DISGAEA RPG is the awesome mobile game adaptation of the popular JRPG franchise, bringing all the characters, humor, and fun to a wider audience. Instead of a tactical turn-based RPG where characters move on a grid, however, DISGAEA RPG is actually a turn-based gacha RPG, with gameplay similar to other games in the genre. Nevertheless, while others might have a fairly straightforward gearing and progression system, DISGAEA RPG features an intricate stats and rebirth system where characters can be upgraded to reach extremely high stats, which in turn allows them to deal damage in the hundreds of millions and perform all sorts of wondrous feats in the battlefield.

Best DISGAEA RPG Tier List

  1. S Tier Disgaea RPG Heroes
  2. A Tier Disgaea RPG Heroes
  3. B Tier Disgaea RPG Heroes
  4. C Tier Disgaea RPG Heroes

DISGAEA RPG Tier List - The Absolute Best and Strongest Characters in the Game (Updated February 2023)

However, even though DISGAEA RPG has plenty of charm and uniqueness to set itself apart from the rest, it has something in common with other gacha RPGs out there; the fact that some characters are definitely better than others, and that some of these powerful heroes can help to significantly enhance your performance in combat. Particularly if you’re rerolling in DISGAEA RPG, you’ll need to aim to unlock these powerful characters as they can help you to breeze through the story, and can even be used to create some of the strongest team combinations in the game.

With that being said, we’ve created this DISGAEA RPG tier list to give you an idea of which characters to look for when rerolling, and which ones to skip. And keep in mind that if you’re playing DISGAEA RPG on PC with BlueStacks, you can use the Instance Manager and other useful tools to help you unlock the best characters in the game from the start, and much faster than when playing on your phone.

Best DISGAEA RPG Tier List

This gacha RPG has quite a few banners to pull from at any given moment, each with their own specific rates and probabilities. This means that you should only be pulling from the banner that can yield the characters that you’re aiming for. However, some banners can require different currency. As such, if you’re rerolling in DISGAEA RPG, you might be forced to pull only on the banners that you can afford, which might limit your odds of obtaining specific characters.

When it comes to actual summoning rates, as we mentioned above, these vary according to the banner, though they usually float around 3% to 6% for 4-star characters, and around 14% to 17% for their 3-star counterparts. As such, there’s a much higher chance of these summonings resulting in 2-star characters, which are often quite undesirable. Luckily, it’s quite easy to reroll in DISGAEA RPG, if not a bit time-consuming, though it’s usually more than worth the effort since a few strong characters can absolutely carry you through the entire game. 

DISGAEA RPG Tier List - The Absolute Best and Strongest Characters in the Game (Updated February 2023)

Luckily, as soon as you finish the tutorial, you’ll be treated to an infinite 10x pull with a guaranteed 4-star character, so that you can always start the game with a decent boost. However, the point of rerolling is to unlock an additional powerful character on top of the free 4-star hero so that you can get an extra boost to your power.

With that being said, here’s the quick and short version of our DISGAEA RPG tier list:

S Tier Heroes

Name Type Weapon Forte
Homura Akemi Humanoid Guns
Zetta Humanoid Knuckles
Des X Monster Claws
Magical Girl Laharl Humanoid Wand

A Tier Heroes

Name Type Weapon Forte
Beach Desco Monster Medal
Sicily XENO Humanoid Wand
New Year’s Girl Laharl Humanoid Sword
Beach Lucy Humanoid Guns

B Tier Heroes

Name Type Weapon Forte
Easter Mao Humanoid Wand
Ms. Raspberyl Monster Medal
Ram Humanoid Bow
Diez Humanoid Gun

C Tier Heroes

Name Type Weapon Forte
Laharl Humanoid Sword
Majin Etna Humanoid Spear
Wicked Mao Humanoid Sword
Mao Humanoid Sword

This should give you a good first idea on which characters to aim for whenever you’re rerolling in DISGAEA RPG. However, if you want a closer look at each of these characters, in order to understand what to look for and what to avoid when it comes to choosing the best characters in the game, then continue reading down below.


