In an earlier entry, we went over the hero system in Darkfire Heroes, explaining absolutely everything you need to know about the different parameters, skills, powers, and roles that give each character their utility and uniqueness, as well as how to upgrade each of these heroes. However, even though you can significantly boost the performance of any character in this game by leveling them up and upgrading them to unlock their passive skills, there’s another system that you can use in order to elevate their powers to the next level, the gear system.

Darkfire Heroes - The Gear System Explained

The gear system in Darkfire Heroes revolves around a variety of items that you can receive by completing stages or other challenges, and that you can equip to your characters in order to boost their performance far beyond what they could get from simply leveling up or learning skills. In other words, the gear is what will allow a Common quality hero to go toe-to-toe with an Epic character, and is also the reason why most heroes can have a place in any formation. With the right gear, you can make any hero work flawlessly.

In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the gear system in Darkfire Heroes, so that you can get the most out of your favorite characters. Just remember to also read our hero system guide we linked above to get the full story on everything about maximizing the potential of your squad.

The Gear System

Just like with the heroes in Darkfire Heroes, the gear also has several properties, including stats, rarity, and elements, alongside another trait called the set bonus.

Darkfire Heroes - The Gear System Explained

Gear Rarity

Similar to the heroes, the gear in Darkfire Heroes comes in three rarities: Common, Rare, and Epic. However, in contrast with the heroes, the rarity of your gear will determine its maximum level, and therefore the magnitude of the buffs they provide. In this regard, Common gear can be upgraded twice; Rare gear can be upgraded three times, and Epic gear can be upgraded a total of four times. Luckily, you can equip any piece of gear to any character, regardless of the latter’s rarity. For example, a Common hero can wear Epic gear, which is actually necessary if you want them to remain competitive against heroes of superior rarities or levels.

You can easily tell what level a piece of gear is by the “+” symbol that appears beside its name, alongside the corresponding number.

Gear Stats

The parameters of any piece of gear add directly to the corresponding stats they’re meant to enhance. For instance, a piece with bonus damage will directly increase the hero’s damage when equipped. And as the piece of gear is upgraded, these parameters will increase in turn, which is why pieces of higher rarity are usually much better, since they can be upgraded more times.

Darkfire Heroes - The Gear System Explained

The only exception to the stats aspect we’ve been mentioning is with the “critical damage” parameter. Depending on the type of gear, this bonus can either be additive or multiplicative, and you can tell them apart by the “pp” symbol in the gear’s description, which stands for “percentage points”. When a gear item has the “pp” symbol, it means that its bonus is added as a percentage of the current base critical damage. Meanwhile, if the piece does NOT have the “pp” symbol, it means that its bonus is a flat addition to the damage done with every critical hit.

To illustrate this particularity, let’s share an example: If a piece of gear has a “pp” bonus of +80. It means that the hero who equips it will have a critical damage multiplier of 180% instead of the regular 100%, assuming they’re only wearing this piece of “pp” gear. On the other hand, if the piece of gear didn’t have the “pp” symbol, it’d mean that, every time they deal a critical hit, they would inflict an additional 80 points of damage.

Gear Types

Any piece of gear in Darkfire Heroes can come in one of three types: Attack, Defense, and Magic. Aside from giving you an idea of what stats they increase at a glance, the type of gear also determines the slots in which they belong. In other words, while any hero can equip any piece of gear, they must first have an available slot for the said piece of gear. For instance, Carmyn has three Attack slots, one Defense slot, and one Magic slot.

Darkfire Heroes - The Gear System Explained

It goes without saying that the type of hero in question may determine the gear slots available for that character. Tank heroes tend to have more Defense slots; Damage Dealers tend to have more Attack slots; Supporter heroes can have balanced slots, and healers might lean more towards magic slots.

Regardless, it’s always a good idea to equip your heroes with the best possible gear you can get your hands on in order to maximize their potential. And don’t worry if you think you messed up; you can easily unequip gear at any time.

Gear Elements

Just like with your heroes, the gear can have varying elements, and just like with your heroes, this has very little effect on the potential of the gear itself. However, when you equip a piece of gear on a hero that has the same element, it’ll count as if the piece is one level higher, which can give a nice boost to your stats.

If you can’t manage it, don’t sweat it; it’s much better to equip your characters with the correct gear for their role, than to try and force the correct elements on the corresponding heroes.

Set Bonuses

Lastly, one important part about your gear items in Darkfire Heroes are the set bonuses. Some pieces of gear belong to a set, denoted by the name on the bottom right of their descriptions. If you equip several pieces of the same set on one character, you’ll get additional bonuses as noted by the bonuses on their description. These additions are usually worth the hassle if you can get your hands on set items.

Darkfire Heroes - The Gear System Explained

Upgrading and Salvaging

Unlike with your heroes, the only way to upgrade your gear is by spending “Shards”, which you can usually get from opening chests. These shards come in the three usual rarities, Common (silver), Rare (gold), and Epic (pink). The type and amount of shards required to level up will depend on the rarity and level of the item in question.

While shards can be found in chests, they can also be obtained by salvaging unwanted gear. To do this, simply go to the gear menu, click on any unwanted piece, and then on “Salvage”. In this sense, you’ll get shards in relation to the level and rarity of the piece you sacrificed.

Darkfire Heroes - The Gear System Explained

And that’s it for our guide on the gear in Darkfire Heroes. With the info in this article, you should have all you need to know to properly outfit your characters in this mobile action RPG, and dominate all your enemies in the battlefield.

Darkfire Heroes - The Gear System Explained