Darkfire Heroes is an action RPG that released globally just a few weeks ago, offering a variety of game modes, unlockable characters and spells, and other goodies to keep you glued to the screen at all times, especially if you play it on PC with BlueStacks. However, if you’re new to the game, or if you just heard about it after its launch, then you will need the best info and pointers to get you started, which is why we decided to prepare this beginner’s guide with some juicy tips for newcomers.

Beginner’s Guide for Darkfire Heroes - Everything You Need to Know to Start on the Right Track

Understanding the Hero System

If you’ve ever played another mobile RPG before, then the hero system in Darkfire Heroes will be very familiar to you. The heroes in this game all have a variety of stats, skills, and other properties that give them their utility in combat. Some of these heroes are great for dealing damage, others for attracting the enemies’ attention and keeping their allies safe, while others are good at healing and providing sustenance during missions.

Beginner’s Guide for Darkfire Heroes - Everything You Need to Know to Start on the Right Track

In order to build a successful team in this game, you need to carefully consider all the individual properties of each character, and build a group so that the weaknesses of some characters are complemented by the strengths of the others. The resulting formation should be able to both weather the onslaught of enemies in every level, as well as defeat anyone who stands in their way in a relatively short amount of time.

Check out our hero system overview guide to learn more about the different properties of the characters in Darkfire Heroes, as well as how to equip them correctly.

The Different Game Modes

Soon after beginning your game, you’ll be presented with the numerous game modes in Darkfire Heroes, including the main PvE campaign, as well as the exciting PvP aspects.

When it comes to progressing, you’ll mostly be playing the campaign modes as these stages give good experience, which is great for leveling up your account and for unlocking a variety of different features, including the chance to unlock new characters, as well as access to new spells and other useful tools. Furthermore, by replaying stages in the main campaign, you can also farm for some goodies like gear, gold, and shards.

Beginner’s Guide for Darkfire Heroes - Everything You Need to Know to Start on the Right Track

On the flipside, the PvP game modes are some of the most exciting in Darkfire Heroes, as they feature live matches against other players that can be quite exhilarating, especially if both you and your opponents know what you’re doing. From a progression standpoint, however, the PvP modes are also quite important since they give valuable keys that can be used for opening chests, which can contain character cards, gold, and other goodies.

Being diligent with your daily PvP goals, as well as blazing through the story missions as fast as you can is the best way to expedite your progression in Darkfire Heroes. However, your main bottleneck here will be your team strength as you’ll soon run into difficulty walls, prompting you to unlock better heroes and upgrade existing characters to continue winning stages.

Play the Arena Even After Receiving All Your Daily Keys

As a bonus tip when it comes to account progression in Darkfire Heroes, it’s worth mentioning that, even after you receive all your daily keys in the Arena modes, it’s still worth participating in these matches if you’re in a clan. This is because all your PvP matches in this game go towards the total number of victories required for unlocking Clan Chests, which are containers with exceedingly great items such as cards and gold, and that refresh on a weekly basis.

Beginner’s Guide for Darkfire Heroes - Everything You Need to Know to Start on the Right Track

In other words, in order to make good progress in this game, we also recommend first joining with an active clan, and then contribute to it by playing and winning in the PvP game modes. The rewards are more than worth it, and everyone can chip in to unlock the Clan Chest, and in turn receive compensation for their efforts.

How to Fight and Win

While the victory conditions will differ according to the game mode, the basic gist of all of these is to deploy your team and have them engage against the enemy and come out on top.

After choosing a game mode, you will need to assemble a team using up to 5 characters in your roster. As we mentioned above, understanding the hero system is crucial for creating a good team for every situation. Regardless, once you’ve decided on your formation, the match will start.

Beginner’s Guide for Darkfire Heroes - Everything You Need to Know to Start on the Right Track

If you’re playing through the campaign missions, the goal of every level is simply to run through the entirety of the stage defeating all the enemies within, and then facing off against the boss enemy (or enemies) in order to complete the level. As expected, the difficulty of these stages will ramp up as your progress through the different levels in every chapter. And soon enough, you’ll come across a stage that you can’t complete since the enemies will be too tough. When this happens, you’ll need to shift your focus towards farming keys and opening chests that contain cards and useful items, which can be used for upgrading your characters. 

Beginner’s Guide for Darkfire Heroes - Everything You Need to Know to Start on the Right Track

Similarly, as you level up, you’ll be able to unlock better characters and spells for your team. Just remember to save up your resources to upgrade the good heroes, as opposed to spending it all on sub-par characters. Check out our tier list for Darkfire Heroes to learn what characters are the best in the game, and which ones you should skip.

When it comes to PvP, while most of the gameplay is similar, the objectives are somewhat different.

There are two game modes in the arena in Darkfire Heroes: Castle Conquest, and Hero Race. In the former, the objective is to destroy the enemy’s castle building on their side of the base. This mode plays similar to a campaign level, except your enemy is another player that can also use hero skills and spells, which makes it lots more challenging. The latter, on the other hand, is a race to the end against another player, where the winner is the one who destroys the castle at the end of the road. In other words, this mode is exactly like the campaign missions, but with a racing element to it.

If you want to make quick progress in Darkfire Heroes, you need to complete all your daily, weekly, and monthly missions, as well as strike a good balance between arena matches and campaign missions. Before long, your account will be high level and you’ll get access to a variety of heroes, spells, and other awesome features to spice up your gameplay and strategies.