The characters in this tier are quite strong and can definitely carry entire teams to victory by themselves, with no extra help required. Of course, they’re even better when paired with good teammates, but this is just an extra bonus and is not strictly necessary for these heroes to shine.

Homura Akemi

This guest character from Puella Magi Madoka Magica is the deuteragonist of the popular anime show, as well as one of its most beloved characters. In DISGAEA RPG, Homura is a very powerful heroine.

DISGAEA RPG Tier List - The Absolute Best and Strongest Characters in the Game (Updated February 2023)

As a leader, Homura can grant a powerful bonus to the team’s ATK and RES stats, increasing them by 18% simply by having her assigned to this role. However, while she can benefit her team immensely, Homura can also progressively buff herself by increasing her own ATK and DEF by 20% with every passing turn, up to a maximum of 60%. Moreover, as a gun specialist, she deals up to 60% additional damage with special skills when using this weapon type. And lastly, whenever she’s paired with at least two other bow or gun forte allies, Homura gains +12 SP at the start of every turn, granting her easier access to her special skills.


As the most powerful Overlord in the universe, you can expect Zetta to be one of the strongest characters in the game, an expectation that he fulfills with flying colors. 

DISGAEA RPG Tier List - The Absolute Best and Strongest Characters in the Game (Updated February 2023)

Zetta is a powerful leader, granting a 16% increase to all basic stats for all allies in the team, while also improving his own damage by 60% when using knuckle weapons. Now, while Zetta has a few other important properties under his belt, one of his best offerings is his permanent +8% ATK, DEF, and RES that he gets for every N.E, which stacks up to 80% at NE10. This buff is quite costly to max out, for obvious reasons, but it’s one of the evilities that makes him into arguably the strongest characters in the game. As such, you’ll need to be fairly well into the game in order to max him out, though it’s definitely worth the effort to do so.

Des X

Another powerhouse that can increase in power and performance as the fight progresses. Des X’s unique leader skill boosts the ATK and HP of all allies in the team by 18% simply by her existing within the group.

DISGAEA RPG Tier List - The Absolute Best and Strongest Characters in the Game (Updated February 2023)

Just like Homura, Des X gains a permanent stacking buff every round which increases her capabilities tremendously once maxed out. In this case, Des X gains +25% ATK at the beginning of every turn, capping out at a maximum of 100% after four turns. On top of that, she deals an additional +60% damage when equipped with claws, boosting her capabilities even further. Last but not least, Des X also gains a permanent +30% to ATK, HP, and DEF if there are three or more Pawn allies in the group.

Magical Girl Laharl

Though Laharl was transformed into a Mahou Shoujo in this version, he still retains the power of an Overlord even with this new body.

DISGAEA RPG Tier List - The Absolute Best and Strongest Characters in the Game (Updated February 2023)

One of the main draws of this top tier character is her easy access to her AoE special skill, as it has a relatively low cost that allows her to use it early on. However, this skill is nothing without all the passive buffs that Laharl enjoys, including a permanent +25% to CRD that she can share with her entire team, and a powerful +70% buff to ATK when she’s equipped with a wand. Moreover, if three or more allies are alive at the beginning of her turn, Laharl gains +10 SP, giving her even easier access to her special skills. Lastly, she can also melt bosses and tougher enemies, as she gains a +100% INT buff whenever there’s only one enemy left on the opposite team.


These characters are also quite strong, but they might rely a bit more on having a proper setup and synergy in order for them to achieve their full potential. 

Beach Desco

An alternate version of Desco that specializes in accessing her skills very early on while also reducing the enemy team’s RES stat, making them much more vulnerable against magical attacks. This fact is further compounded by her party-wide INT and CRD buff that increases these stats by 20% and 15%, respectively, but only for Monster-type allies. And this isn’t the only buff she enjoys whenever she’s paired with Monsters on the same team, as she can receive a whopping 70% damage increase to her special skills when she’s in an all-Monster squad.

