DC Worlds Collide can be a bit of a head-scratcher for players that have never encountered this genre before. The game uses a bunch of mechanics that can be a bit overwhelming for a player that’s just starting out in this game. Players that have no idea how these mechanics work often end up quitting the game either because they get intimidated, or because they continue playing without maximizing all their rewards at once. This means they have a steep learning curve ahead of them as they continue playing.

Learning all the complicated in-game mechanics can be a daunting task as well, but going over each and every one of them in one sitting isn’t efficient. Instead, this beginners guide will introduce the most basic functions that players need to learn about. We’ll be adding specialized guides to cover more in-depth information about specific parts of the game. For now though, you should learn about the game’s fundamentals so that you have an idea of how this game is played and what the important things are.

Main Stages

The Main Stage is where the game’s primary storyline progresses. This is the most critical part of the game because progressing here will unlock new features and give you additional rewards in the future. Players are expected to try and finish at least a few stages here every day so that they slowly reach the highest point of the game. The more stages you finish in the main campaign, the more resources you’ll have available to you, particularly in the form of idle rewards and playable features.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing DC Worlds Collide

As players progress through the main stages, they’ll encounter special opponents that have a boss unit. The boss unit has an increased health bar, meaning they’ll be harder to take down. Boss stages will usually provide special rewards or unlock new features in the game. As players continue beating stages, the enemies that await them become more difficult to defeat because the level increases accordingly. Once it reaches a level where the player can’t beat it, it’s advised to strengthen your party a bit more.

The Mother Box

The Mother Box is the game’s gacha banner system. For those that don’t know what that means, it’s essentially a random character generator that allows the player to spend tickets or gems so that they can get new units to join their team. These tickets and gems can both be acquired as a reward from finishing quests, events, achievements, checkpoints in the story, or by receiving them as gifts directly from the game’s systems. Players get huge amounts of these at the beginning, but slow down midway.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing DC Worlds Collide

The Mother Box has three types of banners. The first type is the Limited Edition Recruit, which appears once every few weeks. It features a specific epic or higher character that has increased chances of appearing. The second type is the Champion Recruit, which guarantees that the player gets an Elite or higher character. Finally, there’s the Character Recruitment, which is the standard banner where you can get as low as an uncommon character from the pool.


Gearing is an important part of the game. This refers to the items that you can equip your units with to increase their stats. As you’ve probably already noticed if you played the game, each piece of gear gives a certain amount of useful stats such as HP and ATK. Once you get uncommon gear, the choices for gear will have more variety. Equipping a certain set of gear from the same category will award the player with set bonuses, which will boost the stats that the unit has.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing DC Worlds Collide

It’s important to understand the importance of gearing early on. Players might want to go to the shop to purchase gear packs. Study what type of stats your character might need and make sure to only equip items from the same set so that you can maximize the bonuses that you receive. Once you reach the higher levels of the game, players will gain access to better gear through the Idle Rewards system. It’s a good idea then, to keep pushing the main stages to reach that level.

Adventure Earth & The Multiverse

Adventure Earth and The Multiverse are labeled differently but are the same in the sense that they are extra game modes that the player can challenge. The only difference between these two is the setting where they take place. Adventure Earth takes place in settings within the current universe, while The ‘Multiverse’ takes place in other universes. All have canon places that are associated with the settings found in the original comic series, so if you’re a fan, you’ll recognize where and when these appeared.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing DC Worlds Collide

The importance of these game modes is that players gain extra rewards from them. Most players try them out once and never come back to challenging them again, preferring the main storyline or other game modes that they found more appealing. However, players should always attempt to push these stages as far as they can so that they earn all the rewards they can collect earlier on. Some stages in these game modes have a one-per-day reset, so make sure to catch those before they refresh.

Idle Rewards

Idle Rewards is a system that new players might not be familiar with. Yes, this system basically allows you to gain rewards while you’re offline or not doing anything, but we’re here to discuss how the mechanics of the reward acquisition system works. The rewards you get from this system aren’t random; it’s set according to your progress in the Main Stages. Whenever you complete an entire Chapter, the number of rewards that you get here per hour increases.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing DC Worlds Collide

Aside from the experience, gold, and titanium generated by this system, you can also get gear pieces. You’ll notice that at the beginning you only get gray-quality (common) gear which doesn’t really help you become stronger. As you finish more stages, the gear you get will transform into green-quality then to blue-quality, and so on, until you get to legendary-quality items.