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Beginner’s Guide to the World of Disgaea RPG

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Boltrend Games have released the popular Japanese strategy turn-based RPG game Disgaea RPG in the global market for both Android and iOS. It is a new free-to-play game with turn-based mechanics in the world of Disgaea. The game shares similarities with the storyline of Disgaea and original characters like Laharl, Valvatorez, Flonne, Mao, Etna, and Kilia. Disgaea RPG captures essences from the original franchise in multiple ways including the gameplay and mechanics. But for newer players who have never played Disgaea titles, it might get confusing understanding the different parameters of the game.

Beginner’s Guide to the World of Disgaea RPG

For starters, let’s talk about the basics of Disgaea RPG. Disgaea RPG is a gacha game, so it means it includes summoning using premium currency/tickets to get desired units. Players are thrown multiple different summoning banners to choose from. Disgaea RPG’s premium currency is called “Nether Quartz” which is divided into 2 types – Paid and Free. Paid is the one you purchase by spending real money through the in-app purchases in Shop. Free Nether Quartz can be collected playing the game or as compensation by the developers. Disgaea RPG is a hero collector turn-based strategic RPG game and hence, comes with it all the standard processes – leveling up heroes, increasing rarity of units, and equipping them with the best possible equipment to make them stronger.

Leveling Up

Players can earn EXP for their units by participating with them in story mode stages, Dark Gate, and Limited Event stages. There are no exp potions where players can use those on weaker units to level them up. Players have to manually play with their heroes to level them up. Dark gate can be opened every day using Gate Keys. The dark gate has 2 gates – EXP Gate and HL Gate. As the name suggests, EXP Gate is the best available dungeon for gaining EXP of the highest amount. HL Gate is used for obtaining a large amount of HL. HL can be considered as gold/secondary currency for Disgaea RPG.

Beginner’s Guide to the World of Disgaea RPG

Each stage can be cleared up to 3 times every day. Players can use additional gate keys to open them for more runs. Event stages are also accompanied by EXP farming stages sometimes which provide a good amount of EXP and event points. Players can also use x2 EXP Bills to get double the amount of EXP in Dark Assembly through EXP Gates. Apart from stages, certain heroes also have certain passives/evility which increase all EXP gained by party members by 10-20%, such as Noelle and Fallen Angel Flonne.

Awakening Units

Disgaea RPG lets you awaken your units, given you have the same star-level characters. Awakening in Disgaea RPG means increasing your unit’s star level. Increasing star level increases the unit’s base stats. Players need 5 units of the same star level to increase the base unit’s star level. Confusing? Let’s take an example. Suppose you want to awaken your Laharl to 5 stars. You will need 5 other units of 4 stars (since Laharl is a 4-star unit) to take Laharl to 5 stars. 

Beginner’s Guide to the World of Disgaea RPG

Sounds difficult? Well, this is where Prinnies come in handy! Prinnies are essentially fodder units that come in different rarities and colors. Rainbow Prinnies can be considered a duplicate of any unit and increase its evility. Red, Blue, and Green Prinnies come in different rarities and can be used as fodder to increase the star level of units. 

Weapon Mastery and Equipment

Ability cheats are required to increase your weapon mastery and stats. Weapon mastery is a permanent choice where players choose how their units will work and which weapons they will use. Every weapon has different skills and damage numbers. Units prefer a certain weapon more than others and this is called favor. It’s always recommended to level up weapon mastery of the weapon which units favor. However, as Disgaea RPG is a PvE game it’s not always necessary to do so. Players can build their units however they want but the best damage numbers will be achieved by granting weapon mastery to weapons which the units favor. Players can increase stats of units using Cheat Rank which consumes mana and can be reset as well. Mana is a currency obtained by reincarnating units. 

Beginner’s Guide to the World of Disgaea RPG

Players can also make their units stronger by equipping them with the best pieces of equipment. Pieces of equipment are primarily obtained from Item World. Item world is an endless grind where players defeat Generals, Kings, and Gods to obtain powerful items. Item world’s level increases as your player level increases and difficulty also increases with the same. Players can auto grind this mode forever as it does not consume stamina/energy. We recommend playing Item world the most as the equipment received from Item world is far superior to the one obtained from Shop. The probability of weapon drops is extremely low and even lower for the highest rarity. We recommend making a party with 4 thieves as it increases the drop rate of items by 10% which is highly useful in the item world.