DISGAEA RPG Tier List - The Absolute Best and Strongest Characters in the Game (Updated February 2023)

It goes without saying that Beach Desco is a great leader for all-magical monster teams, and you’d do well to recruit her if you’re thinking of running with this setup. 

Sicily XENO

Another strong INT character that excels when equipped with wands, boosting the basic stats of all units wielding this weapon type by 15%, while also increasing her own damage by 55% when using this weapon.

DISGAEA RPG Tier List - The Absolute Best and Strongest Characters in the Game (Updated February 2023)

Sicily XENO is an interesting character due to her powerful buff that increases her INT by 40% for two turns whenever she defeats an enemy. And while this buff doesn’t stack, each defeated enemy refreshes its duration, potentially extending it throughout the entire fight. Moreover, every time she defeats an enemy she also gains +10 SP, granting her easier access to her powerful skills.

New Year’s Girl Laharl

Another version of Laharl, this time not only transformed into a girl, but also dressing her up in an outfit to celebrate in the new year’s festivities.

DISGAEA RPG Tier List - The Absolute Best and Strongest Characters in the Game (Updated February 2023)

This version of Laharl is the first support character on this list, and she excels due to her capacity to enhance her allies’ stats. Specifically, she can boost her team’s ATK and HP by 18% and 25%, respectively. She can also grant bonus SP to the first allied character to act at the beginning of every turn, as well as enhance the special skill damage of the party by 16%. Lastly, she can also debuff the enemy with the highest HP by decreasing their DEF and SPD by 20% and 15%, respectively, for a total of two turns.

Beach Lucy

Desco is not the only one that likes the beach, as Lucy is also all dressed up and ready to enjoy the sun and water!

DISGAEA RPG Tier List - The Absolute Best and Strongest Characters in the Game (Updated February 2023)

Like NYG Laharl, Beach Lucy is a support powerhouse that can buff her allies just by existing. Specifically, she can boost her team’s basic stats by 12% when assigned as a leader, as well as boost her team’s damage by up to 20% while all members are alive. Lastly, she can also help the team to move faster by providing +100 AG at the end of the turn, but only if all party members are standing.


These are your average characters that can be quite good, or at least decent at their roles. However, they don’t hold a candle to the others we’ve been talking about so far. As such, you’ll want to replace these heroes as soon as you get a better character from the gacha.

Easter Mao

A fairly self-serving magical hero that excels due to his high damage output, especially when fighting male humanoids, though he does little to help his team beyond being able to inflict tons of damage to the enemy.

DISGAEA RPG Tier List - The Absolute Best and Strongest Characters in the Game (Updated February 2023)

What Easter Mao does for his team, however, is give a nice 20% boost to ATK and INT, which applies to the entire team, but only for allies that are wearing glasses. This buff would be much better if it wasn’t so specific, but it’s still a nice bonus to have in the niche cases when you have several bespectacled teammates in your squad.

Ms. Raspberyl

While Easter Mao seemed very specific with his buffs to allies that are wearing glasses, Ms. Raspberyl actually has a similar buff, which increases the DEF and RES of allies equipped with glasses by 13%. 

DISGAEA RPG Tier List - The Absolute Best and Strongest Characters in the Game (Updated February 2023)

Other than that, this character is actually a pretty decent pick when running with a squad of all Monsters, and meshes particularly well when chosen alongside Beach Desco. More specifically, when used as a leader, Raspberyl can buff the INT of allied Monsters by 18%, while also granting all of these units +10 SP at the beginning of the turn.


This character is quite versatile, boasting a powerful +60% Wind damage evility, which is active regardless of her weapon type. Nevertheless, you’ll always want to equip a Spear to Ram, as she gains a nice 22% SPD buff at the beginning of the battle when outfitted with this weapon type.

DISGAEA RPG Tier List - The Absolute Best and Strongest Characters in the Game (Updated February 2023)

When used as a leader, Ram increases the ATK and DEF of Humanoid allies by 14% which, combined with her permanent +15% CRT buff that she receives at NE7, turns her into a powerhouse of physical damage.


