There’s a lot to consider when looking to build and upgrade your teams in Darkfire Heroes, of which some of the most important aspects are the heroes themselves, as well as the gearing system. And while most of the gameplay is quite straightforward, considering that the battle system is mostly automated, and the only time your heroes require player input is when using skills and spells, your biggest role in the game is actually preparing your squad for combat, in order to let them reach the point where they can fend for themselves with ease.

Darkfire Heroes - The Hero System Explained

The hero system in Darkfire Heroes has a few elements that you need to learn before actually diving into upgrading and building teams, and this is exactly what we aim to explore in this article. If you’re looking for alternative ways to improve your squad in Darkfire Heroes, however, we suggest checking out our gear guide.

The Hero System

Unlike the vast majority of other mobile RPGs out there, where characters are unlocked via randomized summoning in a gacha system, the champions in Darkfire Heroes are unlocked first by reaching a certain level, and then by finding them in chests, alongside their respective character cards. These cards, in turn, are also obtained from opening chests, which the game generously provides in droves as you complete challenges, stages, and participate in the arena.

Darkfire Heroes - The Hero System Explained

Once your account level is high enough, you may begin finding new characters in chests, which are then added to your roster and you will be able to deploy them in the battlefield from that point onward. However, when you first try out a new character, even if they are of a good rarity, you might notice that they’re weaker than expected. In this sense, it’s important to first upgrade your characters before using them.

However, before we upgrade, it’s crucial to understand first what each of the different stats in this Darkfire Heroes represent, as this will give you an idea of how to build your teams:

Hero Roles

First and foremost, the role of any character will give you an idea of their use in combat, and these can come in four different types:

  • Tank: Specializes in attracting and keeping the enemy’s attention to protect their allies.
  • Healer: Restores and sustains the team’s HP.
  • Supporter: Buffs the team with various beneficial effects, or cripples the enemy with status conditions.
  • Damage Dealer: Focuses on obliterating the enemy by dishing out the most amount of damage possible.

Creating a good team is often about mixing and matching these roles so that you can both survive the enemy attacks, as well as destroy them in as little time as possible.

Hero Rarities

When you first find them, your heroes can come in three different rarities, Common, Rare, or Epic. This aspect has no effect on the skills and usefulness of the hero, but it will influence their overall stats and strength. However, heroes of higher rarities require different cards to upgrade them, which can make it harder to improve them.

Darkfire Heroes - The Hero System Explained

Hero Elements

Heroes in Darkfire Heroes each have their own elemental affinities, which can be Light, Dark, Fire, Water, Air, or Earth. These elements are mostly ineffectual, though there are some days in which a specific element can get boosted, significantly increasing the stats of affected heroes. You mostly won’t have to pay attention to this aspect when building a team, but it’s important to know about it, regardless.

Hero Stats

Though these are mostly self-explanatory, here’s a breakdown of all the stats in Darkfire Heroes and what they affect:

  • Health: The amount of punishment that the character can take. When this drops to 0, the character is removed from combat.
  • Defense: The character’s resistance to physical attacks.
  • Protection: The character’s resistance to magical attacks.
  • Damage: The damage that the character does per attack.
  • Crit Chance: The probability of an attack dealing additional damage.
  • Crit Damage: The multiplier of an attack when it deals critical damage. The default is 100%.
  • Attack Type: The type of attack the character uses. Can be physical, or magical. Applies only to auto-attacks.
  • Range: The distance from which a character can attack the enemy. Applies only to auto-attacks.
  • Attack Speed: The rate at which a character attacks.

Darkfire Heroes - The Hero System Explained

By upgrading a hero (via using cards and gold), you can upgrade their stats and make them overall better in combat.

Hero Powers and Skills

One last important bit of knowledge when it comes to the heroes in Darkfire Heroes are the skills and powers that each of these offer; the latter referring to the active abilities that heroes can use in combat, and the former to a series of passive buffs that are unlocked as you upgrade the character in question.

Darkfire Heroes - The Hero System Explained

These powers and skills are basically some of the most important features of your heroes, and while some of them can be useful for their raw physical potential, others are solely dependent on these aspects in order to perform their role. Tanks, healers, and supporters, above all, are very reliant on their powers in order to do their job.

All your characters start with their power, and a single skill when you first unlock them, and they can learn a maximum of three additional skills as you upgrade them. However, in order to learn these skills, you will need to upgrade them using essences of their corresponding element. For instance, a Fire hero needs Fire Essences in order to learn their skills. Additionally, there’s a level requirement for learning these abilities. Specifically, characters can learn their second skill at level 3; the third at level 5, and and the fourth at level 10.

Darkfire Heroes - The Hero System Explained

When it comes to skills, some of these can be quite unique, while others might share similar effects with the ones of other characters. Some of the most noteworthy skills are called “Leadership Skills”, and once learned can drastically enhance a character’s performance.

By unlocking the best characters in the game, and also upgrading them and unlocking their full potential, you’ll be well on your way to victory in Darkfire Heroes, both in PvE and PvP.