow Slayers, and Venom Ninjas, all of which trade some of their damage for more defenses, or in some cases, extra mobility. Your style transition at level 39 will depend on whether you want to boost your damage output even further, or simply want to make up for their shortcomings with a few new tricks up their sleeves.


Damage: 5*

Survivability: 4*

Burst: 3.5*

Range: 2*

Mobility: 3*

Featuring a damage potential almost as high as with Assassins, but with more survivability and mobility, Warriors are definitely the class of choice for beginners. Their high defenses and HP will prevent them from getting punished too hard if they fail to dodge enemy attacks, and their decent burst damage allows them to remain competitive, in relation to other “pure DPS” classes.

Nevertheless, despite their well-rounded kit, Warriors often rely on burst phases in order to deal most of their damage, which means that their damage comes in phases, as opposed to being constant like with Assassins or Gunslingers. Still, this is a small price to pay for their ease of use and proficiency at dealing with most situations that they will come up against in a relatively straightforward manner.

Warrior’s style changes are a bit more subtle than with Assassins. They can transition into Furious Destroyers, Hell Pioneers, or Light Asura, which all sacrifice some damage, in exchange for more mobility, burst, or survivability, respectively.


Damage: 5*

Survivability: 1.5*

Burst: 3*

Range: 4*

Mobility: 3.2*

Gunslingers are the speedy and highly-damaging option of choice for those who like to do tons of damage, with a relatively low skill floor and complexity. True to its name, this class is great for dishing out the hurt from the relative safety of long distances. However, if an enemy manages to get close, or targets them with a dangerous skill, Gunslingers will need to quickly get out of the way since they’re even more fragile than Assassins.

There’s not much to say about this class other than that, if you’re a beginner and are looking for an easy class without too much to learn, then Gunslingers are for you. Aside from that, they can transition to Cyber Petals, Enchanted Roses, or Absolute Zero, which sacrifice some damage for superior ranged capabilities, more burst and mobility, or a more balanced kit, respectively.


Damage: 5*

Survivability: 1.5*

Burst: 4.5*

Range: 2.5*

Mobility: 3*

Arguably the strongest class in the game, at least in terms of sheer damage potential, featuring not only skills and attacks that deal excellent sustained damage, but also a massive burst potential that can bring even the toughest foes to their knees. Nevertheless, this superior damage comes with the tradeoff that they’re the squishiest class of them all, making them also one of the hardest to master.

Mages are great for both single-target as well as AoE settings, which also makes them ideal for PvP or for dealing with the tougher content, if they’re in the right hands. Their three style transitions, Scarlet Queen, Warp Majesty, and Cosmic Goddess, aim to mix up their kits somewhat, but still retain most of their core features, including burst damage. This is with the exception of the Cosmic Goddess, which sacrifices damage and burst for mobility and survivability, letting them act as tanks in some settings.

While Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest only has four classes to choose from, the choice is still as difficult as always. But hopefully, with the information in this guide, you should be ready to make the ultimate choice, with no regrets after starting.