Disgaea RPG gets marginally more difficult the longer you play the game. If you’re not prepared at the beginning, it will bite you in the back by wasting a lot of time once you reach the more advanced game stages. The best way to prepare for the endgame is to pick up some tips and tricks that will help you along the way. Luckily, BlueStacks has got you covered with some of the best pointers to ensure that you take the best route towards becoming the ultimate Overlord!

Advanced Tips & Tricks For Disgaea RPG

The game can be pretty straightforward with what players need to do to defeat the challenges that lie in wait. The biggest problem for players is the limits that are imposed onto the players such as energy consumption and dungeon lockouts that can frustrate even the most dedicated of F2P players. To maximize the amount of work done in a day and catch up to other players, here are some of the most efficient ways you can use your limited resources in the game.

Reroll Early

The best way to start strong in the game is to have the strongest units in the game in your party even before you formally start the game. The best way to ensure that you have the strongest units is to reroll your account for the best pulls. You can check out more about that by following our Disgaea RPG Rerolling Guide so that you can follow a step-by-step tutorial on how you can get those super strong units.

Advanced Tips & Tricks For Disgaea RPG

It’s expected that new players have no basis for which units are considered strong in the game, which is why you should try searching for Disgaea RPG Tier Lists online beforehand. You should aim for one or two characters that are categorized under the S or SS Rating. Once you’ve acquired characters that are S Tier and above, you can pretty much clear any dungeon you want for the rest of the game.

Save Your Skip Coupon

Skip Coupons are a precious resource in Disgaea RPG because of how limited they are in the game unlike most other games of its kind. Skip Coupons can be used in the Dark Gates dungeons, but that doesn’t mean that players should burn through this resource every time that they feel lazy or impatient. If you’re feeling either of these things, you should try to find your better judgment and use the auto-battle system instead.

Advanced Tips & Tricks For Disgaea RPG

The best time to use your skip coupons is when you have recently reincarnated a set of new characters. Once you’ve reincarnated these characters, go straight to the highest level of EXP Dungeon you’ve unlocked and use the skip coupon there. This saves you a lot of time and in-game Energy. Once you do that, you can sit back and watch as your Level 1 character gains a couple of hundred Levels from a single dungeon run.

Don’t Log out Without Emptying Your Energy

Energy is a tedious feature in a lot of games like this. The energy system was introduced to prevent players from spending too much time on video games. For F2P players that refuse to spend gems on Energy Refills, every drop of energy is important and it should not go to waste being allowed to overflow on the bar while the player accomplishes other things in real life.

Advanced Tips & Tricks For Disgaea RPG

Players should make sure that they get the energy as close to zero as possible before logging out, especially if they’re planning on going somewhere that doesn’t involve them checking their phone to play Disgaea RPG. Before players sleep, they should use up all remaining energy left. This is to ensure that the player will wake up with the game at its maximum energy without wasting any more than 20-30 energy from the overflow.

Sacrifice those Prinnies!

The entire Disgaea storyline can be pretty harsh when it comes to the treatment of the Prinnies, but as a rising overlord yourself, you should follow their example and show no mercy for these adorable demon penguins. Prinnies have a variety of uses, but the best way to use Prinnies is to use them for Awakening material for your main characters later on.

Advanced Tips & Tricks For Disgaea RPG

As you know, you need characters that are of the same rarity to be used as upgrade material for Awakening. With the abundance of Prinnies rewarded to you in the game, you can use them to awaken each other until they reach four-star or five-star levels. By doing so, you’ll be able to help awaken your main characters without sacrificing the decent units you get from the summon.

Don’t Finish the Dark Gates Until…

Dark Gates is where players get the most important resources in the game like HL, EXP, and Reincarnation Material. While players may be tempted to farm these resources the moment the daily reset comes online, we recommend that you actually wait at least three hours before the daily reset which is 12:00 AM EST. 

Advanced Tips & Tricks For Disgaea RPG

The reason for doing this is simple. There are a lot of things that players can achieve or get after the reset because they unlock some of the more important dungeons and reopen the Dark Assembly. You can also get Diamonds as a daily reward, which will allow you to summon an additional set of characters that might need the EXP or Reincarnation Materials from the Dark Gates.

Equality For All!!!

Players should consider having a ratio of 2:3 Male/Female characters in a party and at least one or two monster units instead of having a pure team because the Main Story Dungeons sometimes have quests that require the player to have a certain number of specific character genders/races in a team to fully complete them.

Advanced Tips & Tricks For Disgaea RPG

This might seem like a completely unnecessary feature, but if you like receiving a lot of Gems from completing Dungeons, you might want to consider leveling up units of varying genders and races. We all know that a lot of players want to fill their teams purely with waifus or hasubandos, but that just isn’t possible here. Besides, nothing can go wrong with a little equality in our lives.