When you play Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD, you’re going to interact with plenty of Spirits. Spirits are essentially cosmic entities that originate from an alternate dimension and have somehow made their way to Earth. Although Spirits look like human females, they are not actually human and are totally oblivious to human emotions and culture. Additionally, these Spirits possess supernatural powers that make them extremely formidable but also quite threatening to humans. What makes this worse is that Spirits involuntarily start earthquakes whenever they are summoned, and this just results in a multitude of property damages in human territories. Because of this, the Anti Spirit Team (AST) exists for the sole purpose of eliminating the Spirits and protecting humans from harm.

Ultimate Guide to Upgrading Spirits in Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD

But in Spirit Pledge HD, you realized that these Spirits are actually not as malevolent as the AST makes them out to be. With this, you embark on a journey where you develop bonds with the Spirits and protect them from being eliminated by AST forces. Spirits must be strong to be able to keep contesting with enemy forces and in this guide, we’ll show you all you need to know about Spirits and upgrading them.

All Spirit-related things in the game can be accessed by clicking on the “Spirit” button in the main menu. Most of the topics that will be discussed in this guide can be found in the Spirit menu. First, let’s take a look at stats.

Spirit Stats and Element

The Spirit menu contains plenty of information about a particular Spirit such as their BP, role, and element. Additionally, this is also where you can see their level and access the ways on how to upgrade them by clicking on “Cultivate”.

Ultimate Guide to Upgrading Spirits in Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD

The BP tells you a numerical summary of the Spirit’s strength. The more you upgrade a Spirit, their BP becomes higher. Note that you should not always judge a Spirit based on BP as other factors such as their skills and element are just as important to consider in your strategy.

The role tells you what the Spirit is best at in combat. Ones with the DPS role are very good at dealing plenty of damage quickly whereas Support roles are good at helping in wiping out multiple enemies. You’ll also notice that roles have specializations specified on their names like “DPS / Burst” and “Support / Energize”. These just give you more information about how the Spirits play out their roles. For instance, the “DPS / AOE” means that the Spirit has a DPS role that specializes in “Area of Effect” (AOE) attacks which affect multiple enemies at the same time.

Ultimate Guide to Upgrading Spirits in Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD

Each Spirit has an element and this is important for the “Element Restraint” feature of the game. A Spirit can receive damage buffs of either 12.5% or 25% or even damage nerfs of 25% depending on their element and the element of the enemy they are attacking. The full details of the “Element Restraint” feature can be found above.

Ultimate Guide to Upgrading Spirits in Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD

The stats of a Spirit consist of primary and secondary stats. The primary stats include Attack, DEF, and HP. Secondary stats are more specific and these are: ATK Speed, Movement Speed, HP Bonus, ATK Bonus, DEF Bonus, ATK SPD Bonus, Mov. Speed Bonus, Crit Rate, Crit DMG Bonus, Pierce Rate, Pierce DMG Conus, DMG Boost Ratio, DMG MIT Ratio, Hit Rate, Dodge Rate, Block Rate, Recovery Rate, Healing Bonus, Anti Crit, Crit DMG MIT, Controlled Duration Bonus, Controlled Duration MIT, Buff Duration Bonus, Debuff Duration MIT, and DMG Bonuses for; Fire, Hurricane, Lightning, Forst, Magic, Light, and Dark. There is a lot to unpack here but for now, focus only on the primary stats.

Leveling Up

Leveling up is the easiest way of upgrading Spirits. For every level increased, the Spirit stats Attack, DEF, HP, Dodge Rate, and Anti Crit are increased as well. The level-up menu can be accessed by clicking on the big “+” icon in the Spirit’s stats page.

Ultimate Guide to Upgrading Spirits in Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD

A Spirit can only level up when enough EXP is spent. EXP can be acquired from EXP chips which have four types. Basic EXP Chip gives 200 EXP, Medium EXP Chip gives 500 EXP, Advanced EXP Chip gives 1000 EXP, and Ultra EXP Cip gives 2500 EXP. When leveling up a Spirit, you have to spend several of these EXP chips until you reach the desired level or until it reaches max level.

Transcendence Level

Leveling up can only do so much until the level cap is reached. At that point, you need to upgrade a Spirit’s Transcendence Level to increase it and also receive further stat bonuses.

Ultimate Guide to Upgrading Spirits in Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD

The Transcendence Level consists of seven tiers and each tier contains many “potential slots” that can be filled up by spending gold and battlelogs. Each filled-up potential slot gives a stat upgrade, and the very last slot gives multiple stat upgrades and a level cap extension. Note that the tiers must be unlocked in order so you can’t proceed to one tier without completing upgrades to the ones before it. Additionally, the stats boosted in Transcendence Level are different per Spirit.


Sephira are special equipment that can give bonus stats and extra skills to Spirits. They are commonly acquired by summoning Spirits.

Ultimate Guide to Upgrading Spirits in Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD

A Spirit can equip up to three Sephira and it upgrades their HP, ATK, DEF, and up to four random stat boosts. The better the quality of the Sephira, the more random stat boosts are available. You can also create presets of Sephira by equipping the Sephira you like and clicking the “Save” button. Those presets will be stored and can be accessed by clicking the “Preset” button. Up to 20 presets can be created and stored.


Like Sephira, gems can also be equipped by Spirits to further increase their stats. Each Spirit can hold up to four gems.

Ultimate Guide to Upgrading Spirits in Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD

A gem has one main stat (the topmost one) and up to four randomly generated secondary stats. Additionally, they also come in four different types: Adamas, Ruby, Turquoise, and Crystal. Each type offers a different set of stat boosts. Equipping two or four of the same gems also activates bonus stat boosts. For example, equipping two “Mars” gems at the same time increases Fire DMG by 20%.


Skills are very important attacks that can be done by Spirits during combat and they can be upgraded to make them more effective.

Ultimate Guide to Upgrading Spirits in Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD

Each Spirit has four major skill branches corresponding to four main skills. These branches consist of multiple nodes that can be upgraded by spending skill points. Each node corresponds to a particular aspect of that skill such as casting speed, attack range, and even new moves. The cap of skill points can be increased when your Spirit undergoes Angel Awakening. To conduct an awakening, you must possess “Essence items” for that particular character (i.e. Malkuth Essence for Tohka Yatogami).


Equipping crystals gives a Spirit passive skills which are skills that are permanently activated. Up to six crystals can be equipped which means up to six passive skills can be acquired.

Ultimate Guide to Upgrading Spirits in Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD

To unlock a crystal, you must have a certain amount of fragments of a Spirit. These fragments are usually acquired from regular summons. Also note that crystal upgrades are sequential, and the sequence numbers are indicated on the page itself. This means that you need to unlock one crystal before proceeding to the next.