There’s no doubt that playable characters are the most critical part of Disgaea RPG because of the role they play in the game. Aside from the differences in appearance, there is a lot more to Disgaea’s character lineup that players should get a hold of if they want to clear higher-level stages or beat tricky opponents. It’s time to learn about the most effective ways to make sure that you’re following only the best methods of upgrading characters to their fullest. 

Disgaea RPG - A BlueStacks Guide To Playable Characters

Characters have various traits and stat modifiers that make them unique from other units. These differences allow certain characters to work better with certain others to form the most efficient team using proper knowledge of synergy and function. By learning all of the advantages and disadvantages that come with upgrading a character, we can build better teams that work best in any given situation. Let’s just take a look at a few of the most vital things to keep in mind so that we don’t get overloaded with too much information as we go along.

Character Types

There are two major types of characters: Humanoids & Monsters. Humanoids are considered the main storyline characters; they’re the stars of the show. They’re also mostly the ones found on the 4-star banners. Humanoids have a wider range of usable weapons as compared to monsters and are able to increase their weapon mastery to learn more skills and abilities. Humanoids are often the most powerful members of any team, which is why it’s often commonplace for players to run fully humanoid teams.

Disgaea RPG - A BlueStacks Guide To Playable Characters

Monsters are somewhat inferior units in this game because of the limitations of their kits. Monsters can’t wield weapons nor can they upgrade their weapon mastery. However, monsters are great as beginner characters because they are easy to level up and have a faster awakening than Humanoids because of their abundance in the game. They also have some great utility skills that they learn along the way, which makes it worth considering adding one or two monsters to your team.

Rarity & Base Stat

Rarity refers to the number of stars that a character is given that determines their overall rating. The highest attainable character rarity – acquired either by summoning or as a reward – is 4-stars, but these units can be upgraded up to 6-stars via the Awakening system on Mao’s Lab. You can upgrade a unit’s rarity by sacrificing three units of the same character type and similar rarity to upgrade those units to the next tier, making them stronger in the long run.

Disgaea RPG - A BlueStacks Guide To Playable Characters

Rarity affects the character’s base stats, max stats, and growth. The higher the character’s rarity, the stronger it will be the more you level it up. It is highly advised that players try to raise each individual unit’s rarity up to 6 stars to get the best possible outcome and, of course, to make it easier to clear stages. Players should build teams that are filled with 4-star units and above only, otherwise, they can try to raise some 3-star units to 4-stars just so that they’re not left with a subpar team.

Team Roles

Team roles refer to the standard RPG formation of having tanks, supports/healers, and DPS. Tanks are characters with incredibly high durability since they have very good defensive stats but compensate by having average to low damage output. Supports provide the team with buffs while healers restore the team’s HP to make them live longer in fights. DPS characters are those that deal huge amounts of damage to the enemy units using either magic or physical damage.

Disgaea RPG - A BlueStacks Guide To Playable Characters

The importance of having a balanced team is so that your team doesn’t become vulnerable to being countered by enemy compositions. Filling a team with pure DPS is only viable if you outlevel the enemies by a large margin. Having at least one support, healer, and/or tank should be your priority when building a team is standard; this way, you’ll ensure more sustainability in prolonged fights, and that you don’t end up getting one-shot by enemies who have equal or higher damage sources than you.

Weapon Mastery & Skills

Weapons are a major source of where characters get their strength. Humanoids are the only characters that can use weapons (monster weapons are classified differently), which is why they have weapon mastery levels, unlike monsters. Each character can make use of a wide variety of weapons, but they have Fortes or weapons that they specialize in, indicated by the icon on the upper left side of their portrait just below the Character Type classification.

Disgaea RPG - A BlueStacks Guide To Playable Characters

Weapon Mastery is important because it allows the user to increase their damage output when using a specific weapon. Upgrading weapon mastery also unlocks skills that the character can only use when using that specific weapon. It’s faster to unlock skills using a weapon that’s considered the character’s Forte. Different weapon types will increase certain stats, so make sure that your character is holding the right weapon that maximizes its usefulness in battle.

Attributes & Resistances

Characters and skills belong or are attuned to specific attributes such as Fire, Ice, Wind, and Star. These attributes have a rock-paper-scissors relationship that gives them either an advantage or disadvantage in a fight depending on the matchup. It’s important to learn about a character’s attunement to a specific attribute to learn more about how to efficiently defeat a unit in battle. If you don’t learn this, you may end up wasting AP on landing inefficient attacks that do very little to defeat each individual enemy.

Disgaea RPG - A BlueStacks Guide To Playable Characters

Resistances, on the other hand, refer to the character’s ability to be less affected by status conditions such as poison, paralysis, sleep, and forget. These status conditions are very important when fighting because they shift the flow of the battle in favor of the team with fewer debuffs. All characters have a default Resistance value of 40%, but this can be increased either by upgrading them manually using Mana Allocation or by using certain equipment on characters that you don’t want to get debuffed.