If you’re a huge fan of the Date a Live anime or light novel series, then you’re going to have a great time when you play Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD.  In the game, you take the role of a Japanese high school student whose life completely changes upon meeting cosmic, human-like, entities known as Spirits. There are many Spirits roaming around the world, and you must develop relationships with them and form strong bonds to protect them from being eliminated by the Anti Spirit Team (AST). 

Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD combines romantic visual novel elements and energetic combat systems and in this guide, we’ll help you get started in immersing yourself in the world of the Spirits. Haven’t installed the game yet on your PC or Mac? Install and play Spirit Pledge HD with BlueStacks now with the help of this guide.

Main Menu

Let’s first familiarize ourselves with the user interface of Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD before learning the core game mechanics. The main menu is going to be your central hub in the game and it is separated into multiple sections.

A Beginner’s Guide to Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD


You can view information about yourself here such as username, current level, level progress bar, and player ID. Below this you can also view the game’s time which is always configured to the UTC time zone. You can utilize BlueStacks’ UTC time converter to help you keep track of game events in your local time zone.

A Beginner’s Guide to Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD


This is where you can participate in special in-game events to earn more rewards. The Events tab displays a full list of ongoing rewards-giving events such as monthly sign-in, 7-day challenges, and more. The Battle Pass tab shows the game’s battle pass where you can earn EXP to redeem rewards. More can be earned by purchasing the Date Manual, which is essentially a paid battle pass. The Timed tab displays limited-time events that you can do for high-quality rewards. All event times are in UTC.

A Beginner’s Guide to Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD


In this section, you can access the latest game news, friends list (where you can view, block, or delete friends and accept friend requests), and mail. This is also where you can open the game chat where you can talk to other players. The game chat is categorized into a private chat, system, online (online friends), and world.

A Beginner’s Guide to Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD


Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD has three currencies and how much of these you own can be seen here. The currencies displayed are shopping token, gold, and diamond respectively. Shopping tokens can be garnered from top-ups (paid with real money) and be used to buy packs. Gold is the main currency and is used to buy consumables and many more items. Diamond is the premium currency used to buy special items. Bulks of diamonds can be bought with real money.

A Beginner’s Guide to Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD


This is where you can access the game’s core features and is categorized into three. Story instance is where the main campaign is and it consists of multiple volumes. Each volume centers around a different Spirit (i.e., Tohka, Yoshino, Kurumi) and one volume must be completed to unlock the next. Daily instance consists of various quests where you can farm for resources. Daily instance quests refresh daily. Lastly, Event instance consists of difficult challenges that test your skill in exchange for big rewards.


Participate in daily and achieved quests to quickly earn rewards. Note that the daily quests here are different from the Daily instance quests mentioned earlier.


View pertinent information about the Spirits you have bonded with here. More specifically this is where you can see their level, BP (strength level), combat role, and element. This is also where you can upgrade Spirits to make them stronger as well as customize their appearance.


This is where you can set which Spirit is going to be displayed on the main menu. In addition, this is also where you can customize their appearance as well as other details like the background, background music, and their reactions to being clicked on.

A Beginner’s Guide to Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD


All of your items are stored here. They are automatically organized according to four categories: Item, Materials, Gem, and Sephira. This is also where you can sell items


Add more Spirits to your roster by summoning them. This is where the gacha element of the game comes in so the Spirits that you summon here are completely randomized. There are also various types of summons which have their own probabilities of summoning rare Spirits.


Purchase premium items and consumables with shopping tokens here.


Purchase common items and consumables here. Some items in the store may only accept different resources and not shopping tokens, gold, or diamonds.


As mentioned, Story instances are where you can view the main story and this is where you can start and develop bonds with the Spirits. The most important of these interactions are the dates.

A Beginner’s Guide to Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD

Each Spirit has its own volume in the Story instance menu and each volume consists of multiple chapters. Several of those are date chapters and they are colored red. Date chapters play out like any other visual novel games – you talk to a character and can choose up to three responses when prompted. 

The dialogue of the characters can be automatically played at either normal or double speed. Additionally, you can even skip the date chapter completely. Regardless of your approach, clearance rewards are given upon completion and battle chapters are unlocked.


Battle chapters or battle instances are where you take control of your Spirits to defeat several waves of enemies.

A Beginner’s Guide to Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD

Each battle instance requires you to satisfy a clearance condition to proceed further into the campaign. An example of this is “In 300s, defeat all enemies”. Instances can also have three optional goals indicated by stars. Completing these gives you bonus rewards so it is worth accomplishing them.

A Beginner’s Guide to Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD

Your Spirit can do normal attacks, skills, and awakening. Normal attacks do regular damage to enemies, but skills can do great damage and affect multiple enemies at once. You cannot use a skill again until its cooldown period has surpassed. Each attack and skill set are different per Spirit, so it is up to you to determine which Spirit is best for the job.

A Beginner’s Guide to Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD

The most powerful attack a Spirit has is the awakening and this deals an enormous amount of damage compared to normal attacks and skill attacks combined. An awakening can be activated when enough damage is dealt to enemies. Routinely monitor the awakening icon to see how much more damage you still need to do to activate it.

You can bring up to three Spirits in a battle instance and you can switch between them by clicking on their icon during combat. Switching to a new Spirit activates their casting skill which can deal damage to enemies, often to multiple ones at the same time.