One of the best gun wielders in this rarity, being able to enjoy a permanent 75% damage boost when equipped with this weapon type, thanks to his NE0 and NE1 evilities. However, part of this boost is also enjoyed by his teammates, as he can boost the damage of gun, bow, and knuckle-equipped teammates by 15%.

DISGAEA RPG Tier List - The Absolute Best and Strongest Characters in the Game (Updated February 2023)

Diez is a master of exploiting weaknesses, especially when fighting against two or more enemies, which grants him +150 AG at the beginning of the turn when this condition is met. Moreover, he can grant an extra 20% SPD buff to the ally with the first AG at the end of every turn. This set of buffs and perks make Diez into a good team player, while also allowing him to remain competent on his own, especially due to his NE1 bonus that increases the damage of his attribute attacks by 60%.


These are the heroes that you should avoid at all costs as they’re significantly weaker than the others, and their skills and evilities are probably quite lackluster. You DON’T want any of these heroes in your party.


The protagonist of the game, who is available from the very beginning, is also one of the worst characters out there. While the other versions of Laharl are quite competent in their own rights, this base form leaves a lot to be desired.

DISGAEA RPG Tier List - The Absolute Best and Strongest Characters in the Game (Updated February 2023)

Laharl’s main weakness is his low stats. However, his NE bonuses are also quite lackluster, making him into a character that you won’t want on your team unless you don’t have any other options. Nevertheless, if for some reason you want to keep him around, he’s at least better suited for going up against Humanoid enemies thanks to his +45% damage against this enemy type, which he gains from his NE7.

Majin Etna

Though she has a low cost AoE skill, as well as powerful single-target properties, Majin Etna falls short due to one main reason: Her NE0 and NE7 buffs fall off entirely when reaching the third turn of any fight, which leaves her as an ineffectual character that can’t really do anything other than act as bait for the enemy team after that point. This glaring weakness is further compounded by the fact that her other evilities are quite lackluster. 

DISGAEA RPG Tier List - The Absolute Best and Strongest Characters in the Game (Updated February 2023)

All in all, Majin Etna is one of those characters that you’ll definitely want to switch out whenever you manage to get anything better.

Wicked Mao

We’re ending this list with two versions of Mao, both of which are sadly not up to standard. Wicked Mao is actually one of the best “worst” characters in the game, since he’s not completely ineffectual. However, his buffs are fairly short-lived and conditional, which makes it difficult to use him correctly. His greatest contributions are his buffs to sword and wand-equipped allies, increasing their ATK and INT by 20% if Mao is set as leader, as well as granting them +18 SP at the start of the battle.

DISGAEA RPG Tier List - The Absolute Best and Strongest Characters in the Game (Updated February 2023)

Sadly, these buffs are where the good things end for Wicked Mao as his other damage buffs rely on conditions that are quite short lived. For instance, his NE7 gives him a strong 65% buff to INT and ATK when there are 3 or fewer enemies at the start of the turn, though it only lasts for a single turn. Moreover, he can also gain +65% skill damage for one turn, but only if he has an INT buff active at the start of the turn.


This second form is actually the base version of Mao, who is actually a pretty decent, if not limited, support character.

DISGAEA RPG Tier List - The Absolute Best and Strongest Characters in the Game (Updated February 2023)

Mao’s biggest strength lies in his passive 12% DEF and RES debuff that he applies on the enemy simply when assigned as a leader. However, he can also buff the INT of a target ally with his Mega Magic Boost skill, which is what you’ll be using most of the time if you have this character in your squad. And while he can provide decent support, he also has certain limitations for certain content, such as his reliance on swords, as well as his subpar SPD stat.

All in all, you could do worse than Mao, but you could also do much, much better.

And with that we close our DISGAEA RPG tier list. We hope that this guide can help you to create your own tier lists, or at the very least help you to figure out which are the characters you want to add to your team, as well as which ones to skip. 

Feel free to leave us your own thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!