Boltrend Games have released the popular Japanese strategy turn-based RPG game Disgaea RPG in the global market for both Android and iOS. It is a new free-to-play game with turn-based mechanics in the world of Disgaea. The game shares similarities with the storyline of Disgaea and original characters like Laharl, Valvatorez, Flonne, Mao, Etna, and Kilia. Disgaea RPG captures essences from the original franchise in multiple ways including the gameplay and mechanics.

Disgaea RPG – Rerolling Guide for a Strong Start

Disgaea RPG is a gacha game, so it means it includes summoning using premium currency/tickets to get desired units. Players are thrown multiple different summoning banners to choose from. Disgaea RPG’s premium currency is called “Nether Quartz” which is divided into 2 types – Paid and Free. Paid is the one you purchase by spending real money through the in-app purchases in Shop. Free Nether Quartz can be collected playing the game or as compensation by the developers.

Disgaea RPG – Rerolling Guide for a Strong Start

Players will get a lot of this currency throughout playing the Main story mode or completing events, however, having a strong roster at the beginning of game will make the transition into the game that much easier. Let’s see how to reroll and who to reroll for in Disgaea RPG.

Rerolling in Disgaea RPG

Rerolling in Disgaea RPG is fairly difficult as the game inherently does not want players to reroll as they let you choose the starting 4-star unit at the beginning of the game. By choosing, we mean infinitely summoning until you like what you got. For starters, let’s see the heroes worth rerolling for:-

  1. Limited Units (Might not be available again and stronger than normal 4-Stars)
  2. Desco (AOE skill with huge multiplier and low skill cost activation)
  3. Laharl (One of the best leader skills in Disgaea RPG as it boosts all stats of all allies by 10%)
  4. Valvatorez (Dupes increase skill damage by 45% and best leader skill for sword teams)
  5. Rozalin (Leader skill best for all male team members teams as increases all male units stats by 15-20%)
  6. Kilia (Best leader skill for High DPS teams as it provides bonus 20-30% Attack for all allies)

Playing Disgaea RPG on BlueStacks eases the process for a perfect reroll using its Multi-Instance Manager tool. Disgaea RPG is a game where you need multiple copies of a single unit to enhance their skills and unlock their special passives called evility. Hence, players need to reroll for multiple 4-Star units for a perfect reroll. This is possible by clearing the 1st stage on Easy mode and collecting all the free nether quartz from the mail given by Boltrend for pre-registration. Players can also use various promo codes provided by developers to get more free currency for more summoning. We recommend re-rolling on the Limited Unit banner, which as of the time we are writing is Santa Laharl.

Disgaea RPG – Rerolling Guide for a Strong Start

If you are unable to get your desired reroll, simply start over your account’s progress. You can do this by going to the title screen after closing and reopening the game. Go to Menu from the upper left-hand corner. In the Menu, go to User Center -> Change Account -> Login through another account

Always remember that Disgaea RPG has no PvP and players can feel free to build their units for their enjoyment without worrying about the Meta. Hence, if grindy games with a lot of freedom on character building are your cup of tea you will fall in love with Disgaea RPG instantly, not to mention the nostalgic IP behind the game. Share your thoughts with us in the comments!