DC Worlds Collide has a lot of features that aim to help the players get a comfortable lead in the early stages of the game and reward them for exploring. However, most players aren’t inclined to start clicking on random buttons on their screen which is why a lot of features are left undiscovered. These features are important for the player, especially when they’re starting out because it accelerates the progress and gives them rewards that will give them a really strong lead.

We’ve already tackled some of the more in-depth topics about how a player can improve in the game. If you haven’t checked that out, look for our Teambuilding Guide and Unit Guide, which are both important if you’re trying to become a competitive user that wants to go through the rankings quickly. These tips and tricks that we’re about to give you will cover the more general aspects of the game that are usually ignored by players early on. Discovering them early can really propel you forward.

Always Have Backups

Having just one team in DC Worlds Collide is fine for the most part but there will come a time when you face off against an opponent that you might not be able to defeat. Remember that trait strengths play a big part in securing advantages that will win you the battle so your standard lineup might not be able to clear certain bosses. Try to mix and match different teams by having backup units that are ready to join the team whenever you think that you can’t beat the current stage.

Tips & Tricks to Playing DC Worlds Collide

Of course, we don’t expect you to level up more than 5 units manually. There’s a feature in the game called the Reserve League Center that allows for you to have units that copy the level of your 5th strongest unit. This saves you a lot in resources and gives you the option to mix and match teams without the cost. Players can also use the Character Retraining option if they think that one of their core members isn’t performing up to par with the task at hand and want to replace them with another unit.

Saving Up for a 10 Summon

Common law in gacha games is that players need to save their diamonds or tickets until they can summon 10 units at once rather than spending those currencies one by one every time they get it. This isn’t just a superstition but a practice that might benefit you as well. By summoning 10 at once, you increase the chances of getting a unit of a higher rarity. Getting an epic or higher unit is almost impossible when summon one at a time so consider saving your resources before doing so.

Tips & Tricks to Playing DC Worlds Collide

Another good reason why you should save is that you’re waiting for the next banner. If your Mother Box only has Character Recruitment and Champion Recruitment as options, don’t bother spending your resources. Wait until the game releases an event where it includes a Featured Character so that you’ll have a guaranteed chance of getting the units that you want. It can be hard to convince yourself not to spend your gems but it’s all worth it when the time comes.

Rush Through the Main Stages

You may already notice that the biggest source of resources necessary to level up in DC Worlds Collide comes from the Idle Supplies. This means that you need to boost the production of this feature as much as possible early on so that you can increase your units’ strength dramatically. The only way you can upgrade the rewards from the Idle Supplies is to complete chapters of the main stages. This is why you need to rush it as quickly as possible.

Tips & Tricks to Playing DC Worlds Collide

Aside from increasing the number of supplies acquired, the main stages also unlock game features in DC Worlds Collide. The goal is to unlock all of the primary game modes and features in the Multiverse, Collection, and Adventure Earth tabs within the first 3 days of playing the game. Once you’ve unlocked those features, you’ll want to complete them daily or as much as you can so that you gain all of the rewards that you can get from these game modes.

Check Your Inventory

Checking your inventory has to be one of those things that feels like common sense but a lot of people actually miss it. This is especially true if you’re a long-time gamer that takes one quick look at the inventory, finds nothing, then proceeds to ignore its existence for the rest of your life. In fact, a lot of useful items get stored here during the time that you play the game. For example, you’ll find equipment caches that contain really useful pieces of gear that you can use later on.

Tips & Tricks to Playing DC Worlds Collide

Another useful set of items in your inventory is the supply caches. These items allow the player to gain an instant amount of resources such as goal, experience, or titanium. If you’re in dire need of an extra set of resources to level up a character, don’t be afraid to use this. However, if you’re still in the lower chapters of the game, this feature might not give you a lot so make sure to rush your progress with the main stages.

Check the Shops

The final thing that beginners and even veteran players miss out on are the shops. The shop is an awesome place to spend your gold, which is arguably your most abundant resource in the game. Buy equipment caches and character shards daily, even if you don’t think that you need them because you’ll definitely do in the later stages of the game. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for sales that might offer you good deals.

Tips & Tricks to Playing DC Worlds Collide

In addition, go to the Day Pack tab to collect daily and weekly free gems that the game gives you. It’s also a good idea to buy the Special Packs in these shops using your diamonds because they’re basically discounted summons. Always leave at least 300 gems daily so that you can buy these discounted packs, which will help you accelerate character collection dramatically.