Team Building

Team building is fairly diverse in Disgaea RPG. There is no one team to beat all content in this game. Players can build their teams with 5 units each based on their evility skills and passives. Every unit in Disgaea RPG has its passives which boost either the whole party or specific classes.  Hence, selecting characters that provide universal buffs to everybody such as Laharl can fit in any team. These synergies and passives should be kept in mind while building a team. Players can also use AOE units like Desco with 4 thieves for farming stages and Item World for faster and optimal results as AOE units will always farm faster than single target DPS. Time is a big constraint in Disgaea RPG as there is a lot of farming to be done. Even with the in-game built-in 4x speed; this can take quite a while.

Beginner’s Guide to the World of Disgaea RPG

Ideally, we recommend 2 main damage dealers; 1 AOE damage dealer like Desco and 1 single target nuker like Laharl. Apart from the damage dealer, the rest 3 slots should be taken up by healers and buffers to support the damage dealers and increase the team’s survivability. 

Nether Enhance and Evilities

Nether enhance is a way to provide more buffs to your units by using their duplicates. Players can also use Rainbow Prinnies as they are considered a dupe for any unit, however; we recommend using Rainbow Prinnies for Nether enhancing limited-time units. Nether enhance provides more buffs and passives to your units which in turn affects their stats or damage numbers.

Beginner’s Guide to the World of Disgaea RPG

There are also units whose evility passives can directly buff your whole team. Hence, it’s important to Nether Enhance units if you have the dupes for it to make them stronger. Every unit can be Nether enhanced up to a maximum of 10 times. 

Nether Hospital

Nether Hospital is an area where you will be rewarded according to how much your units have taken damage and died while fighting. This is a perfect place for players who grind and the game rewards you for it! Players can get amazing rewards like free nether quartz, AP, HL, and Dark Gate keys from here. Players also get a chance to spin the Roulette daily which rewards you with a random amount of AP every day. 

Dark Assembly and Dark Gates

Dark Assembly is a fun feature in Disgaea RPG where you can propose Bills to be passed by the monster assembly. The Bill may or may not be passed depending on the voting by various monster senators present in the Dark Assembly. Bills can contain various benefits like increasing customer rank to buy better pieces of equipment in the shop, increase the overall AP limit, and much more. Assembly points are given every day after the server reset. Players can bribe senators using Crab Miso and other nether worldly delicacies to increase their chances of getting Bills passed.

Beginner’s Guide to the World of Disgaea RPG

Dark Gates are limited to 3 times per day. Consider them like dungeons in RPG games where certain currencies can be obtained in large quantities. Dark Gates consist of EXP, HL Gate, and Reincarnation Material Gates. As the name suggests, EXP Gate grants a ton of EXP to all members of the party, and HL Gate provides a ton of HL. Reincarnation material gates open for 2 classes of units at a time every single day; for example, Humanoid Reincarnation Material Gate will only drop reincarnation materials for humanoid type units. Players can open these gates for longer durations using the Gate Keys or during certain events in the game.

Tips and Tricks

  • Make sure to clear all your daily missions every day for maximum nether quartz and HL.
  • Make sure to clear all 3 tries of your daily Dark Gate.
  • Make sure to use your 2 resets for bribing senators in the Dark Assembly for maximum Assembly Points.
  • If you’re early game, do not spend nether quartz on the normal banner. Save them for Limited time unit banners as those units tend to be much stronger than the regular 4-Star heroes.
  • Add friends and join a social community for Disgaea RPG like Discord, Facebook, and Reddit to enjoy and master the game more. You can even send Sardines to your in-game friends and they can send you back as well for extra energy to farm more!
  • Make sure to refresh Shop every day for good equipment as during the early game even Shop equipment is good. 
  • Farm Item World when AP/energy drains out for more equipment and rewards. 

Beginner’s Guide to the World of Disgaea RPG

Well, folks, that’s about it for everything needed to learn about the Netherworld in Disgaea RPG. Always remember that Disgaea RPG has no PvP and players can feel free to build their units for their enjoyment without worrying about the Meta. Hence, if grindy games with a lot of freedom on character building are your cup of tea you will fall in love with Disgaea RPG instantly, not to mention the nostalgic IP behind the game. Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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